My MKMMA Journey week 4

During the webinar on Sunday we were introduced to the Law of Giving and Receiving and told the 4 Law statements.

I have been practicing a combined form of statements one and two for about six months without knowing it but practicing under the law of being grateful.

I have been making it a practice no matter where I go to try an make eye contact with as many people as possible.

They can be people I pass in the street or a receptionist in an office or a shop assistant I give them a smile and thank them for their service and wish them a great day.

It’s amazing how many look at you with a weird look as they are not used to getting a smile or a compliment.

This week this gratitude was returned to me when I visited my chiropractor.

The receptionist said I must be a very happy person.

When I asked what she meant she said you always come in with a smile and sound so happy.

It is a nice feeling when you know that you are able to make someone happy with just a smile.



My MKMMA week 3 journey continues

I was surprised this week when revising my DMP how much I was able to cut out. I think this was possible because I could see in my minds eye and feel in my body the life I wanted instead of listen to all the white noise going on in my head on what I thought I wanted.

I found the Master Key sitting exercise harder this week on inhibiting all thought as my mind kept wondering off and I had to concentrate on my breathing to brake these thoughts and bring myself back to the moment.

I realised during one of my sits how much I embrace the idea of failure and how I fear the idea of success and how much this has affected me in the past.

From today this is no longer the case as I’m embracing success with open arms and with a great big smile on my face.

The word _____ is now deleted from my vocabulary.


My MKMMA Week 2 journey continues

As OG Mandingo states in Scroll 1.

Today I begin a new life.

I to begin a new life although I don’t have a vine yard with fruit but by chipping away at the layers of cement that have surrounded me just like the Golden Buddha.

Covering myself with these layers have resulted in me falling into the habits of not having the clarity of my true purpose and living by the blue print of other people.

This is no longer the case as I no longer accept it.

The past is the past no going back as that path has been demolished.

The only path available to me is forward.

Into the unknown I go which I take with a smile on my face.