Week 8 – I will Build my Mental Home to Stand Forever

Week 8 – I will Build my Mental Home to Stand Forever

This week was a big challenge for me because I had fallen behind on the printing the shapes, creating the movie poster and recording my DMP. My old blueprint was screaming negative thoughts like you’re too far behind just quit, you can do the course again next year,  but I reminded myself that I am building a mental home and I want my mental home to stand forever. The other challenge I faced was that in the last MKMMA course my DMP consisted of losing 20 pounds and I still have fifteen pounds to go. I began to ask myself “why is it so hard to lose the remaining fifteen pounds” and  what I heard was I not put in the time to build a mental solid foundation in my mind to lose the weight, my old blueprint was in charge of eating habits and if I wanted to change those bad habits I will have to create new habits that will bring the results I want, which is to weight one hundred and seventy pounds.

The first of the new habits I created is before I put anything in my mouth I must visualize myself at my ideal weight, how do I feel,? how do I look? What am I wearing that allows my abs to show and what I see wearing a pair of blue shorts, my legs are strong and toned and a Disney muscle shirt that displays my sexy chest, arms and abs.


The second of my new habits is to schedule and attend a daily minimum effective dose exercise class on Youtube in my home each day for fifteen minutes. I firmly believe by doing these two habits I will have the body I desire and a strong mental home around my health that will stand forever.



Until next time,


Week 7 – Images Charged with Feelings Make my Future a Reality

Week 7 – Images Charged with Feelings Make my Future a Reality

This week I experienced some amazing breakthroughs, the first breakthrough happened during my sit on Monday where we were asked to imagine that I’m having coffee with a friend and bring in as much detail as possible that I can see the steam the rise up from our cups of coffee. I found this exercise very fascinating so much that when I was sharing with my friend that I have geothermal heating in my home and when I get out of bed in the morning the floor is nice and warm and as soon as I said the words I feel the heat on the bottom of my foot. I continued to share my daily routine in detail and when I was done I felt as if I just experienced a whole day in 20 minutes. I have never experienced anything like it, the feelings and visuals were so real.  I have a new addiction!

I can See Clearly Now

The second breakthrough I experienced this week was while reading Emerson’s Law of Compensation the examples and concepts he shared I was able to see and understand very clearly. Why is this amazing? I have read Emerson’s Law of Compensation while taking this course the past three years and I did not understand,  I believe it is because of “The Friend exercise that I was open to seeing and experiencing the essay instead of just reading it. I am tearing up while writing this, but they are tears of joy of my new found power to see more clearly than ever before.  I have to daily remind myself that this power is available to every person and I am someone who will continue to share this course with everyone I meet.

Thank you Mark Davene and staff for making the Master Key course available to anyone who is willing to do the work, and for not telling us what to think but helping us to become self-directed.


Until next time,


Week 6 – Choosing Love Instead of Fear

Week 6 – Choosing Love Instead of Fear

This week we started to read a new scroll titled “I Will Greet This Day with Love In My Heart” and it has really opened my eyes to how much I judges and rate people. It was revealed to me through a couple of the tools that we use during the course, one of which is to stop giving my opinion on any subject, in any conversation. This I found to be very challenging at first but then I began to recognize and stop myself before I give my opinion and divert the question back to the person asking. It made me realize that I have an opinion on everything, every subject or topic and I am so damn eager to share it even before the other person has finished their sentence. For example, while on my way home  I saw a woman walking her dog and I heard myself give an opinion about her appearance and I had to catch myself before it came out of my mouth. I have not fully conquered the habit yet but I am making great progress.


The other wonderful discovery I made about myself this week is how much hate I harbor in my heart. Last week I was at my cousin’s house and the topic of how the ever-increasing homeless population in San Francisco is destroying the city came up and I felt an anger rise up in me about the city’s leaders using the homeless to achieve their level of political status, but in no way helping them to become better people.

When I realized how angry I had become I remembered that when I hold a grudge against someone I am giving that person power over my happiness and that makes me a victim of not only this topic but it opens me up to make it a habit of giving up my power to others, and that is a habit I choose to replace with love. I choose to love the politician, love the homeless, and love everyone. By choosing to love I am free to discover and consider why people act in a certain way and how they can make decisions that affect hundreds of thousands of people and those decisions are based on how the world occurs to each person. This occurrence is based on the values, environment, and beliefs that were instilled in us as a child and the ones we acquire through our adult experiences. In my experience, we treat ourselves and others based on these two emotions, love or fear.

I choose Love

Today and going forward I choose love. There is a passage in scroll two of the Greatest Salesman that has given me power over my negative opinions.

Scroll Two;

And how will I act? I will love all manners of men for each has qualities to be
admired even though they be hidden. With love I will tear down the wall of suspicion
and hate which they have built round their hearts and in its place will I build bridges
so that my love may enter their souls.

The other passage that has enabled me to create the habit of love is this section,

I will greet this day with love in my heart. Henceforth will I love all mankind. From this moment all hate is let from my veins for I have not the time to hate, only time to love. From this moment I take the first step required to become a man among men.

It is one of my greatest pleasures to see people discover who they really are based on their world within, not based on the world without or external forces.

Go forth and love one another.

Until next time,


Week 5 – Building a Mental Home that will Last a Forever

Week 5 – Building a Mental Home that will Last a Forever

I was so intrigued by this concept of building a mental home just like I would build a material home. Section 9 and 10 make it so clear.

9. If either of us were building a home for ourselves, how careful we would be in regard to the plans; how we should study every detail; how we should watch the material and select only the best of everything; and yet how careless we are when it comes to building our Mental Home, which is infinitely more important than any physical home, as everything which can possibly enter into our lives depends upon the character of the material which enters into the construction of our Mental Home.

10. What is the character of this material? We have seen that it is the result of the impressions which we have accumulated in the past and stored away in our subconscious Mentality. If these impressions have been of fear, of worry, of care, of anxiety; if they have been despondent, negative, doubtful, then the texture of the material which we are weaving today will be of the same negative material. Instead of being of any value, it will be mildewed and rotten and will bring us only more toil and care and anxiety. We shall be forever busy trying to patch it up and make it appear at least genteel.

I have never felt so powerful to be able to change my life, to create it the way I want it to be. My view of life has always been I have to take life as it comes, I have to accept the wage an employer wants to pay me, drive the affordable car, don’t ask or want for more but be satisfied with what you have and if I wanted more I was greedy and ungrateful.

I feel as if I am the proud owner of a genie’s lamp and I have an unlimited amount of wishes. I can map out my life in technicolor and include every little desire and feature I desire. With my new found power comes responsibility, a responsibility to share this information with as many people who will listen and be willing to take this hero’s journey.

I have an intention every day to share this information with a minimum of two people each day and when I share with them the things I am learning they become interested and excited for me, but can’t conceive that it is that easy.  Nevertheless, I will continue to search high and low for anyone who seeks to have a better life and is willing to put in the work to have what they want. Thank you MKMMA staff guides and students you inspire me to be the best me I can be every day.

Until next time,



Week 4 – Letting Go of Fear, Anger, and Disappointment is so Freeing

Letting Go of Fear, Anger, and Disappointment is so Freeing

The most challenging and powerful statement I read this week was from lesson 4.

30. This week, after taking your usual position, remove all tension by completely relaxing, then mentally let go of all adverse conditions, such as hatred, anger, worry, jealousy, envy, sorrow, trouble or disappointment of any kind.

After doing this exercise I felt a new sense of awareness of my emotions which caused me to acknowledge how much I cling to negative emotions.  By owning those actions I can now replace those negative emotions with positive ones and feel a new sense of freedom and light-hearted. I also realized the reason those negative emotions have plagued me for so long is that they were running on autopilot in my subconscious mind. What a blessing to gain such a powerful tool that not only blesses me but blesses all those around me, for when I carry negative energy with me I often repel people with even knowing it.

Markus Aurelias Quote

Another powerful insight I gained this week was in sections 18 and 19.

18. Lyman Abbott, in an address delivered before the Alumni of Bangor Theological Seminary, said: “We are coming to think of God as dwelling in man rather than as operating on men from without.”

19. Science goes a little way in its search and stops. Science finds the ever-present Eternal Energy, but Religion finds the Power behind this energy and locates it within man. But this is by no means a new discovery; the Bible says exactly the same thing, and the language is just as plain and convincing: “Know ye not that ye are the temple of the living God?” Here, then, is the secret of the wonderful creative power of the “World Within.”

Because I have always viewed my spiritual life as God working on me from the outside I actually unknowingly ignored my world within and never realized that I am HIs creation and He created me to be in a relationship with Him, not from the outside but from the inside. This is another valuable revelation that has eliminated a grudge I was holding against God for my life not working out the way I planned and as I let go of that grudge a rush of love peace flooded over me, a love I have never felt before.


This course truly has given me the keys to me live a life where I am in love with myself, my God, and my fellow man.

Thank you Mark Davene, staff, and guides!

Until next time,


Week 3- Let My Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine.

This week’s lesson is all about learning to let my light shine. Practicing feeling the emotions of achieving my DMP, sow them into my very being and let them radiate out. By daily practicing living in the present of my new blueprint, I can radiate energy that will transmute undesirable conditions into sources of pleasure and profit. Not just for myself but for everyone I come in contact with. This week has been a wonderful experience living out my DMP. I work on a college campus and interact with students, staff, and faculty each day and it’s amazing to observe how people are so self-absorbed, many are walking around with headphones and when I attempt to make eye contact with them they will not look at me and very few will return a smile. When my old blueprint was running the show I would entertain thoughts like “what’s wrong with me that they won’t even look at me” but now I know now that it is not because of me but that it is part of their world within. their world within maybe a scary place where we don’t look or talk to strangers, or maybe they did look in the past and something bad happened, or maybe it is just the fear of something bad happening if they return a smile or look. But that won’t stop me from shining my light, because when I shine my light I feel authentic and true to my desire to make a difference in the world. I feel loved, accepted, on purpose and filled with compassion for every person that defaults to their circumstances not realizing that they have the power to create a life they love, they just don’t know it. That is why it is my heart’s desire to have every person hear about the Master Keys and the MKMMA course.




What would our society look like if each person knew they had the power to create the future? I believe it would dramatically affect every area of our culture and create a more harmonious planet. War would cease, crime would drop, people would not need drugs to escape reality. Our schools would focus on success rather than failure, kids would launch businesses in high school that would align with their passions, and our world would be a better place to live. I see all the negative news stations broadcasting miracles and inspiring stories instead of the hate, murder, and crime that gets top priority now.




Wow! I am filled with love and joy right now just thinking about it!

If you are reading this you must learn about this fascinating course called The Master Keys at https://masterkeyexperience.com/

Have a wonderful week,


Week 2 – I am no Longer a Victim of my Circumstances

I am no Longer a Victim of my Circumstances.

In September 2012 My wife and I lost our Nutrition business and in two years our retirement of $250,000. It was all gone and we were receiving food stamps just to be able to put food on the table. That was the low point in my life, each day was a struggle to get through.  I was fortunate to be able to get hired with my old company in Loomis, CA and get back on our feet financially but I struggled inside with confidence and hope for a better future. Each time I attempted to envision a better future or pursue a job opportunity the thoughts of failure would overwhelm me and I  would fall back in to my victim state and check out for a couple of days.

In 2014 I heard about a program called the Landmark Forum where I gained some tools to regain my power and learned the value of examining my thoughts and unpack the lies and stories I told myself to survive the past traumas. It was unbelievable that I could not see the answers right in front of my face. Then in 2015 I discovered the MKMMA course and learned how to use my conscious mind to protect my subconscious mind and slay the victim mentally for good. By becoming a careful observer of my thoughts when thoughts that do not serve me, or try to sabotage me I am able to defend myself by reading my Definite Major Purpose and substitute anything negative with everything positive and my heart fills with love and excitement for my what awaits me. I am no longer a victim, I have slayed the dragon that haunted me for years and I have become a voice for the people around me to to do the same. I can no longer stand by and allow those I love be trapped by the chains that kept me bound for years.

This course is the real deal! I have been searching for this course all of my life! By doing the small tasks required to stay in the course you are equipping yourself with powerful tools that will allow you to overcome any obstacle that stands in your way. If you are feeling like a victim I know where you are and what is possible for you. Don’t let your old blueprint keep you trapped, when you feel the desire to quit know that you are in the place you are disturbing you normal routine and that is good. Keep doing the work, masterminding and stay connected to the other member and your guide and you will win, you will have a blueprint that is ready to build the life of your dreams.

Until next time,

Mike Stewart

Week 1 – Subby Makes All the Decisions

Subby Makes all The Decisions.

Learning about the subconscious and conscious minds this fascinating I never understood why I did things I didn’t want to do and now I have a good understanding and I’m training my Subby to do what I want not what I don’t like.  I also noticed that when my Subby fights back I’m on the right track.  Discovering new layers in new areas of my life that I want to be transformed gives me hope that any area of my life that I’m dissatisfied with I can focus on that area and transforming my thoughts and actions and it rolls over in every area of my life I’ve never felt such power I’m never felt such control sometimes I have to pinch myself .  In the beginning exercises felt like really hard work like it was taking a lot of time but when I went through the areas of my life where I was spending my time and it was very small amount of time compared to how much time I waste on things it will not affect my life in a positive way.   I have got to find a way to share this gift with everyone I know so they can have the power to transform their lives and live their dreams.

Week 26 – Staying the Course Despite the Challenges

Staying the Course Despite Challenges is a skill I have been developing this week.

Two weeks ago I hurt my back while performing the simple task of unplugging an extension cord. I was so embarrassed at first because I was working in a retail store on a project when the incident happened and I still had to complete the project to the best of my ability which I was able to with a lot of pain, but I did it. But the challenges did not stop there because when I got in my truck to drive home by then my back was throbbing. As the week continued I was daily searching for ways to relieve the pain without using Ibprophen or Avdil to allow me to sit or stand without pain. Two things I found were Deep-Blue cream and laying on an exercise ball, the Deep – Blue allowed me to sleep and the exercise ball allowed me to relieve the pain after sitting or standing too long.  I also learned to do my morning sits and evening readings on my exercise ball which enabled me to transform myself from a helpless victim to a master of my destiny.


The current chapter of The Greatest Salesman titled “I will Laugh at the World” also helped me tremendously to laugh at myself and my situation and remind myself that this too shall pass. What a wonderful gift I received just by doing the daily exercises. This month I am operating as a self-directed thinker as I await the start of the continuation portion of the MKMMA where we explore the 4 lost chapters. What I chose for the lesson portion of my daily routine was to read a lesson of the Master Keys starting with lesson one on March 26th. It has been a wonderful review of the powerful tools I acquired in September of 2017 and each day I am reminded that I am one hundred percent responsible for everything that happens in my life good and bad. I have the power to co-create with God an design an amazing outcome I create in my imagination and live it each day with feeling and passion and incorporating a technique called Flowdreaming and good things are happening all around me. I have been called for an interview this week at Cal Poly for a temporary IT position and I have several clients calling me to work on their computers or networks.  If you would like to take a journey that will give you everything you have ever desired in your life you must register for the 2018 Master Key Experience in September. You can do that by going to http://familyhealthbydesign.org/

Until next time,



Week 25 – Thousands of People Are living their Lives with Purpose

Thousands of people are living their life with purpose again.

Thousands of people discover a  newfound power that allows them to pursue their hearts desire and create the life they have always dreamed about. They establish daily habits that train their subconscious mind to work for them instead of working against them. A key component is they connect with their heavenly father and begin living life they’ve always dreamed of in partnership with their creator. It is through the daily exercises that they follow they discover their power to live and create their life , “The life of their dreams” is within their reach and it is only by the daily work of discovering the world within, laying aside every hindrance of negative, dis-empowering thoughts and focusing on their true hearts desire not only for their personal but their professional lives. Each person  does the mental work and finds a new found freedom in every area of their life which empowers them to accomplish anything their heart desires and the results are contagious and causes them to pass on this knowledge to their spouse, and their children, their siblings, and a wave begins to form that transforms the Central Coast of California in to a region of self directed thinkers that rise up as leaders in their communities.

Can you imagine your child at the age of 6 years or older being entirely focused on they what they want their life to be like and they are not hindered by the distractions of negative thoughts or wounded by our current educational system.

Train Up a Child

That was the vision I had yesterday during my meditation after reading Lesson 7 of the Master Keys and doing the sit afterward I imagined thousands upon thousands of men women and children who are in control of their thoughts, they think for themselves. It appears to others that they are lucky, that good things are happening all around them. What the outside observer does not see is all the time invested by the self directed thinker spent working on the world within to gain control of his or her mind through the daily exercises that they participated in, absorbing the lessons taught and sitting and following the exercise for that lesson and now their work has become the normal way to live. Take a look at one of the passage below.

Master Key Lesson 7

18. Make the Mental Image; make it clear, distinct, perfect; hold it firmly; the ways and means will develop; supply will follow the demand; you will be led to do the right thing at the right time and in the right way. Earnest Desire will bring about Confident Expectation, and this in turn must be reinforced by Firm Demand. These three cannot fail to bring about Attainment, because the Earnest Desire is the feeling, the Confident Expectation is the thought, and the Firm Demand is the will, and, as we have seen, feeling gives vitality to thought and the will holds it steadily until the law of Growth brings it into manifestation.
19. Is it not wonderful that man has such tremendous power within himself, such transcendental faculties concerning which he had no conception? Is it not strange that we have always been taught to look for strength and power “without?” We have been taught to look everywhere but “within” and whenever this power manifested in our lives we were told that it was something supernatural.

I believe every person on this planet is longing for and searching for the way to live and create a life of passion, adventure and purpose. If that is you take action now, send me a message commenting on this post and I will send you a link to get on the waiting list for the September Master key course.

Have a great week!