Masterkey Experience Week 12

Each week the progression continues. I can see clearly how the process is designed to not only get us thinking of not only that there is possibilities but those possibilities are unlimited. It’s getting to the point where I have no choice but to move forward with my cause. I learned last week that in order to have persistence I must have a Definite Major Purpose, A Positive Mental Attitude, A Plan Of Action and A Mastermind Alliance. I feel that I have the first three pretty much down and am working on the MMA.

As it says in this weeks lesson I must have the knowledge of my power, the courage to dare and the faith to do.  As the lesson states I will center my mental force on one specific thought and exclude all other thoughts. To keep from going backward I must keep moving forward. This is why it is so important for me to follow the steps shared with me each week. The progression must continue. I can be what I will to be and I will do it now. There are so many valuable lessons each week and this week is especially thought provoking.

Thought impregnated with love is invincible. I have learned that the law of love is the creative force behind every manifestation. I must sit in silence to find anything that I desire because it will only come from within. I have exactly the same potential which any individual ever did have or ever will have. It gives me kind of a surreal feeling as I come into this realization.


Master Key Experience Week 11

This was the week we were waiting for, the week when a lot of what we have been learning in the Master Key comes together. I know now that anything that we desire has to start with a cause. Once we have a cause then we have to have persistence and all persistence consists of is having a definite major purpose, a positive mental attitude, a plan of action and a master mind alliance. It now seems so simple but it also requires hard mental work.

I am still tweaking my DMP because as I go through this course I seem to be changing a little each day. As far as the positive mental attitude goes I have that down, as attested in my self assessment test this last week. It was like I am a completely different person then when I started the Master Key Experience. A huge change from where I was with the first test that I took at the beginning.

I’m working on my POA and MMA and I am excited for this journey to continue.

Master Key Experience Week 10

I have come to the conclusion that I am in the presence of Master Teacher’s. Each week I learn something new that is transforming my life slowly but surely. I still have the occasional doubts but they are now fleeting as they only stick with me for a brief moment. When this happens I immediately think of something positive which overrides the negative thoughts almost instantly. One word that works for me is “POWER” and another is “LOVE”. I have a long way to go to get to where I need to be but I am excited for the journey to continue.

This course, the Master Key is unlike anything that I have ever been through in my life. In the past I would go through something and I could maintain the positive attitude and excitement for awhile but eventually it would go away. I now realize that this is all by design, it is what I have been taught over the last many years. It is my old blueprint. I for the first time in my life am seeing how I truly can be anything that I want to be and do anything that I want to do.

When I think of my past I think of the movie Groundhog Day where the same thing kept happening over and over again. I now realize that I can build myself over entirely in a very short period of time and I don’t have to repeat those same bad habits over and over again. I will succeed as long as I concentrate on what it is that I want, as long it is for the good of everyone involved.

I know that I will have everything that I want LOVE, HEALTH & WEALTH because of my willingness and dedication to help others.

I am building a new foundation which gets stronger each day. I thank Mark J and Davene for this AMAZING journey. I also thank my Guide Luc for his encouraging words and support!

Master Key Experience Week 9

As I continue on my journey of trying to master the 7 day mental diet I see the vital role it has in developing the thoughts that are going to lead me to my ultimate destination of having full control over every aspect of my life

Knowing that I really do have the ability to substitute constructive thoughts for every destructive thought that tries to enter into my mind. I will overcome the old precedent of forming negative and change it to the experience that I wish to attain. As it said in lesson eight this is not something that I can accomplish by only focusing on the positive a few minutes a day, it needs to be a part of me, it needs to be the way that I live. I must exercise my imagination into constructive thought through the use of mental labor.

I am in the process of discovering each day how the power comes from within me, I can set the circumstances to achieve my ideal as long as I am faithful to it. The circumstances will materialize in direct proportion to the efforts I put into my mental efforts.

I can truly be anything that I will to be.


Master Key Week 8

Some points of week 7 that resonated with me.

Fog and Mist at Morning in the Lake Country

The personal or conscious has the power of will and choice and can exercise discrimination in the selection of methods whereby to bring about the solution of difficulties. It can therefore take the easy way out.

The impersonal cannot make such a choice of taking the easy way out because it is the origin of all power . It has infinite resources at its command and can and does bring about results which the individual mind can have no possible conception.

It is my choice and privilege to either depend on the human will with its limitations or I can utilize the potential of infinity by using my subconscious mind.

To develop this power within hard work is necessary and each week with the new assignments I can feel myself being tested. The mental labor that is required is much more work than physical labor but all I need to do is follow the process because it makes perfect sense.

First comes idealization, I have to know what I am wanting then comes the visualization. I must see the detail and once this is accomplished I need to materialize.

Part of the process is only having the thoughts that will bring me closer to those things that I want. Get rid of all thoughts that have any negative in them. I must think of the things I desire over and over again and It will manifest into my desires. I have millions of silent mental workers going to work the form of images that I have in mind. My subconscious mind will produce the material I need to build any kind of environment I want. It is truly amazing that I have realized that the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Earnest desire will bring about confident expectation and it can all be reinforced by firm demand. I must create ideals only and give no thought to external conditions. I must live by the world within.

The law of attraction can be used for negative or positive results. I chose to use it in the positive and therefore I will manifest the law of abundance.


Master Key Week 7

Things have really started taking shape in the last couple of weeks. Even though I have had a couple of ups and downs I can see myself moving in the right direction. The lesson last week about attention, concentration or focus puts it all into perspective. I can achieve anything that I focus my attention on.

This week we are working on the 7 day mental diet which is another of those challenges that has the potential of benefiting us a great deal. I know that when I can maintain only positive thoughts for a full week I am bound to be a much better person. I am trying to limit my time around anyone who might provide a challenge to my positive attitude which can be a little difficult when they are a family member but as it says in the reading only I can control how I react or feel based on the words or actions of someone else. I truly am in control of my own thoughts and I choose to be positive.

I am looking forward to the next 7 days and beyond because I know when I do this for a week it will become a part of me as the rest of the lessons have.


Master Key Experience Week 6



Scroll one in the Greatest Salesman was to me a lot about starting new habits and giving myself confidence that I can change my thinking for the better. It fits in with the new blueprint philosophy. I can happily say that even though I may have been late with my midday readings a few times due to the fact I was wrapped up in work, I still got all 3 reads in because I know my old self would have just said no big deal to missing a reading. My new self is very determined to follow through with the program as it is designed. As I had mentioned somewhere in the MKMMA before that I feel this is my best chance to get things right and actually accomplish my Definite Major Purpose in life. I feel like I am well on the way to doing just that. I still get a little overwhelmed with the new tasks each week as they seem like there are more and more but I realize this is necessary in order to program our mind to get things done. I always keep my promises.

The one thing that I am bringing forward from scroll one.

Now I’ve become the greatest of olive trees and in truth the greatest of salesmen

Time for Scroll two-I will greet this day with love in my heart!

Master Key Week 5

This was a big week for me in the World Within discovery process. In the past if I had been given an assignment that said to repeat “I can be what I will to be” I would have followed the assignment but probably with somewhat limited thought. I read the Master Key Week Four a couple of times before the true meaning actually sank in. When it did actually sink in it was an amazing feeling that the power is really “within me”. And “I” CAN BE WHAT “I” WILL TO BE.

Master Key Experience Week 4-Minor Setback

Even though I have given it 100 percent right from day one as I believe this is my best chance to find my true potential I found a person can still have the old blueprint come raging back into our life if we are not careful.

We moved this last week and we live on a very busy street. My wife let our 2 little dogs out before we were turning in for the night and she didn’t put them on their leashes. Even though they are almost 16 years old they still have a lot of energy. When she went to let them in they were no where to be found. I was quite angry at the situation as I was worried they were going to be hit by a car. Fortunately after yelling for them they did come back after about 20 minutes. I did not like reacting the way that my old self would have reacted and fairly quickly got back to the calmness that I have become accustomed to in the last few weeks. It is fitting that the week four lesson is about letting go of all anger and worry etc. It seems like each week the lessons have meaning to help with where I am at in life.

Each week the lessons at first seem a little hard to understand but as I read them over and over they begin to make more and more sense. This week I was overwhelmed with all of the new tasks we were required to do but I am always committed to do what is in the lesson and after completing them I realized that it was quite easy. I can see why the repetition is so important because building a new blueprint is a lot of work but so totally worth it.

I am discovering the World Within and it is so liberating!

Master Key Experience Week 3-Light came on.

Here I have been trying to come up with a DMP that is very similar to my current life with a few enhancements. I thought I was going in the right direction and then after this weeks webinar the light finally came on. I realized that what I always wanted in my life was to have something to do with the creative arts. When the first two words that jumped out at me in week 2 were Legacy and Recognition for Creative Expression I didn’t really know what that meant until yesterday (Week 3 Sunday Webinar). After reading the Greatest Salesman last night and retiring for the evening I couldn’t even get to sleep as I was excited to realize the things I have always wanted to do is Acting, Writing and Learning a musical instrument.

I have always said as a salesperson I am an actor because I have always been one to practice scripts so what better way to fulfill my acting desire then to learn some new skills and practice them until I am playing out the perfect movie of my life.

The writing part is also something that I have always wanted to do. I am big into books that provide inspiration and up until now I have never felt that I was worthy enough to live the  dreams of writing a book that could inspire others, but that has changed. I will be writing a book and the first page will be written on January 2nd 2020 with the book being published a year later to the day. I know that seems like a long time away but time goes by quick and I have some unfinished business to attend to first. Lets just say It is research and case history for my book.

As far as the musician thing is concerned. That is more to honor my Mom who passed a little over a year ago. She loved her music and I inherited a couple of her instruments so I would like to learn how to play them more for fun then anything else. Maybe sitting around a campfire singing some folk tunes with the family. That will come later once I accomplish a few things first.

I do have to say I have never felt the kind of emotion that I feel now. Watching Mark J and the emotional passion he projects in the videos is something special.