Week 3 – MKE 2017-18 – Lies We Tell Ourselves

And a voice whispered in my ear …

I-am-not-worthy… and other lies we tell ourselves – sometimes wrapped in pretty wrappers deeply felt

no perfect

open to change - change minds 

So I change … I stop listening to the lies I’ve told myselforiginal_the-secret-of-change-is-to-wall-stickerI’m building my DMP – I’m crafting it – honing it. It is becoming the voice inside my head and as it does from my heart and my solar plexus as I relax and feel deeply I feel change …

little darlingIt seems like years since I’ve felt the warm rays of my heart shine, it’s alright … it’s been a long cold lonely winter – I’ve placed ice like cement around my heart – what a difference a smile makes. An enthusiastic feeling and a colored shape. Completing a chore I gave myself… and the ice begins to melt and the cement covering my shining gold drips off…sun lyricshere comes the sun

Give your feeling and your energy to the change happening in your life. You are worth it, read, sit, think, feel, live because here comes the sun – and it’s in me and you. :)

here comes the musical sun

Week 2 – MKE 2017-18 – How do you Feel?


How are you? How you feeling today? So, how do you feel today? Week 2 in the past I was taught to tell people the truth – if you feel like sh!t own it and tell them – I fill sh!tty. If I felt upset I said I was upset. This course this week last year my ah, ha moment centered around feeling deeply. Feeling enthusiastically – naughty jokes about ogasms and multiple ogasms and all. (did you have at least three today? – I did).

This year what struck me was the conversation about stimulus – response; stimulus – choice – response this discussion I had an epiphany what I feel is my choice, The Law of Dual Thought, but that is in the present with the guardian at the gate on duty. My guardian hasn’t been up to the task – or I am an unskilled operator. The subconscious response that is there at the ready I developed over time creating the habitual known response. This is the decision maker for outcome of a situation – this is the pattern of defeat and self-doubt that negative mind that we can thank our ancestors that kept us alive with there run it’s a stick and may kill us instinct. This is what I am changing through overwhelming repetition and enthusiasm (and several hundred ogasms) This is in Scroll I – “Eventually I will find myself reacting to all situations which confront me as I was commanded in the scrolls to react”; that point when the stimulus – response becomes something of my own design to achieve dreams rather than out run dinosaurs – that moves my focus, and my feelings to my blue-print designed in my world-within.

Where is your focus? How to you feel?



I feel good – I feel truly, deeply, enthusiastically – I love people who develop amazing habits and practice so that when called to perform they rock it! I feels good…


Week 1 MKE 2017-18 – You are Here

 you are here

Drop a pin – the gps point for where you are – the You are Here sign on a map at the mall or an amusement park – to get where you want to go (when you know where it is you want to go) you need to know where the end point is – and you need to know where you are starting from. Sounds simple right, this is your Point A and you are moving to get to Point B.

Well I am Here – in my third year of the MKE – The Master Key Experience. Mark and The Fab D have said many times in the years I’ve taken courses with them – that if you were doing all of the things necessary to get what you want you’d have it already. This is so true the world we all live in daily is a reflection of our inner-world. If I don’t like where and what I am currently – I have myself as the chief architect of my inner-world to thank.

The last two years I’ve had my husband joining me – he’s the anchor of my personal mastermind; he chose not to apply for a scholarship this year – he will be auditing the course, but my best buddy won’t be sitting next to me in class everyday. I will still get this done with gusto, enthusiasm, and dirt under my nails from the growth and tough mental labor that goes along with amazing growth.

I feel like a newby with some of the new technology; that’s a great thing on many levels. Humility of not having a handle on the aspects I’ve never truly had a handle on is a great thing.

I don’t know who set the clock on my blog, but it says this post is late and I hate to be late. I love a great adventure – join me on mine. I’m a big music girl look at my past posts from my last two years in the MKE at masterkeynataliez.jayandnataliez.com – I’m trying to figure out some integration and updating so give me a couple weeks to work it out. This song is the only tantrum I will be throwing it does have some swears as well as running mascara so watch at your own decision. Wish you were here babe :) You are WPSPLHH&H.