Week 22 ( Lets Talk)

The power of Communication…

Have you ever sat at a coffee shop and just people watched? I know I have. I always wonder how each individual lives there life.

I may see a hot guy in a nice fancy suit and wonder if he’s married with children. Or and old couple who looks to be married more than forty years. I also wonder if the young lady with a baby is a single mother, entrepreneur or the nanny. So many questions go through my head when I people watch.

The crazy thing about all these assumptions is I can literally introduce myself and start engaging in each and every individual. All it takes is a smile and a hello.

We start to assume these very same questions with the people close to us. We always assume that our friends or family maybe a certain way. When in fact they may live their lives in a totally different way. I’m talking about enrolling individuals in your life.

Enrolling someone in your life by simply having a conversation about something that’s on your mind or something difficult you’re dealing with.

Letting someone in your world is the best medicine a human can have. It’s literally as simple as telling someone about your day.

It an amazing feeling to just detox your brain through words. Once it’s all out you start to feel like a feather floating in the sky….

I challenge each one of you to talk to at least 2 people a day. It can be your co worker, mom, husband, wife, complete stranger or your kids. Involve yourself through words.

Let’s make the world great again…..

 Timmy Girl – Timeka Douse

Week 21 (Just Ask)

The power of asking questions.

Have you ever heard the term a closed mouth doesn’t get fed? I know I have. It basically means it’s ok to ask questions. I mean your whole life revolves around asking questions.  Just look around. Everything around you belongs to a question being asked.

For instance if you’re in a relationship you were asked if you were single, right? Then there came tons of questions after such as, whats your age, where were you born, whats your favorite color, food, music and movie. Tons of questions come pouring out. All because you want to know who’s the person you want to date.

Questions are asked daily even every second of the day. You even asked yourself questions. You’ve been asking question since you were born. I mean thank about it. You had to ask what college to attend, classes to take. car to purchase. house to rent or buy. You had to ask how much things are to purchase them. How much to tip when dining out. The waiter has to ask you what you want to eat and drink in order to dine. lol! questions are all around us.

What I’m getting at is asking questions is a part of life. its normal to ask questions.

I recommend the book “THE ALADDIN FACTOR” By Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. it’s an amazing book on asking questions. It specifies how to get what you want by  simply asking questions.

Asking questions is a part of life so don’t make it so difficult to get what you want. So Keep asking questions…….

 Timmy girl – Timeka Douse

Week 20 (Mastermind Alliance)

The Power of Master Minding..

 Prior to attending a mastermind group I can honestly say I didn’t really have anyone I could relate with.

 Before starting MKMMA I was a bit lost. By me following the steps of reading the greatest salesman 3 times a day, Reading the blueprint formula and The 7 laws of the mind, writing my DMP, and taking on The 7 day challenge, showing tremendous gratitude,  enjoying nature, and giving a gift to everyone I encounter with, has really help me to find my true purpose in life.

 Without the Master Key Master Mind Alliance I wouldn’t have discovered my true potential.

 I’m super happy and at peace with myself. I know we are all human and at time we seem to loose ourselves with in our own thoughts. This is why I joined two other mastermind groups which keeps me on track. I choose to be part of several mastermind groups because they all come with a different approach, yet the outcome are the same. Such as paving the way for myself and others to live a prosperous and successful life.

 I believe master mind groups are amazing. It’s wonderful to be amongst individuals that can help you find the answers to your questions or the solutions to your problems.

 We all know Napoleon Hill was a true believer in forming a Mastermind Group. No matter how many books I read on the road to success, they all specify being a part of a  Mastermind Group.

 I’m just honored to obtain the knowledge and resources from all my mastermind groups.

 Timmy Girl – Timeka Douse

Week 19 ( Teacher VS Student)


Have you ever been in any of these situations? If you’re human, I bet you have. It’s funny how when you’re  going through the process  you feel as if your life is ending. Its actually  not, Its beginning! Think about it. Once you pass through  the situation and look back you see how Its made you stronger. Which also helps you to understand what not to do again as well as what you don’t like or want.

We have to take our struggles as a blessing and see it as a ladder to improve our lives. our struggles are what makes us. If we don’t have them we won’t learn.

I can honestly say every time I’ve been through a harsh struggle it has put me in a critical thought process of how I will never be back in the same position again. Its definitely not a great position or feeling to be in, but its a good enough lesson.

 I rather be in a uncomfortable position for a short amount of time in order to have and outstanding life.

Timmy Girl- Timeka Douse

Week 18 ( What’s Wrong)

You’re not in trouble

You you think there’s always something wrong?  For example when your driving to work, exactly how many things do you see wrong? Think about it. I bet you named about 5 things wrong.

Another example how about when you go to a restaurant , how many things do you see wrong there as well, long wait time, dirty tables, waitress taking forever, food not warm enough. etc etc.

How about your life? Are your finances are wrong, is your credit horrible,  how about your marriage is it wrong as well,  I bet you feel you’re not in the best of shape either. how about your kids? Are they giving you issues? Do you hate your job? What about the dog? Is he completely potty trained? The list goes on and on.

Noticing all these things are wrong only comes from you!!!!! The only way you can change this is first by recognizing that NOTHING IS WRONG!!!!!

It starts by practicing on your mental diet of always thinking positive. If you start to notice something “wrong” find the positive aspect of it and change it.

Do you want a better marriage? well sit with your spouse and work together on making your marriage better. You can start by telling your spouse all the amazing things you appreciate about them.  Do you want a better financial situation? Well find solutions to keep you on a better financial track. There’s financial advisor, credit gurus. money saving tips on the internet and youtube. Do you want to lose a few pounds? Well guess what, You don’t have open a gym membership. You can work at home. Do 20 jumping jacks or jump rope for a minuets each day, then add a minuet a week or a few reps a week and before you know it you’ve mastered working out daily. It seriously that simply.

You don’t have to live your life feeling wrong. You can  live your life of abundance. Just start small. Always thinking big or giving yourself high expectation will and can put you down. Im not saying thinking big is bad, but there are so many baby steps you can accomplish to help achieve that big goal.

Lets continue to think and live positive. Remember there is nothing wrong!!

Timmy Girl- Timeka Douse

Week 17 (Living Amongst Robots

Im changing the world the best I can

As I been practicing every gift that the MKMMA has open up to me. I notice how many people are living their life as robots.

 Earl Nightingale asked a few people why they go to work each day and their reply was because everyone else does it. Wow! What an answer. It seems as if people are living there whole entire lives with no purpose. Paying bills is not a purpose. Going to work and doing the same thing everyday especially if there isn’t any results is just plain crazy!

 Life is suppose to be amazing. Clearing your mind of negativity, pursing an act of kindness and willingness to serve others is definitely a way of life.  Also doing what you love while living a life of abundance is not too bad to wake up to everyday.

 I just noticed with other individuals that are not aware of the actual way to life seem to be living  as robots. So I feel it’s my duty to take each lesson I’ve learned with MKMMA and use it to help others. Such as an act of kindness, passing along the mental diet challenge, or sharing an Earl Nightingale YouTube clip.

 I know In order to help the world I must start with myself. Now it’s time to share apart of me.

 Timmy Girl- Timeka Douse

Week 16 ( Kindness )

Love everyone equally.

An act of kindness is the simplest and best thing you can ever do for any individual even yourself. I always thought I was a pretty positive person, but once I started to extend my self and pursue an act of kindness my whole world open up. I noticed people in random places become more alive with just me giving them a little attention.

 Have you ever thought how a person is feeling just by the expression they have on their face. Well it only takes a simple act if kindness to find out. Their somewhat confused expression will quickly turn into a smile of happiness.

 I took an initiative to do an act of kindness for a month to each and every individual I encounter with. No matter if I was at work, the grocery store, park, library, or at my local bar. After about 2 week I noticed how people would just run to me with happiness as if they were expecting me to take them to a moment of happiness. I’ve made friends with people I would never thought of making friends with. It such a beautiful feeling to know I’m the cause of someone happiness

 I realize life can be less challenging  once you express yourself as an happy and kind individual.

Life is too short. Always keep a smile and pass one along..

 Timmy Girl – Timeka Douse

Week 15 ( Three laws of Performance)

Living my reality after Facing my pass

 Have you ever wake up and realize you are constantly experiencing the same different events throughout the course of your life. Such as your last few relationships which has all ended the same way,  or no matter how many times you pay your credit card off you still seem to remain in credit card debt. Yeah that’s what majority of people call life, but we all know that isn’t life. Life is suppose to be full of happiness and abundance not fear, doubt, and resentments.

 I find it hilarious how people have difficulties finding enjoyment in life. Like when we have a serendipity moment and find it so weird to enjoy, but once a traumatic issue occurs in our lives we seem to hold on to it forever. Not only do we hold on to it forever, we blame the person who may cause the traumatic issue. Even though the issue my have occurred 15 years prior we still blame that person for all the thoughts and fear we accumulate ourselves.

 Over the weekend I read a book Which help me realize I’ve been living life caring my pass on my back.

 The 3 Laws Of Performance by Steve Zafforn & David Logan

 Law 1 : How people preform correlates how they perceive the situation. 

 People consistently always respond to the realities of the situation as they perceive it. Your perception will incorporate both your views from the past and your prediction about your future. No matter the situation, we all do this. 

 Law 2 : How a situation unfold arises in the language which get used 

 The language the is used describes a challenge can have a huge impact on whether or not you decide to make changes for the better. Often certain performances are unsaid or assumed. To move forward every situation needs to be cleaned out and addressed. All the clutter must be removed to have open space for better languages to be used on a consistent basis. 

 Law 3 : Future base language transfer how situations occurs to people 

 Language can be used in two different ways. It can be descriptive and generative     Descriptive is describing what happen in the past and what the issues were.                                       Generative is to create a new amazing future without the mental blindness that currently exist

 The three laws of performance allow you to rewrite your own future. It helps you change the way you speak and think about your future which gaurentee you to achieve more.

 Once I realize all my dramatic issues in my past were affecting my present life. I quickly took note on them and address them. This wasn’t easy. In fact it was super scary, but I gain courage and did it anyway. I faced issues that I had with my parents, ex boyfriends, friends, siblings, and Co workers. Man I literally felt like a free bird. My assumption on all the issues I was caring was complete CaCa. I could have resolve some of these issues 17 years ago. In fact if I did I know my life would be completely different.

 Ive learn to just clear all and every issue I may have. Never assume anything, Face them dead on,  Ask questions, and Understand the other parties prospective. If we just clear our mind while understanding the other person perspective in the exact moment of distress or confusion the world would absolutely be an better place.

 Remember changing the world starts with you..

Week 14 ( The Four Agreements)

“The first step toward personal freedom is awareness. We need to be aware that we are not free in order to be free. We need to be aware of what the problem is in order to solve the problem.” 

I’ve discovered a book called The Four Agreements. When I say this book has brought light to my life it brought light honey!!!.

I want to share with you the four agreements and the experiences I had with each one.

The First Agreement: Be Impeccable with Your Word                                                                         

The Second Agreement: Don’t Take Anything Personally

The Third Agreement: Don’t Make Assumptions

The Fourth Agreement: Always Do Your Best

It will be pretty easy for me to share my experiences with you because I live by these four agreement daily, before reading this book actually. What has surprising me is how inlined and similar it is to MKMMA. I know all good things are the same, but to experience it through different teachings and prospective is amazing to me.

Before starting the MKE I always had a good sense of knowledge of thing, but my eye has opened so much to the realization of my self awareness and of others. I can’t help but share my experience with you, so lets begin.

The First Agreement: Be Impeccable with Your Word……

Impeccable means without sin.

The best experience on how to be Impeccable for me was to practice “The Seven Day Diet” I know for sure this challenge was hard, but once I got into the momentum of thinking and acting positive it became easy.

The Second Agreement: Don’t Take Anything Personally……

Whatever happens around you don’t take it personal.

This agreement goes well with not giving anyone your opinion. Understand If some gives you their opinion about you without knowing you or the situation. Then clearing its them! Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because they may not have a good opinion of themselves.

The Third Agreement: Don’t Make Assumptions…..

When we make assumptions we begin to believe in them because the are our finally answer. The problem with this is ITS AN ASSUMPTIONS!! It may not be true! Can you see the crazy drama an assumption can occur. So the best way to solve this is to SIMPLY ASK QUESTIONS!!

I  tell my Eleven year old this all the time. Assumptions can get you into trouble big time.

All wise men ask question Point, Blank, Period!!!!

The Fourth Agreement: Always Do Your Best…..

No matter what circumstances  you face. We must always do our best if you want to keep the other three agreements alive.

As we read in Stroll 3.

Always I take another step. If that is no avail, I take another, and yet another. One step at a time is not too difficult. I persist until I succeed.

 Timmy Girl – Timeka Douse

Week 13 (Totally aware)

Are you aware?

Its funny to me how 13 weeks ago I was a completely a different person. I evolved so much. I must thank MKE and all my accountability partners. Man oh man! I honestly don’t know where to begin. All I can say my life has drifted for the better.

The MKE has helped me to totally be aware of my ,present, past, and of course my future. Especially my habits. Their’s a few I know I have replaced for sure, For instance my negative thinking and actions. After doing the 7 day challenge I notice How negative I was, so it was a must to change it. Now in the present time I’m completely aware of how positive and clear minded I am. Today I was completely shocked how I caught myself saying I love you to different people quietly under my breath, in a crazy chaotic store. I was like wow! I can’t believe I caught myself. Im honestly more calm than I thought. I caught myself  twice the other day as well. Im freaking floored to evolved from a very frustrated and irritated person to a calm loving and relaxing individual.

I live in a high traffic area so if I need to go anywhere between 7:00- 10:30am or 5pm-8pm Im definitely listening to a book on audio. Miami traffic will drive you crazy. I remember when you couldn’t pay me to read or listen to a book. Now I’m  reading or listening to about 5-8 books a month. ( I just finished listening to an entire book in traffic today.) Im obsessed with reading and learning new things.

The next thing Im aware of is how people have gravitated to me more than ever. I realize you learn so much about a person by just listening to them talk from start to finish. I now follow up with asking them questions so they can help solve their own problems with out me giving an opinion or suggestion. It has work miracles for my friendship.

My biggest habit was always being frustrated with the time. Ive actually replace my habit of rushing and being frustrated with time by enjoying the present moment. Man! By me doing simple changes like this, my whole world has shifted.

I know I have a long way to go, but by me being aware of my old habits shifting into good amazing, healthy habits. I know the new and improve me can conquer the world beautifully.

Timmy girl – Timeka Douse