I’m still here!

Yes, I ‘m still here…doing all I can and reading….listening….and did I say reading? Hahaha…I love the mental diet…it keeps me positive and my husband has joined in. I decided that I need to write a book….my husband is encouraging me to do so. I really truly am a miracle. That’s really hard for me to say, but truly I am. I love this training, even if you take baby steps and never ever give up–things change.

Thanks Mark and Davine–you guys can change the world!

You are changing mine!

I’m having trouble….

Everytime I go to log into my blog…I have trouble….I have to reset my password. It just seems that this is soooo difficult. I feel like an idiot because I have to reset everytime. Also for the the training site. I am managing so many tasks and trying desperately to hold on. My husband and I are Insurance Adjusters and we are working 12-15 hours a day but I am determined to do all that is required but I feel soooo inadequate at times.

I will not give up and I will keep striving! Thanks for the encouragement guys! Can’t wait until the webinar this afternoon.

Maybe I have figured it out

This has been one of the hardest things for me to do…not to write, but find where to write LOL! We are soooo busy with claim work and I am trying desperately to keep up with the lessons, that blogging has been on the back burner….simply because I couldn’t figure out where my blog went and/or logging in….SO I FOUND IT! …doitnowdoitnowdoitnow….. yes persistence paid off.

Anyway, we are really focusing on paying off debt and building our business so that we can go sailing! We found a few video youtube channels that have really opened up a desire for us to sail–cruising if you will–around the world. I love the water, we live in Florida–so why not!

My husband and I realized we both have this passion (we have been married for 31 years! and we are still discovering things!) So we are taking small bits of time to build this dream of owning a sail boat….any sailors out there?

Week 1


Well, this has been a week. I love all of the positive affirmation and creating my world with my thoughts…it is so true and important. The photo is a picture of my husband, my father-in-law and my son. What does this have to do with the first week of Master Key? You may be asking. Well–my father in law passed away and I have so many thoughts–we are in the middle of the biggest hurricane seasons we have seen as adjusters..lots of work and money. However, you have to stop and think about life–and that’s where I am mentally. My sweet husband has dealt with alot and without going into incredible detail, let’s just say that he chose to love no matter the circumstances and that is the theme of the memorial service. I’m so grateful to be a part of this journey and it clearly gives me the ability to really “think and grow rich”…in every aspect. I can’t wait to dive in every day to reading and “changing my mind” hahah! Let’s get to it.

Travel and Technology

Well, let me just say that when I booked my flight, I didn’t realize I had a connecting flight, that would make me late to my first class!  ….learn to read the fine print Tanya.  Anyway, life between me and my husband is kinda crazy wild right now.  We are great, but we are trying to move ourselves forward financially and in business…which means we are both working 15-18 hours a day.  We are insurance adjusters by day and network marketers by night.  And yes, our home is in Florida and our family is in Texas…so both hurricanes are a priority to us.

I set out yesterday to travel to my sweetheart, because I flew home to check on things (Orlando)and do some meetings and training for our NM business.  I signed up for the class and every single webcast was in the middle of either a meeting or a training….then my flight was in the middle of the first webinar…I was determined though…bought some “wifi-air” and was able to get a little bit but not near enough for the workbook etc.

So I’m a little “freaked-out” because I am a rule girl and feel like I’m breaking the rules….”am I gonna be sent to the princpal’s office?” Here is my promise…I WILL FIGURE IT OUT!  I learned a long time ago, I am a resource girl….so….reaching out to my resources…do you have any tips on how to get the workbook???

Oh, the bell just rung….gotta get to class.