Week – 4 Thu


More things added, the overwhelm is on. The juggler is dropping balls too often. No time to internalize the skills ‘habits’. Jugglers start with 3 balls then when near mastery ad another repeating that process till they reach their max ability or they give up. You can’t win a Marathon until you first learn how to crawl, walk, run and then lots of intense practice. I want to build a foundation on solid ground. You can’t build a house that will stand the test of time without a solid foundation. I have experience with taking shortcuts, gaps in knowledge and experience. For a while it feels good but in the long run it don’t work out well. Hence the quandary, master the steps in order or follow the “guru, master, teacher” whatever. I don’t take well to directions well without understanding. I can believe in something if I understand it. This not a sign that I’m giving up but I see a fork on the road ahead and will have to make a decision which road to take. “I can be what I will to be” because “I am more than enough” Stay tuned!!!


week -3 Thu

Why diet plans, new years resolutions fail? Most of us succeed for a while eventually those bad habits come back stronger. Why is that? Because we don’t create something to replace them. Nature abhors vacuum and must fill it with something. Strangely it feels good when the old habit slips back in. Like putting on an old pair of shoes, they may be old and ugly but they fell so good. The new habit must be build at the same time we devolve the old. Your-Mind

Week – 3

Just finished the survey and and here is my opinion about the Apps .I have nothing serious against it for some people???. But every time I hear about another App and web surfing it brings up an image of a table full of people sitting in a restaurant with their faces glued to their smartphones not talking. The only smart thing at the table is their phones. I bet many people are proud of themselves for giving up TV but they replaced it with internet and smartphones. I gave up TV 3 years now but I see myself fighting to control my time on YouTube and Netflix. Because I did-not replace a bad habit with a good one another bad one just replaced it. Question, do we need to feed the beast with smartphones?

We just replaced one bad habit with another ↓↓↓↓all-this-technology-is-making-us-antisocial-67044images-2

Week – 2A

Scroll 1 Talks a lot about about creating good habits. By repetition and more repetition we will acquire a good habit. As  Og  Mandino states in  Scroll 1 “For it is another of nature’s laws that only a habit can subdue another habit.”

You might ask why so much repetition to acquire a good habit? Well a bad habit required many repetitions to become automatic. Automatic bad for bad habit and better for good habit.

Eventually My aim is to be awake and not have to depend on habits at all.


WEEK – 2 Sun evening

This is getting more complicated. I just barely got last week ruining OK and now I have to add more to it. As Mark stated this is critical time to build a solid foundation, so whatever it takes must push onward.

Index cards done.

The DMP rewrite was progressing well until today’s webinar and the PPN, now I’m in for a big modification. More on all this  later.


Week – 1


      The journey begins

The most important thing I learned from Scroll 1 is that the best way to remove a bad habit is to replace it with a good habit for nature abhors  a vacuum. If we don’t replace it with something we want and desire the old bad habit will slide back into its old comfortable spot because it fits like old comfortable shoe. It takes time to ware-in a new pare of shoes and so it takes time for the new habit to become comfortable like that favorite old shoe. It’s much easier to cross that bridge into that  fantastic future wearing those comfortable pair of shoes.



Getting familiar with controls of this blog site is taking some time but I’m getting it.  I’m  excited ready and for the first webinar.

I have come to a fork in in the road and made the right choice.

This blogging  is a first for me, its going to be a real challenge. Excited to get started with the webinar.P1000477_edited-1