Week 2 MKE is challenging my mind :)

Good Afternoon Miss Blog,

Wow, lots of emotions coming to the surface. The subconscious mind is very intriguing.

I have made this week my mission to speak with people I barely know and ask them about humanity. One young lady told me of her having the struggles being half Caucasian and half Mexican. She was stating that she just really does not know where to fit in life. She looks more Mexican, but is thankful for her White last name. She stated her Mexican family she even feels out of touch. I spoke with an older gentleman who is African-American, he stated how his whole life he has been profiled. He is a very successful Man, well groomed, well dressed, pleasant personality but still is profiled by the color of his skin. I spoke with a hispanic man, I loved his outlook. He stated you either have goodness/ambition to be your best everyday or you don’t. He stated people have become so lazy and placing blame everywhere but themselves. I suppose I loved his outlook because it was much the same as mine. If you do not put in the work, do not expect payment; whatever that payment is for you. All three of these wonderful people had great outlooks on life, even with their challenges. They all take responsibility for how they want to live. I guess it all comes down to: we can take the challenge for our hero’s journey or we can play the victim. My question is why do so many choose to be victims? Lets embrace the journey, challenges, be our best selves everyday.

“Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12:2 

Shine on,


6 thoughts on “Week 2 MKE is challenging my mind :)

  1. Hi Kelly, it’s me again.

    While digesting the words, the thoughts, the essences I just read, the first concept that filled my head: “The pity pot has an endless bottom. It can easily accommodate every bit of self-flagellation any and all can dish out. Much in the way flies are drawn to the unsavory for a taste, so, too, are couch potatoes, drawn to the commode to drop a load, when everything they have begins to rot.

    I trust I’ve not been too unpleasantly graphic in this assessment of the human condition. If so, I apologise.

    Fortunately, not all have been consumed by what ails us as a society — you, for instance, have arisen — as have those 3 individuals you describe.

    Since it’s unlikely doing anyone a favor to dwell on this topic any longer than need be, in conclusion, do you envision many factors at play in this decay here.

    Do you agree at the top of the list, perhaps, are the psychopaths, the ruling elite, the men behind the curtain, who sit inappropriately, appropriately enough on top of the heap sending commands downward designed to perpetuate the fear and sense of lack that makes no sense.

    This flaw becomes even more apparent, when this planet is properly seen as a place loaded with extreme abundance. This kind of focused vision comes to those, when guided by hearts, minds,and souls filled with gratitude and love.

    Okay, the soapbox I’m standing wasn’t designed to handle my weight.I’m getting off… I’ll be back.

    1. Good Morning,

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I do agree at the top is a big part of where it starts. The perpetuating of fear and sense of lack that makes no sense. It boggles my mind the sheep. It seems all of a sudden (I know it has been many years, but has come to a head) everyone/thing has a label. The labelers seem to have no clue on reality, or I suppose it is their reality that they see in their head….hmmm again sheep.

      I love what Mark and Davene are doing; they are being the change they want to see. They have taken wonderful steps for humanity. I am thankful to be part of this adventure; excited and thankful for the people I am meeting and will meet. So excited for people like you who are open for discussion.

      Shine on,

  2. It is a very interesting question to ask “Why do so many people choose to think as victims?”

    No wonder that alot of times it is hard to purposefully change a blueprint…. because I quickly see generations of victim thought…. where people never even had the consciousness to ask themselves…. “why do I think that?” or “what would I rather think/believe?”

    It is so sad…. because I see people settling for what life hands them… or what they “think” they can accomplish instead of really going for their dream!

    SHINE ON KELLY!!! You so got this!!

    1. Hi Wendy, I agree, very sad people take what life hands them and they surrender to it. I suppose some of it has to do with surroundings, much of it has to do with laziness and fear, I’m guessing. i.e.: , my brother and I grew up in the same household and we are as night and day as anyone can be. He has the poor me, I deserve, my life is so hard and still blames his childhood at 50; it’s weird.

      Shine on,

  3. aloha:)
    sharing inspiring words from mark’s book “standing tall”
    “I recognize that the Source of All Good has made the world perfect. The same is true of all people, including me. I can decide to see the world as perfect for its current stage of evolvement or I can see it as decaying. I cannot see it both ways. The same is true of all people, including me; perfect yet incomplete. I am excited about helping evolve and complete the perfecting of the world’s evolvement by doing my best with the gifts and resources within myself. This is the great discovery that inspires me to break from the pack of the fearful followers and Stand Tall in the Primal Truth of Being and thus become a fearless victor.”
    mahalo e kelly for shining your light!!!

    1. Wonderful thoughts. I love you are perfect yet incomplete. I always say I am perfectly imperfect; giving me reasons to always grow to be my best. Absolutely break free from the fearful followers and stand tall<3 I am loving finding other shining lights; so thank you.
      shine on, Kelly

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