Week 4 Ritas holistic Health Coaching

Another amazing week.  I’m amazed that I am getting everything done!  I do feel overwelmed at times but not as bad as week 1!  I have my house almost put back together and that will be nice and take alot of the stress off of me. I got rid of all the carpet and have all wood and I love it!  I am going to Salt Lake City this weekend for a Zija convention.  I am very excited to see all of the new products they will be introducing.  I know of one being a portable water filter which is really amazing.  They have put a cola into the carafe and it filters it into pure water.  They have even put pesticides which came out pure water.  Very impressive and I know they will have otheres.  It will be nice to get out of town for a few days, looking forward to the trip.  I have friends from Canada that will be here (they come every year) and will be taking care of my dog while I am gone.  Today I am going to Cottonwood (where my parents live).  I’ll be driving up with my grandsons and their Mom.  It is a celebration of my Dads 86th birthday and my sisters birthday.  Also both of my grandsons have birthdays  but they will have a seperate(kids) party.  Busy time of year with all of the holidays and birthdays in my family.


Ritas Health Coaching week 3

I am listening to many different things that seem to tie what we are learning together.  I recently heard that we only destroy the things that we don’t value and we can only value what we understand.  We have to think differently about our relationships to one another.  Epigenetics……changing our response.  Our neurons don’t know the difference between having the experience and witnessing the experience and  it creates the chemicals to reflect what it is that it is seeing.  When we see ourselves as healthy, healed and vital, our brain doesn’t know its a visualization.   I think that it is pretty interesting how everything ties together!  I am still trying to figure out a couple of things but seem to feel more relaxed about the whole process.  These things should be taught in school. Think how amazing our lives could be had we been taught this from the beginning!

rita tyner week 2

This is my second week with mmk and I am not quite as overwhelmed as I was before. It is still taking a very long time and sometimes most of the day for me to get everything done. This morning though, I think that I was really feeling different. I went out for my morning run (like normal), but a little earlier. It was still dark and I marveled at the stars and looked for the moon. It must be a new moon because I didn’t see it anywhere! On my way back home, it was getting lighter and I was noticing life everywhere. The birds singing in a very large tree and other critters flying around here and there. A flock of birds flying in formation flew overhead. I felt so alive!

Ritas Health Coaching

This master key experience has been wonderful and I know that I will gain so much from going through it to the end.  Can’t wait to learn, change and grow.  It hasn’t been easy since I am dealing with alot of different things as I am doing this  I had a flood in my house and so the house is in turmoil and I am dealing with that.  I wake up in the morning and have to search for my clothes, shoes and other things I need for the day.  Most of my things are in boxes or in piles on my bed and couch.   I am also building a network marketing business in anti -ageing poducts.  That is getting left on the back burner as I deal with the other things which I have deemed as more important at this time.  The Master Key experience is my priority .  When I sit quitly, I set a timer and have no problems sitting still for 15 minutes.  I wonder though, is it supposed to be sitting in silence?  I am usually listening to the radio while sitting.  I will have to ask my guide if this is ok to do or not.  I want to do everything the way it is supposed to be done!