Master Key Experience Week 15: Nature’s Greatest Miracle!

“I am nature’s greatest miracle”, starts Scroll IV of The Greatest Salesman in the World!

What a thought to hold! The explanations that follow in the scroll are simply amazing and made me fall in love with myself.

….None that came before, none that live today, and none that come tomorrow can walk and talk and move and think exactly like me…..; so cool and a feeling which should always resonate with each one’s heart!

….I am rare, and there is value all rarity; therefore, I am valuable……

….I am not on this earth by chance. I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand…..

Lastly, …No beast, no plant, no wind, no lake had the same beginning as I, for I was conceived in love and brought forth with a purpose. In the past I have not considered this fact but it will henceforth shape and guide my life…..; I make a promise to myself, it is so! I always keep my promises!

After a couple of days of reading the Scroll IV; while I was contemplating over it, I was  suddenly taken to Week 2 of my Master Key Experience. Part Two starts with: Our difficulties are largely due to  confused ideas and ignorance of our true interests.

What a journey – from Week 15 to Week 2!

There was an eerie silence. I felt very agitated; what have I done over the years? Have I been living my life or the life prescribed to me by others? No, I was not feeling like a rebel! Just sad, for not knowing myself all these years! I was living my life by standards which were not my own; even when I felt that I had made those standards, there was influence from outside to shape me up in to conformity! Knowingly or unknowingly,I was measuring my life by comparing myself with others!

And then, I felt calm and serene!

But now, the darkness has disappeared because light has come; the truth, the principle! Henceforth, I believe and inculcate the fact in me: I am nature’s greatest miracle! By internalizing this simple truth in my life, all my difficulties will vanish. I will be free of confused ideas which are not based on truth. I will see my true interests and pursue them.

From this day forth; I am living the life of my dreams! My uniqueness sets me free!

Master Key Experience Week 14: I am….

This post is really late! The break in the week got me; I was pulled off my routine due to some family commitments. I went for a vacation with my wife and friends. The result is that all my readings got disturbed. I am feeling sorry for myself, but I am back with the bang with full throttle. Hurray!

I had been on the vacation trip to Kashid, a beach town, from Dec 23 to Dec 25. On the morning of Dec 24, something wonderful happened with me.

I was standing there on the beach. There were lots of people around. I had asked my wife for some me time and was trolling along on the vast expanse of the beach. There were plenty of thoughts on my mind. And I was really enjoying the beauty of the surroundings; the gentle breeze of the morning, the pleasant sun, the expanse of the ocean, the sound of the ocean waves hitting the shore, children playing around, and all the happy people around me!

Suddenly, an idea hit me! I went knee-deep into the water and kept observing the horizon. And I felt like I was alone on the beach; just by being approximately ten feets into the sea! It was so soothing…….all the noise on the beach on the beach was behind me. All I could hear was the sound of ocean waves and the chirping of the birds. AllI could see was the huge ocean in front of me up till the horizon and the deep blue sky! I felt like I am part of it; part of this whole Universe! Pure Bliss!

And then, the idea! I took my phone and started recording my affirmations at the backdrop of the sound of ocean waves. I kept on repeating -

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”.

“I can be what I will to be”.

Well equipped with this treasure of my affirmations recording, I was on cloud nine. With such a beautiful start of the day, I enjoyed my vacation to the fullest.

Every now and then, I keep on watching the video and relive the blissful moment! Feeling grateful!

Master Key Experience Week 13: Connecting The Dots!

I know, these are the words from the now famous speech of Steve Jobs at Stanford’s Convocation ceremony. What has that to do with my Master Key Experience?

While going through Week 13, the experience is very amazing; I am feeling and experiencing the connections with all the things around me! The exercises I am going through, the readings, the Index cards, the sits; everything is connected!

And as said by Steve Jobs, the dots get connected only by looking backward. One can never connect the dots by looking forward.

I am amazed by this MKE journey so far! Right from the day I applied for the MKE scholarship, the excitement I felt after seeing my name on the list, the webinars, the readings, and all the things, the transformation in my thought process and the experiences so far; all the events are working in my favour!

The cumulative effect of the past couple of weeks, I wouldn’t have been able to see at the start. Actually, I was apprehensive at the start of this program. But as I progressed, I could see the minor differences, which made major differences in my understanding of my relationship with the world at large. Just to give an example, I was aware of and had read earlier the book, The Greatest Salesman in the World, but this course made me realize that the book will require ten months to finish reading. Unbelievable!

I am not able to relate to the thought processes I had prior to the start of this course and my today’s thoughts. And I am just halfway through the course. Earlier, I use to worry a lot and would be fearful by creating all sorts of imaginary tigers around me. Today, I have clarity of thought and I feel powerful. I am on the path of improving my ‘how to think’ by being conscious of my thoughts and applying the knowledge; the universal laws!

I am having a feeling that with each passing day, my consciousness of my thoughts, the universal laws and all that I am learning and applying on this MKE journey is taking me closer to bliss! My definite major purpose is fulfilled! I am the success!

Master Key Experience Week 12: Belief

I know that I am very late for this Week 12 post! Sorry! I accept the responsibility; this is so empowering! Hereafter, I am never be behind schedule! I always keep my promises……

The experiences for this week has never stopped amazing me. While I was reading and reading the Lesson 12 of The Master Key; I was witnessing something changing inside me. There was a lot of wiring and firing together going on…..some new connections were being formed….

During one of the domestic service, I was performing I was feeling anger welling up in me because I was having the feelings of being morally justified in feeling so. Why can’t my wife tell me to do this earlier? Why it has to be such a last minute rush? My day plan is now out of the window. And then it happened! While I was walking down the street to carry out that domestic service; all of a sudden, the law of substitution kicked in, followed by law of dual thought! My thoughts of blaming my wife changed to something more positive; I performed the service more cheerfully and returned home feeling better! I was full of love!

The person who left the home that day and the one who came back fifteen minutes later were one and the same physically; but totally different internally!

During one of the rereads of Lesson 12:18 -

“The principle which gives the thought the dynamic power to correlate with its object, and therefore to master every adverse human experience, is the law of attraction, which is another name for love……….There is no getting away from the law of love……Thought impregnated with love becomes invincible.”

This paragraph took me years back when I had read about the ‘new definition of belief’, in the book, ‘Conversations with the Greatest Networker in the World’ by John M. Fogg! There is this whole chapter where the author elaborates about belief. What exactly we mean when we say, “I believe”?

Most people think that to believe means to know as a fact! And we must first know in order to believe.

But the author gives an entirely fresh and empowering new definition of belief. The word belief is made of two parts: Be and Lief. Be means about being. Lief comes from Indo-European leubh means love!

So believe means to be  love! That means, instead of having to know for a fact in order to believe in something, all you have to do is love it!

This had a powerful impact on my way of looking at my goals; just love them and it will bring vitality to my thoughts, as Haanel says! I am so in love with this Master Key Experience!

Master Key Experience Week 11: Harmony?

I could decipher the true meaning of “harmony” during this week. It also made me realise that, at present, I am not in harmony in the real sense!

The process of inductive reasoning made to think a lot. I used the services of the “Watchman at the Gate”; understood how powerful it is to be conscious so that I can understand the Law and the underlying principles governing the use of it for my achieving of my dreams and desires.

The past two months and all the reading and exercises lead to understanding the use of this Law….how magnificent! I am trying to put inductive reasoning to all the activities I did while going through the Master Key Experience, some things I could correlate, others are still without any correlation. But with the process of inductive reasoning, I am sure, I will be able to find meaning to all the things happening to me!

Earlier, I wrongly assumed, that all the power lies with the subby and the Conscious Mind has not much of a role to play. If somehow we are just able to impregnate it with our desires, the desires will be fulfilled. How wrong I was. The “Watchman at the Gate”is such a powerful force! But the beauty is that it is this Watchman; my Conscious Mind which makes me aware of the Law, helps me with its conscious application so that I can fulfill my dreams!

So Beautiful! As Haanel says, “It is our privilege to become conscious of the principle and act in accordance with it”. This is Harmony; to be conscious of the principle and act in accordance with it!

Haanel says; 11:16; Here we find a method, the spirit of which is, to believe that what is sought has been accomplished, in order to accomplish it: a method bequeathed upon us by the same Plato who, outside of this sphere, could never find how the ideas became realities.

As stated, I have started making the conscious use of this creative power of thought!

It is so liberating to know that our lives are governed by absolute laws. I am on my journey to become the fortunate nature as described by Haanel; who is going to achieve everything effortlessly by being in harmony with the Law – “Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them”.

I am filled with gratitude!

Master Key Experience Week 10: Natural World and Spiritual World

For me, Lesson 10 of The Master Key, is the turning point in gaining the accumulative consciousness of the Power I have within!

The entire week, I had a flurry of different thoughts and those manifested into different behaviours; sort of mad, intense, immersive behaviours, but always calm at the surface and deep within a lot of activity going on! I loved this feeling.

On Thursday morning, while doing yoga, I had a feeling of not doing a single reading exercise the entire day and just be the observer sensing any changes that happens along the way. To my amazement, I had all the thoughts from the Master Key, BPB, GS, and all banging my head and heart; throughout the day! The affirmations kept coming back again and again! Something has definitely changed!

I feel like I am a totally different person and the process of transformation is still going on!

When I came across the concept of the Natural world and the Spiritual World in Lesson 10; a new understanding dawned over me! Thought, being the connecting link to the Spiritual world; I can impress my Natural world with the help of the Spiritual world; by aligning myself with the laws of the Spiritual world!

The affirmation, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy”; gains a new understanding! Being ‘harmonious’is so empowering!

Master Key Experience Week 9: Light and Darkness

Years ago, I read a book by Osho where he narrates a story. Darkness once complains to God, that from times Light is harassing him, chasing him not allowing him any rest at all. So God calls Light one day and asked him about the trouble he is causing to the Darkness. Light replies that he is not aware of it , but if had inadvertently caused any trouble to Darkness, he will apologize to him.

So Light asked God to please call Darkness so that he would apologize to him. But the Darkness never came in front of Light. The gist is that Darkness doesn’t exist! Light exist! It is the absence of Light that is called as Darkness.

This story helped me to understand the Law of Substitution and the axiom given in the Introduction that “two things cannot exist in the same place at the same time”.

While going through the Week 9 Lesson, I was constantly reminded of this story I had read years ago. Lesson 9 talks a lot about the Truth; and following the Truth. So, if false premises are there in our Mind, it becomes very hard to understand or recognize the Truth.

Having this all talks about Old Blueprint, New Blueprint, the Mental Diet, Opinions, Combinations, the exercises, and all that is going on with the MKE Course; what will this lead to? The Truth!

From Part 9, …To think correctly,accurately, we must know the “Truth”;…..To know the Truth is to be in harmony with the Infinite and Omnipotent power…..

I hereby command myself to henceforth see Light; the “Truth”.

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy”.

Master Key Experience Week 8: Inter-connected?

Being aware and doing it (experiencing it) are two different things!

Take for example, I always saw tea gardens in movies and pictures. I had a fair idea how it looked like, the greenery till the horizon, the mountainous terrain, and all of it. Yet, last December, when I, along with my wife, visited Munnar and saw the tea estates, stood in the gardens, had photo shoots, had a drive through them; the awareness became experience. And it felt so totally different!

This weeks Master Key Exercise gave glimpses of somewhat similar feeling!

On Wednesday evening, while sitting still I was thinking about my car, all the associations and experiences with it, how it came into my possession, where was it before, when was the first time I had a thought that I can buy the car….and all of it. And then, the feeling of inter – connectedness took over! I remembered when was the time I became a confident driver. It was the feeling, that I have the control over the car, it is my extension, and I and my car are the one and connected; when all hesitation and fear about driving disappeared!

I am having somewhat similar feeling now! I am not able to be crystal clear about these feelings right now; but the clear picture will definitely emerge!

Master Key Experience Week 7: DMP – Idealization

I know, I am too late for my this week’s post. I think it’s a state of too much excitement. Being aware, that you have the power and you are so powerful! And now the real question is how to use ‘this power’ and achieve whatever we want; and fulfill all our desires….whoa!

It was with this stage of the process that I had entered into week 7. The repeated readings of Master Key Part 7 ……..and it is so obvious!

DMP = Idealization

I kept looking at my DMP again and again; I kept thinking about it, even in my sittings…..all the time I spent on thinking about and writing my DMP, the comments of my Guide which helped me to sharpen my DMP…

Now, every time I read my DMP, it sort of grows on me! I can visualize the events in the DMP more clearly!

I express deep gratitude to the MKE Team and my Guide Ms. Day Boswell for helping me with the Idealization process; and I am aware that it’s a work in progress!

Master Key Experience Week 6: Epiphany!

The past couple of weeks with the MKE course has been in the sort of a daze! Mark J. introduced to the concept of ”thoughts wiring and firing together” and as I pondered over it, on an intellectual level, I was able to understand it; and it was making sense too! I was just not able to experience it and so was not developing the faith in this concept of wiring and firing!

It was a feeling like I was living in grey zone; nothing black and white. To be precise, it felt like a cloudy day; half sunshine, half darkness!

And then one morning it happened! While I was taking bath, a old hindi movie song entered as a thought and it led to a series of thoughts in exactly the same manner as it used to be in the past whenever the movie song thought entered my mind earlier. The sequence of thoughts pouring was exactly the same!

And then the realization!

…..thoughts that wire together…fire together….linking….neural pathways……All started making sense! The clouds are cleared; it’s sunshine again!

The only thing: how to do it consciously which is happening unconsciously for so long so that I can live my life by design and not by default!