Master Key Experience – Week 3

How do you know what old blueprint you have playing in your subconscious? Simple. Look at your life, in excruciating detail. Everything from where you live to what job you have to who your friends are. Up to and including what you ate for breakfast.

It’s all happening outside your awareness, and habitual. Over 90% of it. Occurring and recurring. What? You don’t like something? Are you in debt, in a less-than-satisfying job? Bad marriage? The harsh truth is that YOU CREATED IT.

You created ALL of it, via your subconscious blueprint. Sure, other people played their part in programming you, but you still buy into the old messages. Why? Out of habit and a sense of security. Our identity is like a pillow; we cling to it. I sure did.

Now, I choose to CONSCIOUSLY install a new blueprint. Think of it as a computer program. Your subconscious is one giant hard drive. It only knows what its told, and only does what it is commanded to do. If you’re in debt, it’s because you WANT to be. Bad marriage? You’re CHOOSING to stay in it.

Change the blueprint, the coding, and your world changes. If you find yourself thinking the same thoughts, and possibly engaging in the same behaviors without wanting to, you have to change the hard drive. Therapy only goes so far. You have to change your thoughts so your behaviors can change.

You might say “That’s too harsh.” Maybe it is, but I know what its like to live with self-sabotaging inner code. Not fun and the messes pile up. Once you decide that YOU are the master of your world, it starts to change. Stick with me. I am doing it. You can too.

Master Key Experience – Week 2

I have not posted in some time, but for good reason. I had a HUGE manifestation experience occur late September. I am a corporate trainer for Quickbooks. That means traveling up to 3 weeks per month and living out of a suitcase. Mind you, I am not complaining; its one of the best gigs I have ever had.

Anyways, I was in Dallas, doing what I normally do. The hotel did not have things set up correctly, and students started arriving early (around 8am). I did the appropriate amount of fire fighting, if you will, and chased down my materials and a bigger projector screen. In my world, you sometimes need to make lemonade from lemons.

The students were initially a bit reserved so I had to provide all the energy. Lunch hour came, which meant I could relax for an hour. Suddenly, a gentleman came in and stood in the back. He wasn’t a student, so I assumed the hotel was checking up on things. All of a sudden, he came forward and said “Hi. I’m Brad. So, you teach Quickbooks, huh?”

I welcomed him, thinking he must be a casual observer looking for some tips. “How are you, Brad? I’m Scott.” Brad then surprised me like I have not been surprised in months. Brad said “Let me cut to the chase. I have been watching you from outside for the last 15 minutes. My company could use talent like yours. Are you interested in chatting a bit?”

Brad and I chatted for almost 30 minutes about his company. Suffice to say that they specialize in Quickbooks and he wanted me as a trainer. I accepted his offer 2 weeks later. The “mysterious force that never sleeps” was in control. It manifested a new career for me.

Master Key Alliance 2018 – Week 1

Well, here we are again. A new year of the Master Key Alliance!!

And, I have a confession to make. I was part of the 2017 class. On this end, however, I never really followed through. The old blueprint interfered; I kept telling myself that I “didn’t have time”. I would go on the road and “forget” to do it, even though I found plenty of time and remembered to watch Sunday Night Football.

But that’s the beauty of it all. I became aware of ingrained habits and chose to create new ones. As Og says, “The only way to replace an old habit is with a new habit”. The old habits and blueprint can be found in your life right now; just look at what you create and manifest!! In the past, I manifested busyness, overwhelm, and debt. Now I choose to manifest abundance, serenity, and recognition.

The old habits are being replaced by new ones, and I am a slave to them, either way. Og says you’re a slave to your old habits until you replace them. Its as true for me as anyone. If you don’t like what you are creating in your life, its simple: Become a slave to new habits. Maybe its not the ending point, but one heck of a good first step.

I have been a seminar presenter for 4 years. One of my good habits is to show up everyday and do what I am contracted to do. It manifested about a month ago. A man from a competing seminar company offered me an instant opportunity after hearing me. Double the income and half the travel.

I will adopt new habits and become their slave…….

Comments below.


Master Key Alliance – Week 16

Instead of “resolutions” that most of us “fail” at keeping soon after we make them, let’s do a makeover instead. By the way, the reason we suck at “resolutions” is that our subconscious has no choice but to keep going with whatever programming is currently there.

You may want to lose weight, stop smoking, “make” more money, have a better relationship…..whatever. Put together the laundry list all you want. It won’t matter if your subconscious is already programmed “against” you. Bottom line is, you’re addicted to food, nicotine, conflict, etc. Your brain actually needs the chemical surge that comes from overeating, smoking, conflict, or whatever it might be.

Also, PLEASE stop telling yourself you’ll “make” more money. You’re not the U.S. Treasury. You cannot legally “make” money. You can earn it and have it manifest in abundance. Amazing how changing one word changes the whole meaning! Much better to say “Money comes to me abundantly and from various sources.” Yeah baby!!

The 13-week makeover comes straight from “Big Ben” Franklin. Every week, you pick a personality trait you’d like to make stronger, like “courage” or “self discipline”. Then, you notice when you see or act out that trait. What is focused on grows. What we consistently think about manifests. So, by seeing “courage” everywhere, you’ll be increasing the amount of courage you display!!

It’s tax season for me, and I need to get focused and more disciplined. I know those will manifest because I will notice them in other people and situations. And, by the way, if you need a tax pro……I am here. Comment below. Manifestation baby!!

Master Key Alliance – Week 15 – “Big Ben”

Halfway there!! A shout out to Benjamin Franklin this week. My 13-week “makeover” has begun. Allow me to elaborate.

No “resolutions” here. No need for them. They actually presume failure!! Think about it. If you say “I am no longer overweight” or “I am no longer in credit card debt”…..guess what? You’ll actually continue both. The subconscious mind does not understand negatives, so what you’re really telling it is “I am overweight” and “I am in credit card debt”. Doesn’t make for a fuzzy feeling, does it?

How about a foolproof way to improve yourself that cannot fail? And one that takes only seconds daily? Ben Franklin was famous for saying you should work on your weaknesses. I see it differently; you should work on ideal character traits. Take, for example, “courage”. Every time you see “courage” in action, make a note of it. “Courage” can be found on television shows, in movies, on the news, everywhere.

Make note of it, daily, for a week. That reinforces to your subconscious that “courage” is something you desire more of….and who doesn’t? Bill Porter, featured in the movie “Door to Door” had courage. Courage is what helped make him Watkins top salesman years ago….even while dealing with cerebral palsy and only being able to use one hand.

Few of us have more reasons to not even start than Bill did. But courage was his calling card. Every day for 40 years, he walked his 10 mile route. Every day. People readily admit that Bill was indirectly responsible for neighbors reconciling and families getting back together. Bill would tell you he was simply a salesman doing his job.

Do yourself a favor. Commit to Ben Franklin’s 13-day makeover like I am. Bill Porter did, possibly without knowing it. You likely don’t have anywhere near the same challenges, which means you’ll reap an even greater benefit.

Master Key Alliance – Happy 2018!!

2018 will be here on Sunday night. You already know how I view “resolutions”….largely meaningless as they do not incorporate the new blueprint. In truth, we manifest that which we focus on with tremendous faith.

By faith, we are not necessarily talking about God or a Supreme Being. Is there anything wrong with that? Nothing at all. When Napoleon Hill talks about “faith” in Think and Grow Rich, he means intense FEELING. Imagine your goal as already achieved with all the feelings associated with it. It’s really the Super Bowl, so act like it!!

One of the parts of my Definite Major Purpose is to reach a high pin level within my network marketing company. So, daily, I spend 15 minutes imagining, with FEELING, being on stage at the company convention accepting my award. I see the commission check, well into the 5-figures!! I see myself going to the bank, etc.

I can “resolve” all I want to. Without imagining my desire as already attained, with FEELING, it don’t mean squadoosh!! That’s Italian for “zip” in case you’re wondering. The subconscious mind has no choice but to bring into reality that which we demand of it with FEELING.

I hope your 2018 is as fruitful as mine already has been…..comments welcome below.

Christmas Present from the Universe

For those of you blessed enough to have close families, and ones not racked with dysfunction and addiction, no doubt you’re enjoying the holidays with egg nog and lots of cookies.

I have spent the last 3 holiday seasons pretty much by myself….and by choice. Because I have no children, holiday gatherings now tend to be dominated by siblings with their own kids. I remember more than one Christmas where I spent a good amount of time sitting on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa, reading the newspaper. Yes, you heard that right.

I decided I was better than that kind of treatment. This year, I was prepared to do a movie marathon on Christmas Day, take myself out to dinner, and get a bottle of champagne. The Universe (God) had other ideas.

I got a totally unexpected message from a local friend of mine. She was gathering a group of single people to have dinner together and go to the movies on Christmas Day. In her exact words, “Something told me to reach out to you.”

“Those seemingly inexplicable occurrences, coming effortlessly”. This stuff WORKS folks.

Recipe Anyone???

If I pull out a chocolate chip cookie recipe, get the ingredients, mix them, and then put the batter in the oven for the prescribed time, what do I get? Why, chocolate chip cookies, of course?

Then why do we, all too often, use a certain “recipe” and expect it to give us any other result than the one it is designed for? It is against the laws of chemistry and physics for me to use a chocolate chip cookie recipe and expect to get peanut butter. It won’t happen, no matter how hard I want it too or how much effort I put forth.

It’s the same with our old blueprint. Its coded a certain way to achieve certain results. We cannot “will” it otherwise. For me, the coding used to be for scarcity, lack, and low self-esteem. That’s what the recipe in my subconscious created.

It manifested in credit card debt, a six-figure student loan debt, abusive relationships, job loss, you name it. I was the skinny kid everyone picked on. That, and my home life was addiction and dysfunction. Subby was manifesting what it had been programmed to.

NO MORE!!! I needed to change the recipe, and thanks to the MKE over the past few months, I am starting too. My new recipe is unlimited abundance, recognition, and service. It will manifest just as the old blueprint used to.  How do I know? Because it cannot be otherwise. Subby uses the coding given to it. It has no choice, and thank the Universe for that!!


If you want a “magic wand” of sorts for achieving your dreams, start in an unlikely place……gratitude. Now, when I first heard about this, I concentrated on the “big things” I could be grateful for, and ignored all the “small” things.

For instance, if you’re reading this, you’re alive. You woke up this morning; not everyone did. Start there. Can you see? Smell? Taste? Touch? Be grateful you have all your sense. Not everyone does. Can you walk? Feed yourself? Bathe yourself? Not everyone else can. In fact, most of what we accept as “normal” is impossible for some of our fellow humans.

Bill Porter was born with cerebral palsy. He was declared “unemployable” and told to go on permanent disability for the rest of his life. He refused. He wanted to work and make his own way in life. He convinced the Watkins company to give him a door-to-door sales job, in a harsh neighborhood. Essentially, the territory that no one wanted.

Bill could barely walk, much less talk, and could only use one hand. He could not drive, so he took the bus to his sales route every day……then walked the whole thing…….10 miles. He had doors slammed in his face more times than he could count, but he also made sales. He went on to become Watkins’ top sales rep for a huge territory.

Bill had infinite reasons to quit…..hell, he had infinite reasons to NOT EVEN BEGIN. However, he was grateful for what he COULD do and wanted no handouts. His story is featured in the cable movie “Door to Door”. If Bill can be grateful for what he did have, you and I can be grateful for all we have……and the number is striking if you really think about it.

“He who is faithful with little will be faithful with much”……stated differently, if we are grateful for all the “little” big things, much bigger blessings will be attracted to us. You woke up today; you can walk and use all your senses. Not everyone did or can. BE GRATEFUL and allow the Universe to give you much more to be grateful for.

New Years Resolutions—-Fuggettaboutit!!!! TOMORROW AIN’T A DAY OF THE WEEK!!

So, it will be time for the rest of the world to set resolutions for 2018 in about 10 days. Fitness centers and gyms around the country are gearing up for their biggest month of the year—-January.

Historically, they get 75% of their annual revenue that month. Why? New memberships. People saying that “this is the year I am gonna lose weight, muscle up, etc”. Really, this is the year!!

And all the fitness centers will tell you that those new members start disappearing around March. 90% are permanently gone in April. The fitness centers are smart though….they charge for an annual contract up front. They KNOW people won’t stick around. Why not??

Because changing to a new year don’t mean squat!! You still have the same neuro-net. The same habits. The same routine. And the SECOND there is a bad storm or anything else to “interfere” with you going to the gym, your mind will conveniently say “Its ok. You can do it tomorrow.” Guess what, TOMORROW AIN’T A DAY OF THE WEEK!!

Forget about resolutions that YOU ALREADY KNOW YOU WON’T FOLLOW THRU ON!! Immerse your subconscious with what you want and take it out of your conscious awareness. The path of least pain is ALWAYS to say “I can do it tomorrow.” If you have created the demand in your subconscious, that thought will disappear FOREVER. Do it now! Do it now!