Master Key Experience Week 4 – Breakthrough!

Alive, Awake, Aware, Secure, Open

Today 20 October 2017 I experienced my breakthrough. How did this all come about?

Wel let me tell you my story. I started with nerwork marketing 3 years ago. I knew that I was tried of the corporate world and wanted something different. Somebody introduced me again to this business model and the timing was perfect for me.

I was in food production, so this quit a change for me. I had to learn how to speak  to people. I am a very quiet person. My friend would of joke with me and say ” give us also a change to say something”, meanwhile I haven’t said a thing the whole tiime.

Last year October 2016 I came across this Mark J stuff. I just coouldn’t put it togeher so I enrolled fot the GO90GROW program. Wow what awesome training.

Somehow I still just couldn’t make it all tic. Which became seriously problematic to my marriage. My inner drive just could let me go back to a job thingy. So on the 24 September 2017 I joined this MKE journey.

I was able to SIT quiet for 30 minutes easily from the beginning. I’m doing the daily activities even though it is a struggle sometimes. BUT my will to be more than what I’m now is keepong on pushing me forward to where I believe I want to go.

SO suddenly today it happend. I have been struggling to make my phone calls. Suddenly (Do It Now) today I picked up the phone and made 3 phone calls. My whole business relies on me makeing phonecallls daily. Well today it happend. It also came easy to do.

I feel so blessed and happy for this happening. Something I’v been longing so long to do.

NOW !!!  “I Can Be What I Will To Be”

Thank You

Master Key Experience Week 3 – Inside Out!

To be or Not to be?

Your thoughts are the cause and the experiences with which you meet in life are the effects. This is something that I knew, but really only experienced the effect of it now. I started about 3 months ago to change my habits. I started to listen to affirmations about being successful.

It is our attitude of mind towards life which determines the experiences with which we are to meet. Hence I always warn people to be careful of the words they use, as one creates by speaking your thoughts into life. Then they are not happy with the world they created for themselves.

Through practice we become powerful. I have done some meditation in the past, but these exercises just took me to a new level of connecting most of the links. I’m so happy that all are busy coming together, plus I’m feeling excited about completing this journey with MKE.

Lesson learned is: You’re simply to say what you desire, not how you are to obtain it. Your mind will start putting it all together. We create our own world with out. So focus on what you want and not what is wrong in your world.

Master Key Experience Week 2 – Where are the minions?

What a week! So I set out to acheive my goals/ tasks for this week. As I’m doing my readings daily and SIT, there are these little minions running around trying to distract me. The main thing that is keeping me focused is that I’m committed to the process.

I just keep in mind why I committed to this journey. I feel like that miner digging for gold and after 30 years I still have not reached my main objective, but this burning desire in me keeps pushing me forward day after day.

Today is my 50th birthday and so I feel this is the time to find my golden statue. The SIT is quit difficult for 30 minutes when there are all these minions running around. Furtunately we were warned that this will happen. Suddenly my eyes start to weigh more and I struggle to keep my eyelids apart.

In the end everything boils down to my habits. I realized that we are all creatures of habits and the only why I can breakout of this life is to change my current habits. I have learned in the past how powerful our minds are, so now I’m actually celebrating this journey  on my birthday as I go on my way.

Hi-Ho Hi-Ho!!!!

Master Key Experience Week 1 – Next Step

So for years now (30 plus years), I’ve been studing what makes people successful. I was so overwhelmed by what I found. All this information paralyzed me to the point I couldn’t take action in my own life to  make the difference I wanted.

I remember one of my senoir managers asking me; “Pieter, if you had all the money you needed, what would you do?” I was stunned, because I suddenly realised I had no idea of what that was. A new journey started,  that led me to resign my job about 3 years ago; 13 March 2015.

I studied more people and more people, to see if I could find the guidence I needed to get to that point.  Alas, I became more unhappy because there was nothing that could assist me. I fell into a depression and it created problems with my marriage too, but I just couldn’t stop this HUNGER in me to find my purpose.

One year ago on my journey, I came along a website called “The Laziest Networker” and the man Mark Januszewski. Suddenly the stuff I had found on my journey started to fit together. It all started to make sense. In there I came across this program Master Key Experience. I understood from the testamonials this was what I had been searching for years.

So what made all those people successful that I studied for years? I suddenly realised it was their habits. I also know that everybody is a habitual creature. whala!!!  I had to change my habits.

SO now I’m on this journey of discovery of my purpose in life. And yes I know from the teaching of the carpenter of Galalee it is to serve my fellow man, but how was my question.

So join me on this journey and see if your purpose of life is sound?