Masterkey Experience Week 23

This week was another one of those weeks that really hit home with me as far as having a deep meaning. In the lesson it talks about the fact that we should concentrate in silence on the fact that instead of us having a body with a spirit, think instead of ourselves being a spirit with a body.

I think this for me directly correlates with a lesson a few weeks back where it states that we are truly one with God. If I look at myself and truly believe that I am a spirit with a body then I also must believe that the negative feelings that my body comes up with really are insignificant in the spiritual world.

I can focus on being of service without regard to anything negative that someone else might think of me or what I am doing. The number of summers my body has left are not guaranteed but as I continue on my journey of helping others I can do so through a spiritual energy that I have not had before.

Masterkey Experience Week 22

In this weeks lesson we learned that we can use the feelings of fear, guilt, anger, hurt feelings and unworthiness as tools to help achieve our objectives in life. As it says in the lesson fear is the brick and guilt, unworthiness, anger and hurt feelings are the mortar. I have learned that I can use these feelings instead to my benefit by transforming them into enormous amounts of energy. As children we were taught to have the feelings that we have and how people should treat us and how it makes us feel. But as adults we have the ability to change because it really doesn’t matter what others think of us. A mind cannot hold two thoughts at the same time so by using the law of substitution I will replace those negative feelings instantly with positive energy. With this positive energy and by focusing on the one thing that I am best at, I will achieve my definite major purpose in life.

Masterkey Experience Week 21

This past several weeks of reading over and over again in Og Mandinos book the Greatest Salesman in the Worlds chapter twelve “I will live this day as if it is my last has given me a new perspective on life. Before I started the Masterkey Master Mind Alliance course several months ago I had always been concerned with what happened yesterday and worried about what the future holds for me. It is so freeing to actually live the day as if it is my last. No more thoughts about what I could have done differently in the past and absolutely no worries about the days ahead which I may or may not be here to experience. I live this day as if it is my last and it is to me absolute freedom to have a clear mind with only focus on today.

Masterkey Experience Week 20

This is somewhat of a breakthrough week for me. The lesson of the Fox and the Hedgehog really hit home. I realize now that by having so many irons in the fire was probably just a reason to not commit to doing what needs to be done. I have definitely been a Fox and I now know that from this point on I am going to be a Hedgehog. From now on I promise to focus on the A and B activities that drive my economic engine.

Masterkey Experience Week 19

There was a point in this weeks lesson that stated the Universal Mind or the Eternal Energy from which all things proceed leads to the one creative principle in the physical, mental and spiritual world. We are related to this creative principle by our ability to think. The thought is the seed which leads to action and the action results in the form.

Form depends upon the rate of vibration and the only way the rate of vibration can be changed is by taking mental action.

Mental action depends upon polarity, action and reaction between myself and the Universal.

Creative energy originates in the Universal but the only way the Universal can manifest is through me. I know that the Universal is static until  I convert energy into my ability to think. When the I stop eating  my ability to think stops  because I will have no energy. At this point I will no longer be able to act upon the Universal and no longer will I have any action or reaction. The Universal is then again only pure mind in static form or mind at rest.

Nothing happens without thought. And concentration on that thought helps us manifest that which we desire.


Masterkey Experience Week 18

This is an amazing course. One of the assignments this week was to go back and read some of the old lessons. Doing so I can see how far I have come in these last 18 weeks. I actually went back and read all of my blogs from week one and I can see a real change in myself. I look forward to the next several weeks and beyond as everything comes together in my journey of becoming the person I am meant to be.

Another thing as we move on to a new scroll, what I am taking forward from the last scroll is never do I forget that many have attained great wealth and success with only one sales talk delivered with excellence. Being in the field of sales this is so true for me as I have actually experienced the value of having a scripted presentation in then past. This serves as a reminder to me what can be accomplished. This week I also have been focusing on organization and so many new ideas have come to me through noticing organization in others.

Masterkey Experience Week 17

Lesson 17 of the Master Key states that by keeping a thought in mind through constant repetition it will gradually take tangible form. It is all about the proper concentration. It goes on to state that if we wish to eliminate fear, concentrate on courage, if we wish to eliminate lack, concentrate on abundance, If we wish to eliminate disease, concentrate on health. In essence anything that we want to eliminate can be achieved by concentrating instead on the exact result we wish to have.

To achieve what a person wants is a process of continuous concentration on the desired result but the desired result must be in harmony with Natural Law or the Universal Mind. The subconscious is omnipotent, there is no limit to the things that can be done when it is given the power to act.

We can only get what we give. We have come to expect that we should get what we want or what is called the “cry to have” when in reality if we truly live by the statement that “we can only get what we give” then we should really be living by the mantra of the “cry to be”

Masterkey Experience Week 16

The power of thought combined with harmony & happiness and with this weeks focusing on kindness makes me realize that I don’t have to want for material things. I realize that I will have everything I could ever desire if I have the right thoughts and by having a bigger purpose in life. In the Og Mandino book The Greatest Salesman In The World, Chapter 7 he talks about how we as individuals are nature’s greatest miracle. No other person is exactly like us. He states that we are better equipped in mind and body then those that have come in the generations before us but if we don’t put our skills, our mind, our heart and body to good use they will stagnate, rot, and die.


I now know that whether it be my body or my brain I only use a paltry amount of what I am capable of. It is possible to increase my accomplishments  of yesterday a hundredfold and I will do this beginning today. I am not on this earth by chance I am here for a purpose. I believe that not only can I be whatever I will to be but my purpose is to help countless others to be whatever they will to be.

Live in Harmony, Be Happy and Notice Kindness every day!


Masterkey Experience Week 15

I was out of town over the holiday’s and this is when the persistent repetition that I have done over and over for the last several weeks and months really pays off. I had virtually no internet reception while I was gone but did download the week 14 lesson onto my computer so that I was able to keep up with my reading every day. I also brought with me all the other reading requirements we have. It is so ingrained into my mind that I feel guilty if I even miss one time. It was good to get back on the webinar this week even though I had to watch the recording as I was on a flight during the live webinar. I am looking forward to the next 13 weeks as I will be bringing out the traits already in me through becoming an observer of others. I truly know that a foundation is being built that will help me to become everything that I want and more importantly I will be able to show others how to become everything they want. It is a huge understatement to say that this is not your average course where you leave excited for a few days and then do nothing. The MKMMA has us participate from day one. I replace old habits with new habits that are geared toward the person I really want to be. These habits will be with me for the rest of my life.

MasterKey Experience Week 14

The movie I chose to watch is Rudy. This is a very inspiring story. It is a great example of beating the system with perseverance against all odds. Rudy had a lot of hardship in his life from working in the mill to losing his best friend in an explosion and then losing his girlfriend to his own brother. No one ever believed he would play for Notre Dame but that didn’t matter to him. He knew that he would someday play for their football team. Even though he only got in the game once, the crowd chanting for Rudy and him being lifted by his teammates was truly inspiring and to me this is one of the greatest sports movies of all time.