Week 17 – Still On A High

After an amazing kindness week last week it’s hard to imagine it being topped but the kindness mastermind has carried over into this week and I can’t help but still keep on looking for random acts of kindness, the word for this week for me to observe is discipline and it’s something that I have lacked in my life or is it? I had been saying to myself that I lacked discipline in my life that I believed it so strongly that I identified it as one big area of weakness for me but during one of my 15 minute sits I started to think about it and realised that I have shown discipline in my life such as holding down 2 different jobs for over 10 years each, I have exercised 3 times a week or more for as long as I can remember and last year I gave up drinking alcohol so do you know what I am going to give myself some credit for once.

I have come to realise that I am capable of being disciplined but maybe the subtext should’ve been I have lacked discipline in some areas of my life such as sticking to the task  in my network marketing business but I have breathed a sigh of relief because it’s not something I am bad at I have established that I can do it, so maybe it was a lack of focus and not discipline as a result I was focusing on the wrong problem, if you’re still with me after that you’re incredible!!

I am finding out a lot about myself and at first it was very difficult to look at myself I mean really look at myself and cut the B.S. as Mark would say and realise that all this crap that I had been telling myself isn’t true now I might have been carrying out behaviour to support my beliefs to make it true because as humans we make decisions and then look for reasons to support our beliefs, if the reasons aren’t there we will justify it some how what a strange creature us humans are but on the flip side we do have the capacity to change which makes us unique.

As far as this discipline thing goes do you know what I am still here on The Master Key Experience doing the work so this is another example of discipline, if I wasn’t disciplined I would’ve quit my network marketing business as well, now I have put the ball down for a while but never quit I decided to seek out the top earners in network marketing and read the books, listened to the audios and attended seminars this discipline thing isn’t my problem I am convinced of that now so I am going to focus on the main thing and as Mark says the main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing, maybe I am not doomed to fail after all I am going to focus on the areas of weakness that I have and maybe I will discover that I am capable of focus too.

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  1. Gareth thank you again for coming to my blog:),
    I so identify with you on so many levels. From the fitness aspect to your self-chats to your perception of what you believed discipline was in your life. The beautiful thing is there are two wonderful things happening right now.

    1. The law of growth and 2. the law of increase by association which basically means if you hang out with a wise person, you will get the same rewards they do because you eventually do what they do. You are nature’s greatest miracle my friend and I cheering for you to be “who you will to be”. You got this, my friend:).

  2. My pleasure I will be going to your blog again, thank you Victoria for the lovely reply it’s a pleasure getting to know you through this experience

  3. Gareth, What a great blog post.

    You are very disciplined my friend, from what you have said. More than a lot of people. So great that we are all discovering things about ourselves day by day. It’s fun (and sometimes painful) being the observer!

    I noticed on a mastermind a few weeks back that you were based in the UK right? It’s just that I’m also in the UK and I’m struggling a bit with the mastermind group. I’m chatting to one person but she’s in the US and it’s hard to just pick up the phone once a week or whatever to mastermind. There’s another lady called Natalie on the MKMMA as well who is based in the UK. I had an idea that we might connect on whatsapp or marco polo and give each other support, mastermind etc especially as we’re all in the same time zone… A little UK crew. What do you think? Buy please don’t worry about it if you’re already in a group and don’t have time. I totally understand.


  4. Hi Jules yes it really is fun and painful being the observer that sums it up perfectly!! I am based in the UK you’re right and I would love to connect with you the only thing is I am a tech dinosaur and I am not on what’s app or anything miss app would probably best describe me

    I have sent you an email and we can connect that way and if you like exchange phone numbers to get in touch that way I really appreciate you reaching out to me and visiting my blog I hope to connect with you soon



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