week 12 ( Live in the Now)

Do It Now!!!

I have experience a great amount of ability and strength this week. Im starting to recognize  and appreciate my accomplishments. At one point in my  life I never understood the feeling of  an accomplishment. I was so caught up in trying to fulfill my future goals. I wasn’t enjoying any accomplishments I made it the present time.

I started reading this book THE POWER OF NOW by Eckhart Tolle. Man oh Man!! This book has help me to literally not to think about my past or stressed about my future. I actually learn how to appreciate the present moment.

My first 3 days of reading the book. I had so many weird emotions running through me head. First I tried not to attach any feelings to my crazy thought patterns as well as trying to stay calm and collective. All the while trying to live in the now.  I honestly felt like a rock sinking in quicksand.

My day to day thought process is usually me thinking ahead or worrying about time running out. Whether it be  5 or 10 minutes, an hour,  2 years, or 10 years. Im always thinking ahead pressuring myself to complete each task or goal.

Now that I’m living in the moment with no time cap on anything. I feel so at ease. My brain finally put to rest. Living in the now, I became totally aware of the small things. For instance I started doing thing on demand, like taking action right then and there.

I finally made a schedule of daily routines to do, to help my business. Which I struggled to complete for many many years. I also reframe from looking for the time, Which help me to execute on spontaneous decision as well.

Living in the present time is refreshing.

I now have the Knowledge of power, the  courage to dare, and the faith to do

Timmy Girl (Timeka Douse)

week 11 (Feelings)

3 a.m Thoughts

How can I explain the things I’m feeling when Im emotional, but show no emotions. Crying is a daily ritual, but no tears has fallen from eyes. I honestly care even though I don’t care.

 I have no one to talk to, but to many resources to pick from. I’m always the one to solve everyone else issues, but everyone is to caught up to listen to mines. I want love, but only for a few minutes, or hours at a time. I would love to have a best friend as a lover who can educate while assist. My ideal man is an alpha male who’s not afraid to cry in the front of me, yet understands I have no sympathy, but I still care. He must desire kindness, patients, and have a tender heart. Loyalty, love, and chivalry is a must. He must know when to be aggressive and always be passionate understanding and intuitive. Until I find him I will enjoy single hood.

 I work hard in my business to serves many while flourishing my pockets, so I can contribute to the individuals in need. I love the beauty of being uncomfortable yet feeling fully comfortable. I enjoy the difficulties of life while trying to appreciate the outcome. My results are less celebrated while my struggles take recognition.

 I feel like shit while never having a problem taking shit. Although when I step out I’m quickly reminded I am totally the shit.

 Being a single mother comes natural and is easy to me. Although I never wanted to grow up. Now I’m  raising a child. Sometimes I wonder who’s the child? Hell  who’s the adult. That’s what they usually say when my son and I stand next to each other. Then again motherhood is hard when I’m struggling to be a friend as well parent.

 A roof is over my head, I love hot shower, and my cozy bed. I also enjoy a full meal each night, but my bank account shows  $0. I hate my job because I’m over worked and under paid. So I chose to be an entrepreneur which is the same thing but I love it because I’m my own boss.

 With all my struggles. I’m still greatful.

Feeling greatful is the key no matter what your situation may be.

 Be Humble!!!!

 Timmy Girl Timeka Douse

Week 10 (Life Enjoyments)

What is it about nature?

Do you ever wonder why being out side is so relaxing? Im going to give several examples on how nature is link to happiness. I guarantee you will have  a better appreciation for nature.

Do you remember as a child you couldn’t wait to go outside and play. I mean of course it was playtime, but it was more than playtime. It was time be one with nature. I remember as a child I would climb trees, play in the sand box, or wanting to take every animal home to keep as a pet . My most favorable time was riding my bicycle super fast than gliding through the streets feeling the breeze flow through my face and hair pretending I was a queen on top of the world.

As children we would use nature as a time to play and be creative while building memories of having fun with our friends, but as adults we seem to use nature to relax and clear our minds. Which at times helps us to find ourselves deep with in ourselves. Wether it be reminiscing on the past or finding answers for the future.

I too use nature to relax and find clarity. I like to lay in the sun and soak up the sun rays for energy. I also enjoy October’s nice fall breeze and the smell of smoked burning wood. It makes me  feel as life should be carefree and relaxing. My favorite is the sound, smell and feel of the ocean. Which is normal for me because Im an island baby. I grew up in Freeport Bahamas most of my life, so Ive develop a great appreciation and love for the ocean. Honestly I want to live out my last years enjoying a peaceful life on the ocean. I believe water alone brings out so many emotions  in an individual, but nature for sure has an impact on every living being.

I enjoy life and everything that comes with it. I can honestly say I’m in a peaceful mind frame..

     Timmy girl -Timeka Douse




Week 9 (Being totally aware)

Mind blowing

This is a subject that has had my damn brain on explode. Boy! I have to tell the 7 Laws of of the mind has really taking over my brain. IM NOT COMPLAINING!!!! Im just simply sharing how much of a blessing and a curse to be totally aware of how my brain is operating.

Im going to give you a example of how I dealt with the awareness of knowing the 7 laws are working on me.

The other day I wasn’t feeling so well. Im a single mom who is financing and running my business alone, among a few other endeavors, which I’m so ready to walk away from. All of these things I have going on can be a bit frustrating, so I decide to call a friend who I haven’t seen or heard of in months. I know she would completely understand my situation.

We talked for about 2 hours and everything seem to fall in a better place for me at the moment, but I just still couldn’t shake the feeling off.

I started my morning as normal. I cooked breakfast, did yoga and worked for about 4 hours. After getting all of that done. I begin to read my GS book, blueprint, 7 laws of the mind, MK 9, My cards, DMP, Press Release, Gal in the glass and did my 30 minutes of sitting. which I still couldn’t shake the horrible feeling I was feeling. I decide to take a nap while listening to one of my Subconscious mind audio of affirmations. Once I awaken from my nap I decide to listen to another audio of spiritual affirmation. Wow! I couldn’t believe it something wonderful hit me. I took all my problems that was bothering me  and applied it all to the 7 laws of the mind. It actually helped! I actually found a solution. This drove me completely wild. I started screaming from the inside and crying like a baby.

I quickly realize each individual should never have any problems within their lives. You must take every issue you have and simply apply it to the 7 laws of the mind. I guarantee you will solve your issues. Our minds drives us crazy because we let our minds go in circles.   The LAW OF RELAXATION simply states mental  effort defeats itself – exactly the opposite of physical effort. All you have to do is get out of your depression of whatever it may be  and just do what coms to mind.

 I’m sooo super scattered brain I don’t know where to begin, if I don’t take action on at least  one the thing my subconscious mind will continue to take its finger and poke at me like crazy until I do something about it.

Have you ever waited so long to do something, which bothered you forever until you  finally  completed it. Then once you completed it you were like, that wasn’t so bad. Yooooooooo! this is what I mean. The quicker we take action on our thought the better we will be. Look at all the amazing influential people out there like Steve Jobs, Jim Rohn. John Maxwell, Gary, Vaynerchuk, Les Brown and Tony Robbins, They and their legacy won’t be where it is  today if they didn’t take action and believe in the 7 laws of the mind.

I’m honestly not perfect, but I know I can be very damn close to it, if I just take this blessing that giving to me  seriously.

I know I”m human and don’t  know how I look from the outside looking in,  but I know I  can be totally aware and take control  of me by looking from the inside out. With that being said we must all take this beautiful gift of life we are given very seriously and use it to the best of our ability.

Timmy girl (Timeka Douse)

Press Release

I Know I’m a couple of weeks behind. I just had to really dig deep down inside to realize how exactly do I see myself in the future. I totally want to get in tuned with that person very well.  I know we all have the vision of moments of how we want our life to be, but to have a vision of how my whole life will be is exciting to me. I’ve always vision my future in clips and those clips have always manifested. It’s a bit difficult to sum my future life in one post and to also visualize it is definitely  a big deal to me. Actually its frightening, yet thrilling. I honestly can’t wait to see my life fall into play as I vision it.

As I’m sitting on the balcony of one of my husband’s and I estates. Watching the moon shine bright over the ocean waves in Miami Florida. I gently touch my husband hand and whisper softly to him “I extremely happy with our life and I love you so much.” My life is complete in so many ways. My son has graduated with his masters from the best engineering school in the world. Which he did with a full scholarship and also managed to obtain his bachelors degree in music as well as business. I’m so proud of him and all his entrepreneurial endeavors. I’m currently enjoying my life as a real estate guru with a net worth of over a $200 million dollars in counting. I have over 200 muti units and 4 Commercial buildings spread over the grid of the United States, The Caribbean island such as Bahamas, Antigua, and Jamaica. As well as Canada, Europe, South Africa, South America and Dubai. My fortunes has allowed me to travel the world and experience different cultures. I’m a best selling author of the National Academy, New York, Amazon, Quilly and the New classic books for readers of African-American literature. My books are such a success they are sold in stores world wide and written in three languages such as French, Spanish, and English. I have spread my brand and knowledge of my books in multiple interviews with Influential people such as  Steve Harvey, Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel, Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Lisa Nichols. I’ve managed to also gain my own recognition with the help of those interviews. My hard work and dedication to my craft has given me the gift to become a philanthropist and give back to my community which I know will help the world become a better place. My life is amazing. I sacrifice so much to have what I have now. All my bills are on autopay. I never have to worry about money again. I’m in love with all my cars, jewelry, shoes and purses which keeps me humble to have the freedom to purchase what ever I want. I love to throw networking mastermind parties to help influence my friends grow and become better entrepreneur. I no longer have to move money around. Money comes to me when I sleep. My liberty is amazing The legacy i built  for the next generation of my family is a full olive tree. My parents are healthy and well taking care of. My sister and brother are successful business owners and investors. All my relationships are healthy and supportive. My marriage is full of love, respect, and honesty.  We support one another ideas, space, and values. My husband and I travel the world freely. We take trips with no thought of money. Our investment in other business are doing extremely phenomenal. The older I become the healthier and younger I feel. My husband loves my energy and I have encouraged him to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well. My son is happily married to his beautiful wife whom they share 3 beautiful children together. I love my grand babies. They keep me young. My hard work, dedication and persistence to live a good life has extremely paid off. Im taking each day with gratitude. a

week 8 ( Staying Positive)

The seven day mental challenge

 Boy O boy!!!! This isn’t easy. I felt voicing my opinion wasn’t easy either. It was definitely a challenge for me mainly because majority of people seem to gravitate to me with their problems. I had to quickly learn to just listen and follow up with a question and possibly give a suggestion, other than my opinion. Honestly working with this method has helped me to understand I really can control my brain and the way of my thinking. I now have a extremely clear path of my thoughts as well a extreme amount of patience.

 Now for the 7 day mental challenge. That’s and still is a bit challenging for me. It’s funny to me how we as individuals we can think so negative, literally, all through the day.

I seriously have restarted my 7 day cycle over 3 -5 times with in the week week. I never thought something so simple in thinking could be so highly negative and some what disrespectful. Its crazy how bad I  have to revaluate my entire thinking process. Im seriously correcting myself everyday, through out the day. do to the fact, Im literally  triggered with a negative thought at least every 15 to 3o minuets.

 Now that I’m aware of my thoughts I’ve notice a change with in myself. I’ve become more at ease with things and situations. If I can’t control it, then relax. If I can control it, then relax, so basically  I just need to relax overall. That’s my new motto. Life can be absolutely positively great. It all starts within you.

Week 7 (Make your vision reality)

law of subconscious

As soon as the subconscious accepts the idea it becomes a demand and it works constantly, 24-7,  to manifest demand. Accessing a reservoir of infinite resources.

This is such a wonderful experience for me. I’m finally getting to understand how to enjoy the process of something coming to play.

 I’ve never knew how to enjoy a task that I completed. I always appreciated the struggle. Once I completed the task I just quickly moved on to a next project.

 In week six our homework was to stare at a picture for 10 minutes and re-create the same image in our mine. I actually did the contrary. I created a picture or vision in my head as if I already accomplish my task while in process of completing it.

 Two weeks ago I had a colleague of mine approach me about an expo. I’m a new entrepreneur who’s trying to launch my business so this expo would be my first time advertising my business to the public. So therefore I had nothing!  No banner, no flyers, no website, not even the funds to get everything started. I had absolutely nothing!! I honestly didn’t know where to begin or who to call  to get actually get started . All I knew is I wanted to be present at this expo. About 10 days prior, I went to a real estate expo and ran into a friend who did graphic designs. He told me he was running a special and if I needed anything. I excitingly screamed yes!

 That night I had so many ideas running through my head. I couldn’t sleep. After going back in forth on ideas for a day or two. We finally had 2 banners and a flyer. Wow! They came out just how I imagined them. The crazy thing is, I match the blue rectangle to my mental growth and productivity, and Boom! There was blue all over my banners and flyer. Talk about a mental burst of excitement!

 After completely the most important part, All I needed to do next was work on my elevator pitch. I called my mentor for help on this one. My mentor quickly ask me what was my “Why”. Of course I told him with passion. He said “ well turn your Why into a 30 second story, and there’s your pitch”. After sitting down for hours brainstorming. I fell asleep and starting to dream as if I was already at the expo. I tell you. I had everything setup completely together. You would have thought I’d hosted several expos beforehand. I had so many potential leads come up to me asking me questions. I immediately went into my pitch. After realizing my pitch came to me in my dream. I completely jumped up from my dream and wrote down every single thing word from word as fast as I could.

 Man was was I thrilled. I had completed everything I needed to be ready for my event.

 Not only did everything fall into play my actual dress I wore the day of the expo popped out at me when  I went to buy a fish bowl for my business cards. This dress was screaming for my attention. It also went with the color scheme of the dress I wore on my banners. What a perfect match!

 The day of the event I had so much confidence and joy in my soul. It took me 5 minutes to set up because I already had the vision of how I wanted my table to look  from my dream the night before.

 As people started walking in they were drawn to my table like bees on honey. I truly enjoyed the connection and leads I picked up. I honestly can’t wait to attend my next expo.

 I’m truly blessed and Thankful

 Timmy Girl ( Timeka Douse )


Week 6 ( Wow what a Difference)

The New Me

Who is this person? where did she come from? This is what I was thinking to myself  this morning as I was making my bed. Yeah I actually make my bed, every morning now. My mother would be so freaking proud of me. I can remember when my mom use to tell me to make my bed every morning, Hell, she had me excused from school one morning just to go home to do so. I always said when I become an adult Im going to do the total opposite of what my mother makes me do.( As all kids say before entering adulthood)

 Honestly a big change has happen in the last 6 weeks.

I’ve just about transitioned into a person I always dreamt I could be. I remember thinking to myself 1 year ago. ” Man if I  could just get up in the morning make my bed, make a wonderful breakfast, get dress and start my day with a productive minds set while executing all my daily task. I would be and incredible super woman.” Well, You wouldn’t believe it if I told you. I literally find the time to do exactly everything I need and want to do each day.

6 weeks ago, each day I would start by planning my day while still in bed. which I would always fall back to sleep. Big no no! I constantly felt super tired. Which made my day a full mess of rushing and being super irritable, no patients and unhappy.

To be honest. I haven’t  realize how much I’ve change until I actually sat down and thought about it. I use to think I didn’t have enough time to complete all my task in one day.              Now I do! I’ll show you how…

I want to show you a 24hr grid

↓  ↓  ↓  ↓  ↓


Here above is the chart,  As you can see.

Before I began my day. I divide My grid into Three elements. (You can do this in the beginning of the week or daily). Which is 8 hours for sleep, 8 hours for work                                                     and 8 hours for extra curriculum activities for a total of 24 hours.

In order to make this work you must be in the “DO IT NOW” mode at all times. There’s absolutely no time for procrastination. Its called “DISCIPLINE” You want to create                                                              GOOD HABITS.

Now that you have your sleep scheduled. You can implement different task with in your work hour. If you also have a business as well as a 9-5, utilize some time to work on your business while at work. This can levy up time for other task to complete.

Now that sleep and work has been completed you have your extra curriculum activities. This time of day is I believe the most important, because it differentiate how you want to improve your life. I call it “Money Time Baby!!!” I use this time to work on improving myself, my business, and a legacy for my son’s grandchildren.

Once I started scheduling  my day out accordingly. I began to feel much more free and happier. MKMMA has help me get my crazy chaotic life back in order. I have time to execute on the small task that come to my mind. Which is often because I’m a constant thinker. Not only that, but a single mom, entrepreneur with a 9-5, and extreme networker. I’m always on the go.

Hopefully this was of help. Wish you the best and see you at the top

Timmy Girl (Timeka Douse)


(Week 5) How my mind works

This week is a understanding  of how the mind works, Seven Laws of The Mind. Im going to take you on a journey of how Im experiencing the Seven Laws Of the Mind. It is interesting to know how I  recognize my thoughts  processing through each law.

Seven Laws of the Mind

Law of Substitution

We cannot think about 2 thing at the same time. If a negative thought enters your mind ~Try thinking about God.

Lord knows I dislike having negative thoughts . Makes me feel I have no control over myself. In order to help me maintain a positive mind frame. I recite the affirmation                  ” I can be what I will to be” and I immediately revert back into a positive mind frame.

Law of Relaxation

Relaxation of thought is the only access to Infinite Intelligence

When I started to utilize the relaxation mode. I discover how quick and alert I become especially in my personal life and business.

Law of Practice

The 5P’s – Perfect Practice Prevent Poor Performance

Im enjoying my new habits. Im practicing the ‘Do It Now’ method. Ive seriously have executed everything on my daily, weekly, and monthly goals. With out feeling any anxiety or stress.

Law Of Forgiveness

Connect  the subconscious to the Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent Creator we must forgive everyone and anyone to clear the channel.

Once I connected all three O’s to my subconscious mind. I became much more  understanding of people. Ive develop to love people for who they are and find the good in them.

Law of Dual Thought

We can attach any feeling to a thought we want.

Ive learn how to attach and detach my feelings to my thoughts. which is not hard for me, at all. I’ve actually learned to do it instantly, which has helped me in my personal life as well as my business.  My advice is to watch a movie. when you feel as if you want to cry. Take a deep breath. Tell yourself its only a movie and see how quickly your feelings change.

Law of Subconscious

As soon as the Subconscious accepts the idea it becomes a demand.

Every goal I make I place a vision on to it. I imagine myself already accomplishing my goals. I work consistency to make my goals my reality, which is easy for me to manifest. Because I attached a picture to my thought. My goal are so vivid in my mind. I often get a sense of DeJa Vu

Law of Growth

What ever we think about grows.

These 5 weeks have been a life changing experience for me. Im able to test myself beyond what I thought was possible. The mind is a powerful thing and oh what an amazing feeling to have so much control over it. Literally everything I think about I actually see it grow. Not only do I see results. I notice how different I become. My thinking, My actions, and the understanding I have for other people. My life has evolve so much. Im honestly very excited to see how my life will change in the next 5 months.

Until then,

(Timmy Girl Timeka Douse)

week 4 (Make It Happen)

Over thinking with no action is insanity!!!!!

I use to be that insane person. My brain would constantly be on the go with tremendous amounts of thoughts with absolutely no way of excuting them. I would develop super anxiety to the point  I would just put the task aside for a later date.

Now that I have inserted  the task of “Do It Now” in my daily routine. Man! I have literally became a new person. I haven’t develop any anxiety since I’ve started the MKMMA program. I’m getting everything done more and more each day.

I start each day with a small to do list. Once I complete that. I have time to concentrate on all of my spontaneous thoughts.  After completing each task I think of, I feel so exhilarated! I feel like a little baby clapping my hands and screaming, YEAH!!

Its  an amazing feeling to get things done. Completing each task is like small push or motivation for me  wanting to do more.

I like the woman I’m  becoming and I can’t thank Mark and Davene and the wonderful Master Key Experience Team  enough for this incredible opportunity  of discovering my true powers and what I can do to utilize them for the greater.

Timmy Girl ( Timeka Douse )