Week 17 The Laws

I am glad for the positive response to last weeks blog.  My intent is to pass on information I am learning in hopes that I makes someones life better.

Einstein posed a question he thought was important that everyone must answer for themselves. “Is the Universe friendly to our desires?” Do you think he was asking us to decide if we think the universe was designed to make it easy or difficult for us to succeed?  In other words, is there enough to go around? For me I never thought about life that way. I just focused on what I wanted and was grateful for all that was given. When I was dealt what I considered a “bad hand”, I dealt with it and always thought something better was coming.

Did you ever think there was a limited supply of “stuff”, and  many wanted it? I guess life could be difficult if you thought that way. It would be hard to be grateful if you thought there wasn’t going to be enough for your share. Some call this “scarcity or lack” thinking. 

Here is where it gets interesting.  This belief leads to competitive thinking which is the idea that in order to get what you want you have to take it away from someone else. This is a belief system that encourages fear and worry.

How easy would it be for anyone to be grateful when they think the universe is designed to make things tough for them? Especially when their thinking keeps creating situations where they get to be right about how tough they think it is.

In my readings, I found actually how abundant the universe really is. Both science and spirituality tell us that everything is made out of the same original stuff. Science call it energy. So how much is there to make more of what we need or desire?

A scientific study determined only 4% of the available energy was being used to make the universe. That is amazing, when you think there is 96% left. Talk about abundance. I mean wow.

I found this really cool, a different way of thinking. We know there is an abundant supply rather than  scarcity. Now we can choose to create success,  rather than compete for a limited supply. When we shift our thinking we cease to be a victim of circumstances and we begin to reclaim our power over our lives. Seeing the universe this way is the first step in the law of gratitude. If this sinks in, we can create any life we want.

“Gratitude will keep you in close harmony with creative thought and prevent you from falling into competitive thought. it will keep you from the error of thinking that the supply of riches is limited and to think that would be fatal in your aims!”   Wallace Wattles.

When I had a dream of creating my lumber manufacturing company I acted in a certain way. I bought the raw material at the best price I could. Focused on creating the best products I knew how to make and the sale took care of itself. I never focused on the money. I was always grateful for every customer I had and I told them so. This resulted in 11 consecutive years of growth. I might add that daily I masterminded with my foreman as to how we could make things better. In reflection during this course I never looked at it as a vital principle, to me it was common sense and a good business decision.

Today I am grateful for the fellow members of the MKMMA that I have been able to mastermind with.

Today I am grateful for simple pleasures like taking a warm shower.

Today I am grateful to be blessed with good health.

Tom Martin




Week 16 The Laws

Each week I find information that I think might help whoever reads my blog.  For the next 5 weeks I want to write about  GRATITUDE.  The law of Gratitude. 

“Put your wallet in your mind and your mind will fill your wallet”

What happens when you feel like you are doing all the stuff you read in books,  are attending webinars, doing the best of your ability and you still feel like you are not going anywhere or achieving what you desire or aspire to be? Is it possible there is a missing link? When you were growing up did your parents teach you to say “Thank You”? I know mine did. Gratitude.

I have discovered that we don’t live in a universe of random chance or luck, we live in a universe that works by laws; predictable, repeatable, understandable laws. Amazing discovery for me.

“Successful people have libraries the rest have big screen t.v.’s”

Love that quote. Wallace Wattles said in his book The Science of Getting Rich, “There is a law of gratitude, if you are to get the results you seek, it is absolutely necessary that you observe this law.” He also states that “The law of gratitude is the natural principle that action and reaction are always equal and in opposite directions.”

What does this mean?. We know that everything we put attention and emotional energy on, good  or bad, will eventually show up in our lives. The subconscious mind doesn’t know good from bad and it will treat fear and enthusiasm exactly the same. It is important then to be putting positive energy on what we want or desire, not negative energy because the negative energy creates fear and worry.

Gratitude is important because it is a very high energy positive vibration of thought. NOW,  the index cards are starting to make sense to me. Before I was going on Faith. Gratitude is powerfully attractive.

“You cannot exercise much power without gratitude because it is gratitude that keeps you connected with power. The creative power within us makes us into the image of that to which we give our attention. The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the best, therefore it will receive the best. Back to the index cards.

If we are grateful about everything, we are focusing on what we want {desire, aspire for}. It’s a way of making sure we are putting the highest possible energy on our desires, and withholding  energy from the doubts and fears that we don’t want {desire, aspire for}.

“Let he who would learn this: that everything, even dust and feathers, goes by Law and not by chance or luck.”—- Emerson

“Your thoughts are the tools with which you carve your life story on the substance of the universe. When you choose your thoughts, you choose results.” Imelda Shanklin

Using gratitude is a powerful way to be sure you are putting strong energy on your desires. ” People who can sincerely be thankful for things which they own only in imagination have real faith. They will get rich, they will cause the creation of whatever they want, desire, aspire”  Wallace Wattles

There are 5 key mistakes that keep people from being grateful. They all have to do with errors in thinking and our beliefs. I will share them in future blogs.

Today I am grateful for my wife of 47 years who is battling ovarian cancer daily and the effects of chemotherapy.

Today I am grateful living in a home that is paid for.

Today I am grateful for discovering the Master Key Experience taught by Mark, Davene and my guide Chiara.




Week 15 The Plan

When I wrote in week 11 about no excuses after watching D.J.Gregory video I meant it. I am taking both the MKMMA course and the Go90Grow course.  Today, in the Go90Grow class, Mark called on 2 men to read and critique their business plan. Which they did. What an eye opener that was for me.

I don’t know if anyone else taking these classes have had these experiences. I built from scratch with no prior experience a multi million dollar manufacturing company, ran it successfully for 20 plus years, sold it and retired. I have spent the past 15 years being a hermit, enjoying sleeping until I was done and doing what ever I felt like doing. Then a few years ago, I decided to get a life and reengage in the business world.

I decided to get involved in Network Marketing. I thought it would be a challenging adventure. I researched a company I liked, sought a sponsor based on a friends recommendation. I thought the person I chose to sponsor me was very experienced in network marketing and would teach me how to build the business. Shortly after enrolling, my chosen sponsor quit, so I rolled up to another person who was very experience. I didn’t feel I was making any progress as reflected in my commission check so I became both frustrated and mad  at the same time. Here I am with all this business experience and I can’t seem to get to first base.

I began to search for a trainer, someone I could respect and relate to. That is when I discovered Mark J. As I began to study his training’s it became crystal clear to me that I had to learn a totally different skill set. I had to learn to talk with people in a different way. The plan that I had written for 2018 after listening to the webcast today is so incomplete I was embarrassed to even raise my hand to discuss my plan.

I feel like I am in confession at church. The reason I am writing this blog today is that I am sure many other’s have the same feelings that I do. Have I slacked on some of the exercises? Yes I have. It is evident to me that I am in the greatest business situation of my life, with the two best trainers in the world in Mark and Davene. I know that I have 12 inches of cement to chip off my Buddha.

This week will be dedicated to writing out a business plan that I won’t be embarrassed to discuss with anyone. I will put into action, the lessons that have been taught so far in the Go90Grow and the MasterKeyMasterMindAlliance. I always keep my promises.

Tom Martin



10 Morning Brain Habits

I love watching YouTube video’s to learn. As part of my DMP I have given up wasting my time watching T.V. instead, I put of my head phones and listen to training’s and read. I came across a video that expressed 10 Morning Brain Habits that I thought I would pass on. If you make good habits, good habits will make you.

1.  Remember your Dreams  your dreams could trigger a solution to a problem from the day before.

2. Make your Bed  you start with a simple success and a clean environment

3. Drink Water  your brain is 80% water, fuel it

4. Brush your Teeth with your Opposite Hand  creates neuro connections in the brain

5. Deep Breathing Exercises  supplies oxygen to the brain

6. Drink a cup of Brain tea or coffee....creates mental focus. the tea or coffee is your self discovery of what helps you focus, for me I drink a special blend of organic mushroom coffee with 14 domestic mushrooms blended in the coffee.

7. Journaling  write 3 things you are grateful for. something money can’t necessarily buy. In addition to a vision board, how about a grateful board that you look at daily?

8. Exercise  3-5 minutes of an intense exercise to get the blood flowing

9. Brain Smoothie this can be a mix of many ingredient, choose what works for you.  I take supplements in powder form based on my weight. I add 4 together in almond milk, blend and drink while I am doing #10

10. Read while you are drinking your smoothie  I read the Master Key, O.G. or something positive.

I just discovered this routine .  I started doing all segments today. I hope that who ever reads this Blog will find it interesting and helpful.

Tom Martin


Week 11 No Excuses

Today’s lesson was a real wake up, get your head out of your ass moment for me. I was a combat trained Marine from the 60′s. A policeman for 15 years, 5 of those working as a Robbery/Homicide Detective a position the don’t give to a sissy. I have been shot at, punched, kicked, stabbed, you get the picture.

Today I watched this video of a young man that has gone through much more than I. In watching this video of D.J. Gregory walking 900 miles brought tears to my eyes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKvRvrF56gI&t=22s

As I sat there watching, tearing running down my face all I could think about was all of the B.S. excuses I have made for myself for not doing what I know I should be doing.

Today, the MKMMA experience has really opened my eyes to the possibility of how I can help others bring about a positive change in their lives, if they desire to change.

Words can not express the deep gratitude I have for Mark and Davene and their amazing vision. If feel so blessed to be part of this journey. Now it is time for me to do what needs to be done  with no excuses. If during the day I feel discouragement I will watch the video of D.J.Gregory and his unbelievable perseverance, determination and  courage. I hope other members in the MKMMA can feel in their heart what I felt today.


Week 7 HOPE

I have been reading an interesting book during the past 8 weeks. The book, “Standing Tall” by our own Mark J.  In reading this amazing book I read an interesting description of HOPE,

H—— Helping                                                                                                                         O—— Other                                                                                                                             P——-People                                                                                                                           E——-Evolve

In my opinion, isn’t this what the Master Key Master Mind Alliance all about? Taking you from where you are, helping you discover what you want out of life, then helping you evolve into the person that YOU decided you wanted to become.

Giving you HOPE in small increments coupled with FAITH in the process that if you follow the teachings you will EVOLVE into the person you want to become.

For me, the course has dusted off old teachings I learned back in the 70′s giving me HOPE allowing me to once again EVOLVE into a better person, a more focused person, opening up my mind allowing me to dream again of a life that I can create for myself and my family.

In life, we all have challenges, again, in my opinion, I don’t think GOD gives you more than he thinks you can handle. I often wonder why bad things like life threatening health issues happen to good people.  Maybe GOD put me into this course to give me HOPE .

I feel honored to be taking this course.

Tom Martin


WEEK 6 Inspiration for Others

I thought I would write about a charity that I, in a small way helped start and support today. The concept was started back in the late 1970′s by a close friend. Today his grandson wrote a song I thought you might enjoy.  I learned from this man words I have lived by since my first meeting in 1978. ” I am willing to do today what others won’t do so I can live tomorrow like others can’t”.  I hope this loads, if not go to YouTube, type in Do More Today by Jimmy Nash.


Week 5 The Interview

It is a beautiful fall afternoon here in Northern California. The man who is going to conduct my interview is an old friend from the San Francisco Examiner named Beatle Bailey.  I am seated in my back backyard surrounded by the tall Redwood Trees that line my pool, the waterfall is running creating a peaceful setting. I am watching the wild turkeys pecking one lawn, while a herd of deer are munching the grass on the other lawn, all while sipping a cup of the world’s best organic coffee. Today  I am drinking my Impact coffee which contains 14 domestic mushrooms, black is how I like it, loving the smell of fresh brewed coffee.

Mr Bailey has arrived. I offer him some coffee while he sits and relaxes to the sounds of the running waterfall. Well Tom, it’s been many years since I last interviewed you hasn’t it. Yes, the last time we spoke was at the conclusion of the homicide I worked where we got a first degree murder conviction on circumstantial evidence back in 1974. The only one of it’s kind in the history of California.

Tell me what you did when you left your distinguished career in Law Enforcement. Well, as you might recall I was the personal body guard for a high ranking Amway distributor for 5 years. During that time he mentored me and showed me how to live life with a positive attitude, something very different from police work, while teaching me the Law of Compensation. But Tom,  you didn’t have any business experience when you started your lumber manufacturing business did you? No Beatle, None. What I had Beatle  was a  vision, coupled with a strong work ethic, and a strong desire to succeed.

Tom how many years did you run your company? 25 years Beatle, I had 11 consecutive years of growth. During the late 1990′s I became involved in day trading stocks. I was self taught in day trading. How did that go? Well I decided to trade only stocks that paid a dividend so if I had to hold it, at least I would make money. How did that go? At the end of the first year I had grown my bank account to a million dollars plus. I have to tell you, that took a lot of business pressure off me. Tom I can only imagine how being a self taught day trader made you feel. Beatle it was amazing, having the ability to take my family on nice vacations, have nice things.

Tom lets fast forward to today and give me a brief overview of your life since you sold your lumber manufacturing company.

Well Beatle, life has been great. Not without challenges however. My beautiful wife of 47 years, I know hard to believe I am in my 70′s now, my how time flies was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. We are dealing with that as we speak. You know Beatle, during the past 17 years since I sold my business, life was good, however what I really missed was serving people, creating business, and honestly the excitement of day trading.

Tom what did you do about it?  First off Beatle, I began day trading again and had the same success I did in the late 1990′s. I have made in excess of a million dollars trading which again takes away the financial pressure of daily living.

What else have you done. I really missed the business world and the challenges of making something happen and the interaction with people. As you know Beatle, for the past 17 years I was pretty much a hermit.  So I went looking for a networking business to get involved in. I decided to build Java Fit Coffee which is a division of Youngevity.

Tom, how is that going? It has been a real challenge, nothing like my traditional business. I went out into the world with my hair on fire telling everyone I knew how much money we could make drinking coffee. To my surprised what I found was what I thought a “bunch of lazy people” I knew. In reality, what I lacked were Skills. You know Beatle, you have know me 30 years now and you know I always had good instincts or as we called it “street smarts”, but I lacked Skills, so I went searching for someone to help me build the business model I wanted. Here is the great part, the entire concept of network marketing is based on the service to many. Just like my lumber business, I never focused on the money, instead I focused on building the best product I could and the money followed and followed beyond my wildest dreams. Now with my coffee company and the help of a program called MKMMA and Go90Grow I now have the tools to develop the Skills I need to help others become successful. So Beatle, now I focus on helping as many as possible become rich and guess what? Mine will come automatically. WOW, Tom what a great concept. Yes, Beatle, I have exceeded again, this time with coffee my wildest dreams.

You know Beatle, I have to tell you something. For many years I was running on easy street and I became both physically and mentally lazy. Now I am back in the flow helping others, providing service to many and it feels great. I learned alone time ago that money is only a tool, good people can do good things, and well, bad  people can’t it’s that simple. Broke people can’t help anyone. Does that make sense Beatle? Yes Tom, perfect sense.

Tom, before I go can I enroll in your coffee club? I understand for $25.00 I can receive the best organic coffee monthly delivered to my door? Beatle, I will tell you what, give me your address and I will send you the coffee on me, life is good I have been blessed.

Tom, thank you for this interview, I wish you continued success in your coffee business  and in life in general. Thank you Beatle, the pleasure has been all mine. It was good to play catch up and actually fun to be interviewed.

About Me…..Week 3….MKMMA

My name is Tom Martin

I was born and raised in Northern California in a town called Redwood City. I was raised in a working class 2 bedroom 1 bath with my dad, mom and 4 siblings. I am the oldest of 5 kids.

I started working in a Redwood Lumber Sawmill with my father when I was 11 years old. I worked every summer, every Saturday and every holiday until I graduated from high school.  My father was the foreman.  My father was a Navy veteran of WW2, a master chief diver serving on the USS Indianapolis. He served 9 battles on the Indy.

Upon graduating high school I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. My unit went to Vietnam in August of 1965. I was honorably discharged a sergeant E-5

After my military service I became a policeman in the San Francisco Bay Area. I spent 15 years in that profession. I was a beat cop, a training officer and a detective who spent 5 years working Robbery/Homicide. I left with 33 departmental commendations.

After leaving police work, I became self employed. I started a wood products manufacturing company from scratch and built it into a multi million dollar company. I manufactured from Redwood and Cedar, fencing, decking, siding, moldings, stakes and lattice panels. I was a wholesale manufacturing selling to companies like Louisiana-Pacific, Home Base, Home Depot, Georgia-Pacific just to name a few. I ran the company for 20 plus years, sold it and retired.

In 2015 I became a distributor for an organic coffee company called Java Fit, which is owned by Youngevity.

I have been married to my beautiful wife Melinda since 1970. We have 2 daughters and 3 grand daughters. We live in beautiful Cameron Park, California on 5 acres. I have 2 homes on my property, one I built in 1996, where my oldest daughter and my oldest grand daughter live. I am very active in my oldest grand daughters non profit swim team. I am currently on the Board of Directors of that swim club.

I like to travel, go fishing,  go bowling and work on my 5 acres. We frequent Lake Tahoe often since we live only 70 miles from there. Hawaii/Florida are my 2 favorites. I am a beach kinda man. I was a surfer dude in my younger years. I also taught martial arts for 10 years .957EA985-

Master Key System Week 2

Today is a beautiful fall day here in North Eastern California. We started the second week of the course. Here is a cool aspect of this course, you are assigned a guide to help you thru the process. I am blessed to have an amazing guide. She is a lawyer/yoga instructor, who speaks 4 languages. How cool is that? Have a great day everyone.