Week 15 – Look at things in a different way

In this beautiful inspirational chip Robin Williams remind us of the following.

‘to look at things in a different way’

‘even if you think you know something you must look at it in another way’

‘when you read a book don’t just consider what the author thinks, consider what you think’

‘strive to find your own voice, because the longer you wait the less likely you are to find it’


‘dare to strikeout and find new ground’

I have found on my journey through life that on a daily basis I am confronted by difficulties, obstacles, problems and discouragements that in the past caused a challenge for me but after having the privilege to study the wonderful Lesson 15 of the Master Key System by Haanel and Scroll IV of the Greatest Salesman by Og Mandino I found the opportunity ‘to look at things in a different way’.

In paragraph 7 of Lesson 15 Haanel states:

“7. All conditions and experiences that come to us do so for our benefit. Difficulties and obstacles will continue to come until we absorb their wisdom and gather from them the essentials of further growth.”

In Scroll IV of the Greatest Salesman by Og Mandino states:

“I know a great secret of life for I perceive, at last, that all my problems, discouragements, and heartaches are, in truth, great opportunities in disguise. I will no longer be fooled by the garments they wear for mine eyes are open. I will look beyond the cloth and I will not be deceived.”

I decided to look at everything as a great opportunity.

Cool Running’s

Week 14 – Finding your Nemo

The formula that we are taught in our Master Key Course for the extra ordinary change in our life’s is:

DMP + PMA + POA + MMA = Success

Each step is defined as follows:

DMP = Definite Major Purpose

PMA = Positive Mental Attitude

POA = Plan of Action

MMA = Master Mind Alliance

Now this week we were requested to have some family fun and watch one of the following four movies:

Door to Door, October Sky, Rudy or Cool Running’s

I decided to watch Rudy and searched for a week and a half in each of the video shops in my town without success. Then yesterday morning I decided to go and find Cool Running’s and as I finished that thought my life partner Magda turned on the TV and would you believe it Cool Running’s just started on one of the satellite channels.

What you think about will manifest in reality.

That was awesome, so I watched it with my family and a amazing thing happened to me. I found each of the steps mentioned above in the story line and I cried. This emotion I haven’t felt in a very, very long time. Something happened inside me that started a change. It’s amazing.

You have got to watch it. One of the parts that made the biggest impact in my life was regarding not to imitate anybody. Finding your Nemo, finding your true identity.

To determine your Definite Major Purpose in life you also need to find your identity and proclaim your rarity.

The other movie I watched this week that also had the aforementioned principles in the story line was Facing the Giants. The part that had the biggest impact on me was the following story of the two farms that had the same desire for rain and both of them prayed for rain to the Creator. One of them went out to prepare his fields for the rain the other one just kept on praying.

Which one are you …..

We all have a deep hearts desire, a personal calling, that we long for and pray for. Are your fields prepare to receive the rain when the Creator sends it.

I found my identity in the following words.

I am

I leave you with this, the meaning of Cool Running’s, Peace be the Journey…..

Week 13 – Find a way in

This whole week I was pondering the thought provoking statement that the Davene made. Find a way in!

After reading Week 13 of the Master Keys over and over the part of 26 stood out for me.

“26. We can best conserve our interests by recognizing the Infinite Power and Infinite Wisdom of the Universal Mind, and in this way become a channel whereby the Infinite can bring about the realization of our desire. This means that recognition brings about realization, therefore for your exercise this week make use of the principle, recognize the fact that you are a part of the whole, and that a part must be the same in kind and quality as the whole; the only difference there can possibly by, is in degree.”

So by recognizing the Infinite Power and Infinite Wisdom of the Universal Mind, and in this way become a channel whereby the Infinite can bring about the realization of our desire.

How do I recognize and become a channel. How do I find my way in?

The answer to this question is found in Part 27 of the Masterkey:

“27. When this tremendous fact begins to permeate your consciousness, when you really come into a realization of the fact that you (not your body, but the Ego), the “I,” the spirit which thinks is an integral part of the great whole, that it is the same in substance, in quality, in kind, that the Creator could create nothing different from Himself, you will also be able to say, “The Father and I are one” and you will come into an understanding of the beauty, the grandeur, the transcendental opportunities which have been placed at your disposal.”

Still something was missing! This lead me to word from Benjamin Franklin with which Week 13 closes:

Increase in me that wisdom Which discovers my truest interest, Strengthen my resolution To perform that which wisdom dictates.” 

I search and I found that these words formed part of the Prayer that he prayed every day as part of his Magic Formula to rid himself of his bad habits. This great man states on page 87 of his Autobiography the following:

“And conceiving God to be the Fountain of Wisdom, I thought it right and necessary to solicit His assistance for obtaining it; to this end I form’d the following prayer, which was prefix’d to my Tables of Examination; for daily use.

O Powerful Goodness! Bountiful Father! Merciful Guide! Increase in me that wisdom Which discovers my truest interest, Strengthen my resolution To perform that which wisdom dictates. Accept my kind Offices to Thy other Children, as the only Return in my Power for thy continual favors to me.” 

My search took me further and I found the following words of Og Mandino:

“Henceforth I will pray, but my cries for help will only be cries for guidance.”

What kind of guidance? “I ask not for gold or garments or even opportunities equal to my ability; instead, guide me so that I may acquire ability equal to my opportunities.”

The “I,” the spirit which thinks is ALREADY an integral part of the great whole, all I can do is pray as Franklin and Mandino did for guidance so that I may acquire the ability to recognize this fact.

Week 12 – Living with in Love

Last week I wrote about the principles of the Law of Forgiveness and the consequences of not forgiving. This week the following sentence in Week 12 of the Master Keys hit home:

” 18. The principle which gives the thought the dynamic power to correlate with it’s object, and therefore to master every adverse human experience, is the law of attraction, which is another name for love. This is an eternal and fundamental principle, inherent in all things, in every system of Philosophy, in every Religion, and in every Science. There is no getting away from the law of love. It is feeling that imparts vitality to thought. Feeling is desire, and desire is love. Thought impregnated with love becomes invincible.”

Invincible and impregnated …… what awesome two words. So I did what the Fabulous Davene always do and I consulted the dictionary for the meaning of each.

Invincible – too powerful to be defeated or overcome

Wow thoughts that becomes too powerful to be defeated or overcome, what a amazing idea!

Impregnated – fill with feeling (desire) or quality

Yes, Yes, Yes, thought that becomes too powerful to be defeated or overcome, filled with feeling/desire of love. That’s what I want!


I found the answer to this question firstly in the words of Og Mandino at the end of Scroll II:

“Henceforth I love all mankind.  From this moment all hate is let from my veins for I have not time to hate, only time to love.  From this moment I take the first step required to become a man among men…… If I have no other qualities I can succeed with love alone.  Without it I fail though I possess all the knowledge and skills of the world.”

I can be what I will to be ……. I succeed with love alone.

Secondly I found it in the Blue Print-builder that I have been reading aloud once a day 12 Weeks:

I eliminate hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness, and cynicism, by developing love for all humanity, because I know that a negative attitude toward others can never bring me success.

I heal the negative thoughts hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness, and cynicism with positive thoughts by developing love for all, in silence and to myself I address each whom I meet and say I LOVE YOU.

Lastly I also found it in the Law of Subconscious defined as:

“As soon as the subconscious accepts the idea it becomes a demand and it works constantly, 24-7, to manifest demand ~ accessing a reservoir of infinite resources”

I impregnate my subconscious love to accept a invincible thought that becomes a demand and it works constantly, 24-7, to manifest demand ~ accessing a reservoir of infinite resources.

I want to close and leave you with this thought “All we need is Love” and who better to say it than The Beatles:

Week 11 – What is FAITH?

In the Bible, Hebrews 11: 1 – 2, we read that Paul said:

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good report.”

I have been having challenges for a long time now to receive a breakthrough regarding one of my most important and urgent goals in my DMP. I decided this week to share my challenges with the other members of our Master Mind group and what an awesome revelation when one of the members, Martin Tobias, said to me “it sound like you do not have FAITH in the ability of the person that can help you achieve your goal”.

Wow once again the mirror remains true. The thoughts that I have been creating within regarding the doubt in the ability of that person to help me succeed has been reflecting back to me. Thank you Martin.

In lesson 10 of the Master Key System Haanel wrote:

11. The law is that Thought is an active vital form of dynamic energy which has the power to correlate with its object and bring it out of the invisible substance from which all things are created into the visible or objective world. This is the law by which, and through which all things come into manifestation; it is the Master Key by which you are admitted into the Secret Place of the Most High and are “given dominion over all things.” With an understanding of this law you may “decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee.”

14. In taking advantage of the wonderful possibilities opened up to us through the operation of this law, we must remember that we ourselves contribute nothing to its efficacy as the Great Teacher said: “It is not I that doeth the works, but the Father that dwelleth in me, He doeth the work”. We must take exactly the same position; we can do nothing to assist in the manifestation, we simply comply with the law, and the All-originating Mind will bring about the result.

15. The great error of the present day is the idea that Man has to originate the intelligence whereby the Infinite can proceed to bring about a specific purpose or result. Nothing of this kind is necessary; the Universal Mind can be depended upon to find the ways and means for bringing about any necessary manifestation. We must, however, create the ideal, and this ideal should be perfect.”

So if this is true and I believe it is, what is the result of my doubt? I found the answer in the following paragraphs.

19. If your thought is in harmony with the creative Principle of Nature, it is in tune with the Infinite Mind, and it will form the circuit, it will not return to you void; but it is possible for you to think thoughts that are not in tune with the Infinite, and when there is no polarity, the circuit is not formed. What, then, is the result? What is the result when a dynamo is generating electricity, the circuit is cut off and there is no outlet? The dynamo stops.

20. It will be exactly the same with you, if you entertain thoughts which are not in accordance with the Infinite and cannot therefore be polarized; there is no circuit, you are isolated, the thoughts cling to you, harass you, worry you, and finally bring about disease and possibly death; the physician may not diagnose the case exactly in this way, he may give it some fancy name which has been manufactured for the various ills which are the result of wrong thinking, but the cause is the same nevertheless. My desire for success is earnest but my thoughts of doubt creates in harmony and therefore can not be polarized.”

In the great classic of Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich, Hill wrote:

FAITH is the head chemist of the mind. When FAITH is blended with the vibration of thought, the subconscious mind instantly picks up the vibration, translates it into its spiritual equivalent, and transmits it to Infinite Intelligence, as in the case of prayer.”

I close with the following words of Emmet Fox:

The two supreme lessons set for this school are the lesson of Omnipresence of God, and the lesson of the power of thought.”

Today I am grateful for, the power of thought, the master mind group that I have the privilege to be part of and this amazing adventure I get to be part of daily.

Week 10 – Slaying your Dragons

This week I want to discuss the meaning of “Truth” as referred to in lesson 9 of the Master Key as well as one of my “Dragons”, jealousy.

7. To know the Truth is to be in harmony with the Infinite and Omnipotent power.  To know the truth is, therefore, to connect yourself with a power which is irresistible and which will sweep away every kind of discord, in harmony, doubt or error of any kind, because the “Truth is mighty and will prevail.”

So how do I deal with the enemies(dragons) within and the enemies(dragons) without.  Every kind of discord, in harmony, doubt or error of any kind.  

So what is these dragons. I can not explain it better that Joseph Campbell in person.


I realized that what I thought was ‘ jealousy ‘ was not.  I discovered that one of my dragons was ‘anger’ and the thoughts of anger that I have been sending out into the world without was reflected back(the mirror) to me or that was returning to me by the persons I was meeting daily in my environment that I created. Then it hit me ‘BAM”, for the first time I realized what it meant to really be the observer. This was an amazing revelation.

I realized that I can slay my dragons within; with love, compassion and kindness. I slay my dragons without with determination and assertiveness. Well just as the Universe planned it, I was confronted by this ‘dragon’ of mine the next morning during a meeting I was trying to postpone until Monday, and let me tell you this dragon was huge.

The conversation was confrontational from the start filled with a lot of anger from the person I was talking to and as soon as the conversation turned to a personal attack on me I realized THIS WAS IT. The dragon that I created and set free in my environment. Although I was boiling inside I became totally calm and I relaxed and smiled. I knew immediately what the best way was to deal with the situation so that it will benefit all whom it affects and I did it. That was it, I slayed one of my dragons: anger.

This experience brought so much power and understanding to me that when I walked into the next meeting, I was complimented on my aura of calmness and assertiveness. I also realized that this will be a daily journey to conquer my dragons.

I realized that the world without is truly a mirror of the world within.

Week 7 – Utilize the potentialities of Infinity by making use of the subconscious mind

Lesson 7 starts off with the following.

“1. Visualization is the process of making mental images, and the image is the mold or model which will serve as a pattern from which your future will emerge.

2. Make the pattern clear and make it beautiful; do not be afraid; make it grand; remember that no limitation can be placed upon you by any one but yourself; you are not limited as to cost or material; draw on the Infinite for your supply, construct it in your imagination; it will have to be there before it will ever appear anywhere else.

3. Make the image clear and clean-cut, hold it firmly in the mind and you will
gradually and constantly bring the thing nearer to you. You can be what “you will to

So I did!

South African Couple Interviewed by the Helene Eloff – The Lowvelder Posted: Thursday, February 28, 2019

I was thrilled and could not believe my luck when I received the message from my editor that Tobie and Magda Steyn agreed to a private interview. I was over the moon when I found out that they invited me to join them at their lake view Wooden Cabin in Canada for the interview.

The Town

What a buzz of excitement when my plane touched down on the secluded airstrip just outside the town of Alberta in Canada. As I emerge from the plan I got my first glimpse of this beautiful landscape and I knew that I have been invited to be part something very special.


Tobie and Magda Steyn was waiting for my at the bottom of the steps with a warm South African welcome although we were thousands of mile away. I recognized both of them by their smile. My editor told me that they are known for the sun in their smile and that was no lie.


After the formalities of introduction were finish and Tobie helped me collect my bags, we traveled for about 40 minutes out of town to a beautiful spot right next to one of the great lakes that they refer to as their family retreat. I was the only journalist that had the privilege to be invited to this very special place for this extraordinary interview.

The road

Both Tobie and his beautiful wife Magda, who Tobie always refer to as his best friend and soul mate, were not interested in lots of attention and wanted me to experience the peace and tranquility that the couple created for them and their two lovely boys, Mikal and Enriq.


On our way there I ask Tobie about this family retreat, he smiled and as his face lite up he explained “I made a promise a few years back that for three months every year I will return with my family to our lovely five bedroom Wooden Cabin in Alberta, Canada for a family retreat where we can recharge and re-launch from. Where we can create special relationships with family and friends in exchange for all the noise of the outside world, spending our day’s together reading, horse riding, going fishing, hiking, cycling and having fun.”

IMG_1377 (1)

Wow as he spoke I could feel the emotion in the air and I got a glimpse of what this time together meant to them.

As we turned off the main road and headed down to the lake through the forest I could feel my excitement getting the better of me.

Road through the woods

It felt the same as when I saw the ocean for the first time when I was a young girl growing up in a town far away from the ocean. I could not wait for us to reach the lake and I was not disappointed. The beauty and magnificence of this place blew me away.  As I excited the vehicle I stood in awe of the splendor.

Alberta Canada

Because of my long flight Tobie and Magda suggest that I take my time to refresh and relax while they go for their daily mountain bike ride. That suited me fine seeing that I needed to compose myself and let all of this wonder sink in. This was nothing like I imagined it in my dreams it was way better and also had to do some preparation for the interview.


They were gone for about an hour and a half and after a quick shower the interview was set up on the wooden desk overlooking the beautiful forest and lake.

Deck overlooking

I started the interview with the remark “What an awesome privilege to live so close to nature and to wake up to this spectacular view every morning”.


“Thank you Helene for your kindness. Yes this is awesome we wake up every morning grateful to be alive.” Tobie said “We both think this is the most beautiful place on the planet and we dearly love it here. I want to thank you and it is a great privilege to have you as our guests at our place of magic. Magda and I want to thank you for traveling all this way to interview us.”

“Now Tobie, tell me, I was made to understand that you have just returned from an awesome trip that took you half way around the world.” Tobie smiled and looked lovingly at Magda and said “We are so grateful to have the freedom to travel the world together visiting historic places and the tremendous opportunity to go cycling with our mountain bikes on route all around the world with both our boys. We are so thrilled to be able to ride together experiencing new trails, spending your days being one with nature, laughing and loving life.


“Helene” Magda said “If you told me 4 years ago that Tobie and I will be interviewed by you here at our family retreat and have an opportunity to visit amazing and wonderful places all around the world, I would have said you are joking. But that is how dreams come true.”

Wow it sounds as if you have an amazing story to tell?

Tobie look lovingly at Magda and with her eyes tearing up a bit, she composes herself and Tobie said. “What a life I am living, being blessed with my beautiful wife, Magda, as my best friend and my two boys that I deeply love. It all started in August 2015 when two extraordinary things happened in our life. The first one I would like you to experience and thereafter we can continue with the interview.”

I was taken to one of the rooms that they called the cinema room. As I entered I was amazed to find it was a room created to resemble a movie theater. I looked at Tobie and Magda and with a smile Magda said “We have always loved watching movies together and seeing that we spend a lot of time at our retreat we decided we will spoil ourselves with this luxury.”

Movie room

As we sat down Tobie explained “This video I am going to show you know changed my way of thinking and awaken something within me that caused an earnest desire to be free and health.” The light dimmed and the video started. I was in heaven, all I needed was popcorn and soda.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ_IQS3VKjA?rel=0&w=400&h=225]

Wow what a awesome peace of inspiration that surpass all limitation. I included the link in this interview for the benefit of all that takes the time to read this amazing true life story of Tobie and Magda.

We returned to the deck and after Tobie composed himself, he indicated that we can continue. This video touched him deeply.

Tobie continued “The next thing that changed the course of our life’s was that I was privilege enough to receive a Pay It Forward Scholarship and become part of the Master Key Experience that changed my life. Through the easy training system that Markj and whole MKMMA team created, I discovered my power within, and that launched my family and my future. We are sitting here in Canada with this beautiful view because of people like Markj, Davene and their wonderful team and their gift that they share with the world.”

Magda smiled at Tobie and said “Tobie has always been reading self-help books and registering for self-help courses from the moment I met him. He had a library of books and courses on self-help and motivation, but for a long time it felt as if he was just not breaking through. We had a good life and we were both employed by the government barely making ends meet each month. We had no proper vacation and we were typical rats in the rat race. Then Tobie started the MKMMA Course and at first I thought he gone crazy with all his index cards, shapes and loud reading, but then things started to happen……..



Week 9 – Quiet or Commit

The last two weeks I have been on my own mental diet of not entertaining destructive thoughts and now I know why.

In Lesson 8 of the Master Key System the following awesome truth is stated:

It is evident therefore that we are to hate nothing, not even the “bad,” because hatred is destructive, and we shall soon find that by entertaining destructive thought we are sowing the “wind” and in turn shall reap the “whirlwind.”

Please allow me the opportunity to share with you the Seven Steps that it took me to go through on my hero’s journey to either quiet or commit. By entertaining the following destructive thoughts I sowed the “wind “ and in turn I was on my way to reap the “whirlwind” if it was not for the principles that I found in the Seven Day Diet of Emmet Fox.

To overcome failure and the thought of quieting I had to go through a process of change and here are the thought processes that followed.

Unworthy – The first thought that I needed to replace was the one that I was not worthy to be helped or to be part of the Master Key Experience Course 2016. The reading of the blue print builder assisted me to realize and belief that I am worthy and that I have an important part to play in the Master Mind Alliance of 2016.

Unwilling – The second thought that I needed to replace was the one that I was not unwilling to be accountable and to be productive with the honor and tangible requirements of the Master Key Experience Course 2017. The saying of the words ‘Do it know’ assisted me to realize and belief the benefit of doing the exercises as part of the Master Mind Alliance of 2017.

My Past – The third thought that I needed to replace was the emotional wounds that I have been carrying with me because of my past. The words in Scroll II mentioned below assisted me to let go of all the baggage that I have been carrying with me.

I will greet this day with love in my heart . And most of all I will love myself. For when I do I will zealously inspect all things which enter my body, my mind, my soul and my heart. Never will I overindulge the request of my flesh, rather I will cherish my body with cleanliness and moderation. Never will I allow my mind to be attracted to evil and despair, rather I will uplift it with the knowledge and wisdom of the ages. Never will I allow my soul to become complacent and satisfied, rather I will feed it with meditation and prayer. Never will I allow my heart to become small and bitter, rather I will share it and it will grow and warm the earth.”

Lack of – The fourth thought that I needed to replace was the one that I had a Lack of and that included the following four:

Lack of Implementation;

Lack of Integrity;

Lack of Honesty;

Lack of Communication

Hearing MarkJ say in the webinar and video of week 8 that you have made it through 7 weeks assisted me to realize and belief that I already started the habits of implementation, habit of integrity, habit of honesty and by posting my blogs and comments in the alliance section I started to develop the habit of communication.

The last three thoughts that I had to change were the thought to gossip (my opinion), the thought to judge and the thought to find justification for the fact to quiet.

Then I found one of those AHA moments in Lesson 8 of the Master Key System:

Thought results in action, if your thought is constructive and harmonious, the result will be good; if your thought is destructive or inharmonious, the result will be evil.”

Well I am still going strong on my journey to find out who I truly are.

Week 8 – The power within

During week 6 and 7 I created my Movie Poster of the Future True Life story of Tobie Steyn. I was asked to introduce myself to my future self which I learned through this course was like a stranger to me.

Well as most of you know from reading my post every week this is not the first year that I have the privilege to be part of this life changing journey and while I can tell you that my family and I had a lot of fun creating my movie poster I was stopped in my tracks by one thought.

I am going to honest with you because I had to be honest with myself.

I had to look the guy in the glass in the eye and I realized that I have been cheating the guy in the glass. I have been stuck in the old blue print. Haanel wrote in lesson 7 paragraph 19 “…..that we have always been taught to look for strength and power “without?” We have been taught to look everywhere but “within” and whenever this power manifested in our lives we were told that it was something supernatural.” In the intro to week 7 Haanel wrote “Through all the ages man has believed in an invisible power, through which and by which all things have been created and are continually being re-created. We may personalize this power and call it God, or we may think of it as the essence or spirit,which permeates all things, but in either case the effect is the same.”

I have been holding on to the self doubt and the believe that some thing or some one outside of me will manifest my new reality for me supernaturally. Do I really have the power within to manifest my earnest desires on my movie poster?

I read and re-read lesson 7 over and over and highlighted this sentence in paragraph 19 “Is it not wonderful that man has such tremendous power within himself, such transcendental faculties concerning which he had no conception?”

What power? Can I really have it in me? How do I manifest all of my desires? Where do I find the ways and the means? I want this invisible power!

Now I need to be honest with you again I have read the following paragraph of lesson 7 many a times over until last week and suddenly BAM.

18. Make the Mental Image; make it clear, distinct, perfect; hold it firmly; the ways and means will develop; supply will follow the demand; you will be led to do the right thing at the right time and in the right way. Earnest Desire will bring about Confident Expectation, and this in turn must be reinforced by Firm Demand. These three cannot fail to bring about Attainment, because the Earnest Desire is the feeling, the Confident Expectation is the thought, and the Firm Demand is the will, and, as we have seen, feeling gives vitality to thought and the will holds it steadily until the law of Growth brings it into manifestation.”

Week 6 – Ordinary from the town called Familiar

I want to share with you two parts from the Master Key System that linked together for me this week.

I found in lesson 6 that ‘The process of evolution is constantly building our tomorrows out of our todays.’ and in paragraph 8 of week 5 ‘This, then, is the way we are consistently creating and recreating ourselves; we are today the result of our past thinking, and we shall be what we are thinking today, the Law of Attraction is bringing to us, not the things we should like, or the things we wish for, or the things someone else has, but it brings us “our own,” the things which we have created by our thought processes, whether consciously or unconsciously. Unfortunately, many of us are creating these things unconsciously.’

I want to highlight the following part ‘the Law of Attraction is bringing to us, not the things we should like, or the things we wish for, or the things someone else has, but it brings us “our own,” the things which we have created by our thought processes, whether consciously or unconsciously.’

So what do I ‘the things which we have created by our thought processes’ mean to me?

Well I want to share with you a part of The Parable of the Dream Giver in the book written by Bruce Wilkinson called The Dream Giver.

The person called Ordinary woke up one morning in the town of Familiar with the words “What you’re missing, you already have….”. He then discovered that in a small corner of his heart lay a Big Dream that told him he was made to be a Somebody and destined to achieve Great Things.

For this to be accomplished Ordinary had to pursue his Dream and so he had to go on a journey and leave Familiar. Ordinary hadn’t gone far when he realised that pursuing it could cause him a lot of discomfort and he would have to do a lot of unfamiliar things in unfamiliar place’s.

He started having doubts that he didn’t have enough talent or skill to succeed at his dream and that he didn’t deserve to live his Dream. Each of his steps got harder until he saw a sign.

‘Leave the Comfort Zone of Familiar. Enter Border Land.’

He felt sheer terror and was hit by an invisible Wall of Fear. He stopped and dropped his suitcase. He wondered, should he turn around or should he go for it. After time passed he heard the voice of the Dream Giver asking:

Why are you stopping.” He answered: “He was not the right Nobody for such a big dream.” The reply came: “I made you to do this. And I will be with you. I will help you.”

Ordinary shut his eyes and took a big step forward – right through the invisible Wall of Fear. And there he made a surprising discovery. On the other side of that single step – the exact one Ordinary didn’t think he could take – he found that he had broken through his Comfort Zone.”

It’s ‘the things which we have created by our thought processes’ that constantly building our tomorrows out of our today’s. It’s the town of Familiar with our usual job, usual friends, usual recliner, and the usual box (TV) versus my Big Dream hidden away in a small corner of our hearts.