Week 2: Big Girl, Little Girl

On Sunday night I found it very difficult to fall asleep. After tossing and turning for about an hour, I got up and decided to do something productive until sleep came, so I started revising my DMP.  As I reflected on my Personal Pivotal Needs of Liberty and Legacy,  a strange thing happened.

I had a visual of a little girl who was made of pure light on the inside of me. This little girl was doing cartwheels and  tickling the big girl, me. The sensations were so intense they jolted me to the point that I almost threw up. I felt a joy that I have never experienced before, and all the years of yearning and longing seemed far away, stripped away, I was now free to express true desire.

Considering that I have been in a retirement mindset for over five years, this is a major deal for me. I have found passion again. I catch myself laughing out loud for no reason at all and those closest to me keep asking what’s changing with me. I simply answer “my little girl has come out to play.”

Everything in my outer world is the same, or so it would appear to the natural eye, but the inner world is being transformed, and since the outer world reflects the inner world, I know it’s only a matter of time before the outer world changes to reflect the inner.

Since  one of the purposes for revising  the DMPs is to bring greater clarity and focus, I am taking the “little girl” with me as I do my revisions. I am learning to become as a little child and allow that child to lead.

When things aren’t going as well as I think they should, I go to that happy place and engage my little girl and give subby something fun to focus on.

While in the  store on a couple of occasions, I saw my myself in a mirror through my peripheral vision and noticed that I was “walking tall.” in a relaxed confident manner. I also noticed that people were taking a “second look” as they passed by me, must be all that light from the little girl.

Two months ago I gave shelter to someone whose life fell apart. I did not realize how closely she was watching me, but I caught her reading the Greatest Salesman, so I gave her a copy of her own. She is following the scrolls, and there is such a change in her already. Her coworkers are commenting on her changed attitude, and they are listening to the scrolls on YouTube rather than to music. The gift keeps on giving. Will be interesting to see what develops out of all of this.

I take the visual of  “my little girl  of light” doing cartwheels into my Sits and savor the feelings of the sheer ecstasy  I will experience as I manifest Liberty and Legacy.

The big girl cannot do cartwheels, and she cannot dance on the ceiling as she would love to do, but she is surely enjoying watching the little girl do her thing.

MKE – Week 1 The Power Within

“All power is from within, and is absolutely under your control, it comes through exact knowledge and by the voluntary exercises of exact principles.” Haanel.

If one’s knowledge is faulty, erroneous, or the principles are vaguely understood or applied, person power is diminished. If the exercises are performed under pressure, coercion or manipulation, power cannot be realized by the individual.

True power comes only through the harmony of the individual’s own willingness to gain and apply the exact knowledge and principles necessary, and the personal daily discipline to perform the exercises.

We each have been given the power to create any condition we desire in life. Unfortunately, we “unintentionally” create negative conditions, but as we get a clearer understanding of our true power, we can then create “intentionally,” those conditions that bring us the love, joy peace, health and wealth we desire.

Regardless of our current age, we can recognize our Divine power and rewrite our  blueprint.

MKE – Week 1 The Journey Begins

I have started my hero’s journey and am humbled by what I am learning about myself so far. It feels weird to say this out loud for the whole world to read, but here goes. From as early as age three, I have known that I am here to live a great life  and play on a large stage, but I succumbed to the words “You are too…., why cant you be like…., why do you have to cause so much trouble… why do you ask so many questions… etc.”

Last night I gave myself full permission to truly live. The beauty of this is, that at the age when society considers me “old”  and some people close to me think I am just acting more weird than usual, I can create my new life without too much intrusion and let the results speak for themselves.

“Today the old me  has become as dust. I will walk tall among people and they will not recognize me for  today I am a new person, with a new life.” Adapted from Scroll 1