Week 15: Master Key Experience: Let the LIFE MAKEOVER Begin….NO RESOLUTIONS in this camp!!!!


Welcome to the Master Key Experience 13 week makeover.


January 1, 2018

I am so fired up as the Master Key Experience has shifted and I cannot wait to take the FOUNDATION that I have built over the last 14 weeks and begin the application phase.  For the next 13 weeks I am going to dig in even deeper.  I am even more committed and I am taking it to the next level.

13 Virtues with a weekly focus on 1 at at time.

Self-Control (Moderation), Kindness, Discipline, Persistence, Specialized Knowledge, Decisiveness, Courage, Imagination, Taking Initiative, Pleasing Personality, Well Organized, Enthusiasm and See God in Others.

I am becomming a MASTER OBSERVER from what I am learning in the Master Key Experience.  This world is about to NOT recognize me (Og-Scroll 1).

I have always heard that ANY dead fish can swim with the current.  It takes a LIVE FISH to go against the current.  Well, I am ALIVE and nothing is going to stop me.

2018 is the best year of my life.  My business grows 10x and my Definite Major Purpose is being realized.

Peace and Blessings to everyone.

Week 14: Master Key Experience–Cool Runnings






What a great movie.   I watched it so many years ago and yet, it takes on such a different meaning today.   Yes, it has the 4 tiny habits of persistence.

DMP:  Definite Major Purpose…  They had a vision and nothing was going to take them out.

PMA:  Oh yes, A positive Mental Attitude all the way down to the end as they carried the bobsled across the finish after crashing

POA:  Plan of action….They were from Jamaica….Seriously, NO SNOW, NO Bobsled, NO support.  They had everything going against them and yet they TOOK ACTION and executed.

MMA:  Master Mind Alliance….They supported each other and became a force for working with and thru each other.

Here is something that I was NOT expecting from the movie and it is a realization that is coming true in my life moving out of 2017 and into 2018.  LIFE IS MESSY!!!!  You can have all (4) of the habits of persistence and YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE but that NEVER guarantees that it will be a smooth ride.


In the movie, there were so many UPS and DOWNS.  Even with persistence, it is going to get CRAZY and MESSY.  That is OK.  It is called LIFE.  Take a deep breath and know that you are endowed with EVERYTHING you need by your creator to persist and succeed.  DON’T QUIT, adapt, adjust, change, grow and WIN!!!!!


Master Key Experience: Week 13: Positive Bias kicks in…Woohoo!!!!!

Last night I had an awesome experience that I would like to share.

I came to a realization about my business that threw me into a bit of a tailspin.  I found myself in a contemplative FUNK.  For about an hour and a half, i just did not know where to go with it.  I called on a mentor and asked if she had some time to mastermind with Pam and I.  We picked a time for 9 pm.  At about 8:30 pm, as I was digging deeper into the rabbits hole and starting the conversation coming at 9 pm in my head, it hit me that my OLD BLUE PRINT was up to tricks again.  Needless to say, I have had some contemplative FUNKS in the past.  Just then, upon this realization, my NEW BLUE PRINT came to rescue and I realized is that my upcoming mastermind needed to start with the amazing gratitude for all of my successes in my business in 2017.  There have been so many successes and our growth has been amazing.

Everything changed.  My contemplative FUNK disappeared and I was present in the moment smiling and thinking about solutions instead of well, you know!!!!!  Our mastermind went great and I have ideas on how to take things to the next level.  I am so thankful for great mentors and the Master Key Experience.  I am learning how to stay in harmony with the God of all creation and learning how to direct my thoughts in a way that manifests my definite major purpose in life.


Chapter 12: Master Key Experience–The ONLY real power

From the first time I read Chapter 12, I was blown away.  So many things have come together this week.

“The Only real power which you can have is the power to adjust yourself to Divine and unchangeable prinicples.  You cannot change the Infinite, but you can come into an understanding of Natural Laws.

Other phrases used in #9 are:

1.  The reward is…

2.  your ability to adjust your thoughts…

3.  Your ability to cooperate with….

4.  will indicate the degree of success with which you meet.

WOW!!!!  Our complete success hinges on our ability to be the “Watchman at the Gate” and “Come along side” and  adjust to the natural laws of the infinite.

SHORT, SWEET and to the point this week but to add anymore to this post would dilute the power from above.  What an amazing revelation.



Week 11: Master Key Experience–Manifestation Bound!!!! Shift ON!!!

Hello everyone.  This week has been a very interesting week for me.  I have a story to share with you.

I have served on the Alzheimer’s Association as a local board member for 3 years now.  I had made the decision to take a break at the end of this last year as I am in the process of learning the process of saying NO on occasion.  Four years ago, I moved to Lake Charles, La and I knew noboby.  Today, I have a vast network and I find myself everywhere and involved with so many worthy causes.  This is great and I have been extremely blessed to be accepted into this community as my wife, Pam and I have.  However, Pam and I have a dream of building a Log home overlooking the Cumberland Mountains on Norris Lake in Tennessee.



With this being said, we have a 2-3 year plan to transition out of Lake Charles, La and move to Tennessee to accomplish this dream.  This is what shaped my decision to let go of the Alzheimer’s Association board seat.    It is time to wind down on many of my commitments by learining how to gracefully say NO to those endeavours, although worthy, will tie me to Lake Charles and could in the long run hinder the focus on my thriving business so that our dreams stay underfunded and just outside of reach.

Then, 12 weeks ago, the MKMMA is delivered into my life and the Definite Major Purpose takes shape.   Yes, the log home is a part of that DMP.

Here is where it gets really interesting though.  So is GIVING massive amounts of money to the Alzheimer’s Association and 4 other charities.  Hmmm.  The new blue print and the subby begin to work the magic.



I resigned my seat at the Alzheimer’s Association a couple of days ago and when I did, something just did NOT feel right.  I was not sure just what it was so I tried to ignore it (old blueprint rearing it’s head).  I slept on it and the next morning, on the way to work, my wife called me and said that she just did not think that the decision was justified and asked me to reconsider.  It hit me like a ton of bricks right then.   I immediately called the Director and asked her to rip up my resignation.  Further more, I told her that I needed to be MORE involved not LESS involved.

Overnight, my entire countinence and reason for resigning became invalid.  As we have learned in the MKEMMA, GIVING is so important.  I am so excited to GIVE even more this next year and to let go of something else that does NOT reflect my Definite Major Purpose and can be released.

One of my Tribe members, when I was sharing some of this on Marco Polo, responded with an amazing thought process.

Deborah made the point that my NEW blue print allowed me to sleep on it for a night with an uneasy understanding only to help me see that it was not about releasing but GIVING MORE.

I love this process and I love the future Troy Van Dyke


Week 10: Master Key Experience–More progress through revelation

Last week my post discussed progress NOT perfection.  In the last 7 days, I have come to a revelation that although, a bit negative, allows me to progress forward.  My family and I went on a cruise this week.  We had an amazing time.  It is been a struggle to follow thru on all the Master Key habits that I have been forming over the last 10 weeks and I realized that although the old blueprint is on its way out, a lifetime of the old does NOT leave willingly because of 10 weeks of focus and concentration.    I am so thankful for all the recordings that I have done up to this point.  They are the saving grace this week as I was still able to progress (although slow going) even when the days events kept me from my newly forming habits.  The recordings were simple and non-invasive to the days events.  They kept me thinking and moving forward.

This last week has reminded me that “INTENTIONAL” action and “FOCUSED” concentration on these new habits will forever be a must.  Yes, it will get easier along the way but life does NOT stop because we are creating a new blueprint.  Instead, life continues and our new blueprint will help us to live life with more passion, love, persistence and bliss.



Master Key Experience Week 9: Progression NOT Perfection

This week has been very interesting.  This was the first week that I have been out of town during the Master Key Experience.  I found myself challenged with getting everything done and the beautiful thing is that I really MISSED it.  I was prepared to succeed and had all the tools …ie…og/cards/MK, ect.

I totally missed my connection with my Marco Polo tribe and I had to miss the webinar for the first time.  Totally NOT cool.  I felt like i was left out of a part of my life.

Here is the thing.  The Master Key Experience has truly become a part of my life and I cannot imagine NOT practicing these principles everyday.   That is a good thing for sure.

Here is what my conclusion is:  Perfection is NOT the goal.  Progression IS the goal.  There may be times in my life when there are unforseen obstacles to me performing these services.   However,  I am rapidly developing the habits that will last a lifetime and during those times where Perfection is NOT possible, Progression is.  I will smile, laugh, do my very best and move to the next day without getting down and frustrated because I understand where I am going and I will get there.   I am very happy with my progress even though it is NOT perfect at times.


Week 8: Master Key Experience-Continuous Mind Blowing Revelations

This is an amazing week.

Let me share an awesome revelation and experience I had yesterday.

Last week, I analyzed my business and took my DMP goal of 25KN3 (25,000 active members in 3 years) and completely deconstructed it to its smallest denominator…  (O.A.T.S) (How Many people do I have to meet 5 days a week to reach the goal in 3 years.  Of course, in Network Marketing, this effort is NOT based solely on my efforts only.  However, using the appropriate ratios, the goal was to determine my daily action.

So, the final analysis is that I need to meet 10 NEW people 5 days a week.

The only question that had to be answered was HOW would I incorporate this daily action into my life.

For me it is about being INTENTIONAL.  So, I set an alarm for the beginning of each hour.  My plan of action was to STOP whatever I was doing (Outside of a meeting) and intentionally find somone that I could meet and engage with at that moment. (1 new engagement every hour for 10 hours per day)

(Alot of background above but what I am about to tell you would NOT make sense otherwise.)

The FIRST alarm went off so I walked into a grocery store to intentionally engage with someone.  MY goal was to add them to my prospect list.


I remembered these words:

“I promise that wherever I go, I bring a gift.  I may bring a complement, prayer, trinket, flower…But, I promise I will GIVE something to every person I encounter”


I promise to GIVE without expectation of Reciprocity from the channels I enrich because I know I AM IN THE DYNAMIC FLOW OF GIVING AND RECEIVING”.

DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR???? (Giving Statement 3×5 card)

It hit me that my responsibility was NOT to meet 10 new people but rather, my responsibility was to walk into my day GIVING, GIVING, GIVING, GIVING.  This is a mindset change and I must trust my subconscience and those 4 billion neurons with the “HOW”.   It is NOT my responsibility to tell the subconsciene how to accomplish the goal.  It is my responsibility to give the subconscience a clear, direct, firm demand and trust that it will go ahead of my day and work 24/7 on the manafestation of the demand.

So, I trust.  I Give.  I hold the demand as a dominating thought (BPB #2).  I live in Harmony.  I GREET THIS DAY WITH LOVE AND I SUCCEED!!!!!!!!


Week 7: Master Key Experience–DON’T YOU DARE GIVE UP. This crazy experience WORKS….

Good morning everyone.

IF YOU are tired and wondering if the MKMMA is worth it, READ ON and be encouraged


When I committed to the Master Key Experience, I had NO IDEA what to expect.   The only thing I knew for sure was that I committed.  That was enough for me to get started.

Then, the exercises started and although some of it seemed a bit childish, I had made the commitment and that commitment was what I could control.  I made the decision to TRUST THE PROCESS.


I started to see the pieces coming together.  This simply spurred me on to get even more focused.  I find myself adding more and more enthusiasm and as of today, this morning, I find myself feeling the “Firing and Wiring” HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the craziest experience ever.  I am literally CHANGING right in front of myself.  I am NOT perfect but I am locked into my original commitment and the changes are fueling my commitment.

I see shapes EVERYWHERE.

  I see colors EVERYWHERE. 

I read my DMP and it moves me to tears AT TIMES. 

I look at my vision board and I CAN SEE IT ALL.  It is so REAL.

This is ONLY WEEK 7 of 26.  I fully expect to NOT recognize myself by the end of this experience.  OLD Blue Print GONE!!!!!  The new Troy is here.  Look out world, I am UNSTOPPABLE!!!

If YOU are not experienceing this LIFE CHANGING as I am, let me encourage you to RECOMMIT TODAY!!!!  These exercises WORK.  YOU can do this.  I belive in YOU and many other people do too.  Even if you don’t see the light at the end of this tunnel, I promise you it is there.  Have faith the size of a mustard seed and you will MOVE MOUNTAINS.

This world need YOU to become the very best version of yourself.  This world is begging for committed people to stand up and BE DIFFERENT.  They have been lulled asleep and when YOU stand up and walk differently, people notice.  They may not understand but they notice and secretly long to be different too.  YOU have the ability to help them.






IMG_0245Wow!!! A success story

It is early Sunday Morning.  I am looking over the NEW Master Key material for the Sunday Afternoon webinar.  I decide to read the Master Key Part 6 material and the assignment is to SIT for 10 minutes, focus on (1) picture and take every detail in.  After the 10 minutes, close your eyes and try to visualize the picture and all the details.  Cool assignment.  I picked a picture of the Log Home we live in 3 years from now in Tennessee.


Fast Forward to 9:30 am that morning.  We arrive at the church and as the service starts, I realize that the normal worship band is NOT on stage.  Instead, it is the Youth Band.  Hmmm, ok, this should be cool.

They get started and without realizing it, here are the thoughts going through my head:

1.  Wow, they don’t sound very good

2.  She needs to pull the microphone away from her mouth and it will sound better

3.  Wow, I sure wish the regular worship team was here today.


**REVELATION:  My judgement took me completely OUT of the Present and left me in a space that was completely negative.

**NEXT THOUGHT:  I remembered the exercise from my early morning and I realized that I had the ability to change the circumstances by coming back into THE PRESENT MOMENT.

I remembered the Law of Substitution from the previous lesson and i immediately changed my focus from the Worship Band itself to the WORDS THAT WERE BEING SUNG.   I closed my eyes and “GOT PRESENT”.  Within 60 seconds, I was caught up in the spirit of the words and all of a sudden, the judgement was GONE.  It was awesome.  I CAN Control my thoughts.  I can change my reality by my thoughts.

Oh, how the opinions RUN deep and subconsiously but I am a vigilant “Watchman at the Gate”.  I have the POWER and it is up to ME to intentionally access it, apply it and benefit from it.

What an awesome day.