Week 1- first aha moment

Having never blogged, I just thought the best thing to do was to begin.  A bell went off when Mark said that the Subby has no defense against your voice.  this explains to me for the first time why affirmations need to be read out loud.  I have been resistant to use them for no particular reason, but I discovered while reading the first Scroll out loud that I was able to stay much more focused on what I was reading and understand the words more deeply.


Week 2 edited

I have discovered that I am very committed to this process. I am doing the readings in the book 3 times a day, the blue print, and now the DMP. Last week I was in Salt Lake City at my company’s annual convention. In spite of that and all the excitement and time commitment surrounding the convention, I was still able to submit my DMP on time and did it in a way that was much more challenging than if I had been at home and been able to type it out on a word processing program and then cut and paste it. What I noticed that kept coming up for me was that subby was saying things like why bother, you already know this stuff, let it go, etc. I did not listen to subby and just kept plowing thru with keeping my promise. I was reminded of when I was in college and made an agreement with 2 fraternity brothers that we would devote 2 hours a day to researching and writing our thesis in economics in our senior year. It was on the honor system and if any of us didn’t keep our promise, we would have the humiliating task of making the other guys beds. From October 1 until May 1, we all worked our asses off and achieved our goal of completing our theses. There was one time that I couldn’t keep my promise and I dutifully made the other guys beds. However, the learning was profound not about what I was writing but the process of how we set ourselves up not to fail. Accountability partners is what they apparently call this process these days but the promise was really to ourselves and that was a significant learning for me. I feel the same about this promise to complete MKMMA because it is that important to me and I am thrilled to be engaged in it.