Week 10: Responsibility

I figured out years ago that the responsibility of my life rested with me.  That was good…I became the master of my own fate…and all these years later I have come to understand that living in responsibility is like those layers of the onion…I keep discovering more choices I didn’t recognize were mine.  And with each new decision I make I see so many more possibilities.  Sweet!

Week 5: Lots of love

Yes…love and total acceptance is required in order to embrace change.  Love for self and love for others…This past year has been unlike any other year in my life.  It has been  full of change and also acceptance.  I have been humbled in ways I can’t even begin to express.  I have learned who really has my back.  With with these people I will forge ahead and create the next chapter of my life.  A new day is coming and it is good!

Week Four: Oh, my this journey is full of surprises!

Though I find the pace of this course to be light speed, I am trusting that what I am able to do is enough to get me to the next chapter in my journey.  This is becoming a time of slowing down and reflecting deeply on all levels of life.  I seem to take action when the time is right, and my timing is always right!  I am living each day with my eyes open, and judgments set aside.  Who I am and what I want is ever changing, yet solid and reliable.  I am enough…

Week 4: So much to process

This is proving to be an experience where deep work is called for!  While I am much more productive in life, I am also much more reflective.  I am seeing where I have been stuck, and even beginning to understand why.  While that is very helpful, it is equally helpful that I am accomplishing things that have been on my to do list for quite a while!  Get it done…and do it now!

Week Three: Settling Down

What a week!  Some things are becoming part of my daily routine…reading, meditating, repeating, and paying attention to what surrounds me.  I am learning that I need to slow down and be more aware of the choices that I make.  At the same time, I need to organize so that I can be more effective and productive.  Each day I am making progress…

Week 2: Having fun and letting go!

In order for me to find my bliss…and rest in knowing where I need to be in this next chapter of life…I have a lot of shedding to do of outdated beliefs and routines that served me well at other times of my life.  In some ways it is like saying goodbye to old friends.  Letting go of old ways requires tending to feelings around loss so I can make room for new passions and new directions.  And it is so important to make sure that fun is a part of each day…take care of me and the rest will follow…

Here I go! Week 1

I am committing to deeper self discovery.  With each day I am more and more curious about what I will uncover.  I am so ready for this new journey of transformation, and I am so grateful to have guides to mentor me.  I look forward to discovering and creating a more complete life that I desire.  I may even find that I am already living so much of what is right for me.   I believe attitude is what makes the difference between ordeal and adventure.  I choose adventure!

I am not sure what will be more challenging…the technology learning curve or the process of self discovery.  If I were a betting woman I would bet on the technology learning curve right now!  So with excitement and some anxiety, I am taking off to the land of…”Attitude adjustment when needed here I come!”