Week 8

Here we are at week 8. Wow a third of the way through this course. It’s going soooo fast! It’s all beginning to make perfect sense. The dots are connecting. I am now reinforcing & bombarding my subby 24-7. I’m battering him from all different ways & angles, combining all of the different learning styles to keep him confused & submissive to my demands. He must obey my new blueprint and my new thoughts, feelings, beliefs & actions. He has no choice!  I can feeling the momentum growing and my mind is now beginning to understand and accept what is going on & why. I persist daily to make my visualization more & more clear & specific. I am emotionalizing my readings & out loud declarations. I am reinforcing the do it now as well as taking actions and always keeping my promises. This is very exciting! I am becoming what I will to be!

Week 7

Wow! We’re really moving at warp speed now. It’s all coming together bombarding my subby from all learning styles and angles. Subby will have to surrender and give me what I want. Started 7 days of no negativity today. That is going to be a big challenge I can see that right now. Had to restart 5 times already today. LOL I guess I have the negativity peptides in abundance. Good to know! Will really have to work on that but just like everything else I’ve learned so far I can choose how I react and feel towards things and now that I am very aware and conscious of it I can substitute positive feelings and create a new way of thinking and feeling and behaving. I’m excited about my movie poster and recording my voice to my DMP and press release and service cards. I’m feeling much more confident and engaged now. I am investing the time and energy and effort which can can only lead to success!

Week 6

Wow, we’re on week 6 already!  Hard to believe it’s been 6 weeks. It’s been very beneficial and productive. Moving at warp speed now. All this is starting to compound now with the shapes, colors, promises and following through and completing my weekly service commitment and linking my PPNs and DMP. I’m consistently following through with my daily readings and exercises and building new and empowering habits that push me towards my goals. I will be more observant and  link in my everyday interactions and life style. I have put up my guy in the glass and will be looking him in the eye everyday knowing I have to answer to him and give him my very best. I know my life depends on it! I really like the idea of bombarding my subby with all the the 7 learning styles and saturate subby so it has to follow my thoughts and directions and work for me and create what I want in my life. I will be creating my movie poster tomorrow. This is HUGE!  I am giving my best.

Press Release Robert Rysgaard

Robert Rysgaard on the record recalling his rise in the network marketing business.

National Supervising Coordinator, Robert Rysgaard of Market America recalls his challenges and his persistence which eventually paid off in his current stature in the network marketing industry.

It’s June 5th ,2020 my 15th anniversary with Market America. I am sitting here today in sunny Minneapolis with the temperature in the 70s at the Burch Restaurant at the corner of Hennepin Ave. and Franklin Ave. being interviewed by Julie Nelson of Channel 11 News. I am wearing a pair of white linen slacks and a bright blue short sleeve shirt and white deck shoes, befitting the nice warm weather and time of year.

It is an emotional day for me because I triumphed over adversity by being persistent and staying the course. I was selected to speak today about my experience in network marketing and to provide insight to the struggles as well as the triumphs of the industry. Network marketing didn’t come easy for me, it was honestly a struggle for me for many years. This was a completely new experience for me coming from a probation officer background. I had to learn the art of sales. I had to overcome my former life as an introvert. I had to learn the skills of the trade and be able to teach them as well as develop the leadership skills to be able to lead my team. I had to learn that rejection no matter how much it hurt was all part of this industry. I am so proud of myself and can”t stop smiling as I reflect back on just how far I have truly come as a person and a leader. I am so much more of a person than I was before I embarked upon my journey. I did the reading, I listened to the audios, I attended the seminars and I did so on a daily basis consistently and modeled this successful behavior for my team.

I achieved the level of success that at one time I could only dream about in my flights of fancy. I am now earning $10,000 a month in residual income. I now have both financial freedom and time freedom to do what I want with who I want and when I want. Life is so wonderful when you are not limited by income or belief.

Everything changed for me when a fellow Market America member introduced me to the Master Key Experience as she had completed the course and was now a mentor for the program. I am eternally grateful to her for reaching out to me and paying it forward. It transformed my life. I learned that I am good enough and have all the resources within me to be successful on any level I choose to play. I learned to reprogram my subconscious mind with a new empowering success blueprint and learned that I could manifest whatever I wanted in my life if I controlled my thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions. Instead of looking for special techniques or magic scripts  or that one prospect that would make me rich, I focused internally rather than externally because I learned that my external world mirrored my internal world. To bring about real change, I needed to change my inner world, the cause which bring s about the results, effects in the external  world. I crystallized what  I wanted in my life, the person I wanted to become, what would make me truly happy. I changed my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, which changed my actions which produced the results I was seeking. With time and effort and consistency I created new habits which have made me the success I am today.

I learned to be service oriented by giving without the expectation of reciprocity, I have really blossomed. I know that If I give unconditionally I will receive. My goal is to help as many others as I can  to discover what has been shown to me. That truly anyone with a burning desire and hard work can duplicate my success by learning the Master Key Experience  and taking right action. I want to make a difference and to leave a legacy. I contribute financially to rescue organizations to save as many rescued dogs as I can. I have been blessed to own a  rescued beautiful, faithful, loving 75lb. American Staffordshire Terrier who is my best friend and has brought me so much joy and laughter to my life.

I realized that as I became more and more successful that I wanted to live longer with a quality of life to enjoy my success. I made optimal health a priority and currently weigh 185ib. with 12 % body fat and enjoy boundless energy, the result of exercising 6 days a week, eating healthy and taking the right supplements. It’s been a wild ride, but one I would gladly do over gain and I encourage others to join me on the journey!



Week 5

Well week 5 is here! Wow this course is going by incredibly fast. I look forward to every Sunday to watch the webinar. There is definitely momentum building! It’s so exciting to be learning who you really are and creating new and original thoughts and designing a new blueprint for your success. This has been a real eye opener. It causes you to look really deep inside and have to confront the question, what is it I really want in life and what will make me truly happy? Who is the person I really want to be? Learning to actually think for yourself and determining what my real major definite purpose is and how can I serve others and produce the biggest impact on their lives. The law of giving without expectation and learning to receive. There is a lot to learn! It will be a test for me to not be judgemental and learn to just observe and not give advice or an opinion. This is really an incredible growth experience not getting caught up in and being part of the noise but blazing my own authentic path!

Week 4

There’s starting to be a rhythm and flow now to my weeks. I’m building momentum! Usually I’m now finishing my blog and survey and my DMP re-write on Sunday or Monday. I’m taking decisive action, do it now, and feel really great about it. Do it now philosophy and mantra is rapidly becoming an very beneficial and positively addictive new habit! The Karate Kid film clip was pure genius! It really helped me to understand and connect the dots about the exercises and how they relate. The new habits are multiplying and compounding while replacing the my non productive ones which did not serve me or my goals. I am making the most of my time and have become very decisive and efficient in my activities. This is an exciting journey which is only just beginning! Can’t wait to see who I’ve become and what I have accomplishes at the end of this course.

Week 3

Week three here we go! What a wild ride so far. Taking the first steps in a life long journey. That’s right. This maybe a six month course, but I’m all in for life! I plan to implement the positive mindset and invaluable knowledge I’m gaining to keep on growing and creating and practicing the great new empowering habits I’ve created along the way. This is a lifetime journey and commitment to myself and I always keep my promises. I will continue on my path towards self-discovery as it is never ending. I am surrounded by a whole mastermind community who are supportive and encouraging and beside me every step of the way on our journey together. We are individuals  and  we all have different Definite Major Purposes, but we are all on the path to our unique self-discovery. I realize now more than ever as I gain this new knowledge, just how much I don’t know. I love learning and what better things to learn than how to change your thoughts and beliefs that results in taking right actions and become all that you can and were truly meant to be and make your unique contribution to the world! Finding out who you are and what your specific gifts and talents are can impact your world and create a legacy  that is truly amazing!

Week 2 Master Keys Experience

Wow time is moving at warped speed! Week one down and week 2 is here already. Great webinar today chock full of good information. I am feeling much more confident and in sync with the flow as I now have a week under my belt and the daily reading and repetition is starting to kick in. I am overcoming my initial resistance and pushing through to meet the daily and weekly tasks. Feeling good about myself and my decision to embark on this journey and my commitment to see it through and not only complete it but push myself to focus my full attention and energy  and commitment to internalize and change me, my inner world and thus my outer world. So excited to see me in a few weeks and feel and notice how I have changed. They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear. It certainly seems that is happening to me. Thank you Mark and Davene!

Robert’s Blog

Week one for me at the Master Key Experience. Started out scrambling and feeling overwhelmed and excited at the same time.Pushed myself through my self imposed limiting beliefs and just focused on the tasks at hand. It’s works! I have already started the transference of the old to the new set of habits. Reading scroll one three times a day. Becoming disciplined and organized. We can all do more than we think we can and we have the resources within us when needed if we truly desire to succeed by drawing from them and taking action. I am very excited to be part of this journey and part of this group of people sharing this journey with me. Love someone pushing me towards my greatness. Thank you Mark and Davene and all of your staff and mentors for making this possible as well as the last group for paying it forward!