So the question was asked what are you pretending not to know. My first thought was Mark get out of my head, then I thought you’re here so you might as well do the exercise. It was not one thing but a list of things that I was pretending not to know about myself and then I started to cry. It turns out  what I pretended not to know is that I am a very tenacious person and when I set my mind to do something I not only do it but I do the hell out of it I overdo it and I didn’t really think about that until I was looking at the cards that we were writing out about the things that we’ve done and I realized all I have to do really is set my mind to it and it will get done. When I learn how to knit I didn’t just  learn to do a knit stitch and a pearl stitch, I learned how to cable knit, fair isle knit, brioche knit, knit socks, hats, gloves.  I didn’t do well in school, they said because I didnt apply myself(and they were right), but when I decided to go to college(against all advice because I didn’t do well in school how could expect to do well in college?) I graduated from the then prestigious Marist college, with honors.  when I decide, when it’s my will, my dream I persist until I succee.  Turns out that I am wildly talented ( didn’t skip a beat saying that) and now the beast has been unleashed, now to go and accomplish all that is running around in my head. Thanks mark for getting in my head.

Mkmma week 16

I have always struggled with the idea of what makes me so special, I would never except that I could be more or have more than the other guy.  Chapter 4 tells us we are nature’s greatest miracle, I wrestled with this thought and finally linking it to Jesus say” many are called but few are chosen”.  I think I understand though, all are created with greatness but not all will accept, rise, develope the greatness with which they were created.  I am nature’s greatest miracle( even as I type this, the old blue print is screaming,” what makes you so special”.?). Jesus, I hope in my life time I can help people develope better thought patterns and build positive blue prints so they don’t have to wrestle like this.  I will continue doing the exercises with enthusiasm because I am determined to be free.

Mkmma week 15

desirable conditions are secured by entertaining desirable thoughts only.(mental diet).

My thoughts and theme for 2018 are ABUNDANCE and I have to say the “universal mind, GOD, must be happy with that because there is this energy in the past 2 weeks that seems to come into my feet from the earth and explodes in my thoughts, words and smiles.  I have not in a long time wanted to give, sing, dance, move, love, encourage, receive(I’m a giver), shout that life is great, abundant.  I’m so positively charged that the negatives that used to weigh me down are slipping away, the negative thoughts come but they don’t stay and I find myself laughing at them.  In 2018 I speak abundance, live abundance, dream abundance, give and receive abundantly, lavishing(I love this word) love, peace, hope and joy on all whom I meet.


Mkmma week 11

my personal trainer informed me he was switching up my leg routine, to simulate cycling up hill.  14 lbs on the press up and down in a fluid motion, no stopping for 15 mins.  I put my mind into sit mode focused on the goal and smashed it.  I put the law of substitution in practice, instead of thinking about the pain I was celebrating the victory.

Mkmma week 9

so I meet my future self and she is a total BADASS, she knows what she wants and she doesn’t apologize for the knowing or the wanting.  She loves life, loves people.  She is whole,perfect,strong, loving, harmonious and happy.  She greets each day with love in her heart.  She zealously cares for her body, feeding it only that which fuels it, sculpting and definein it until it looks to her like a warrior Goddess.  She and I are great friends, we are one.

Mkmma week 8

I groomed a dog on Saturday, this poor dog was so matted, the hair was actually pelted to his skin.  The dog was very aggressive and angered to be touched, I’m sure that matted fur pulled on his skin and was quite uncomfortable.  We were able to get him to the table without getting bit, as we shaved the fur he relaxed and started to stretch himself out.  after removing all the hair, the little guy was super sweet giving us kisses and jumping and wagging his tail.  I tell this story because it made me think of cement that we are incased in, how it restricts us and makes us uncomfortable which can leave us angry.  I feel with the mkmma program as I learn to think constructively, as the cement is chipped away I can stretch out and become playful like a child, free.  Jesus said” unless we become like little children we can in no way enter the kingdom”.  Children trust, they don’t worry about the mechanisms they live in the intention.