Week 7 Yahoo! My DMP is Final

Wow, after weeks of rewrites my DMP was given the final approval this week by my guide. I am so excited to see this finally done.

At first it was very stressful to think in those terms. I have never put something like this together before. Honestly it wasn’t until the 3or 4 rewrite did I enjoy working on it.

In the beginning I had the feeling this was a story about someone else. But as the weeks went by I started really getting into it. The more I made it mine, the more I believed it.

It feels so good now when I read it, that It I am inclined to start believing it, LOL

Week 7 Who Thought Saying I Love You Would Be So Tough

So with the addition of the mirror task, who thought saying I love you to yourself would be so hard. It has been tough these last few weeks because my subby has kept me down so long and not loving my self is what has gotten me to this point.

If loving myself were easy I’m sure a life of dreams would have been at least been partially fulfilled. Don’t get me wrong I love my wife, it took me a long time to even say that to her, have 4 great kids. I have been Mr. Mom for the last 12 years to them and it has been wonderful.

But, my dreams have always been that, dreams. I believe I can get there with MKE, but it is tough. I recently read soemone else’s blog on the blog roll and he seemed to have a very similar situation as me with the I love you to self.

It’s good to know I’m not the only one.

Week 6 This Was a Tough One

So a lot going on this week. Many new things thrown in. It seems that every week is something new added to the complexity.

I had a particularly tough week between the MKE and personal life. Lots of rotating plates going on and even had a few fall. The adding of the compass was interesting along with the magnifying glass.

It seems for me just as I am mentally getting comfortable, something new is thrown in. Obviously its by design. I just would like a week of maintaining. It must by my subby screaming resistance.

Week 5 – How Come Everyone Knows This Except Me

So this week we started reading Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Law of Compensation. First let me say I was confused at first. To me compensation means getting paid for doing a job.

Even when Mark was talking about it and said in our last webinar it’s “The more you give the more we get” “Give more get more” Sure I’ve heard those phrase’s a long time but I still wasn’t clear on it until I started reading the essay.

So what Emerson said is very much all about Yin and Yang. If you have night you have day, if you have happy you have sad. Emerson said ” The same dualism underlies the nature and condition of man” Holy cow how incredibly focused over 100 years ago.

Gees! even Og Mandino in his book “the Greatest Salesman in the World” says in chapter 8 “For it is another of nature’s laws that only a habit can subdue another habit” What the heck! Og in his wisdom knew this too! I have been reading that line for 4 weeks now and it only appeared after reading Emerson this last week.

So as I ponder the coincidence, is it really?, it makes me think how come everyone seems to know about this but me. The only way to change your our subby’s old ways for new is by replacing it with the new. If we try to erase our old subby without filling that empty space with new, it is a losing proposition.

Week 4 Oh Boy!

Oh Boy! what have I gotten my self into? that’s the question my subby keeps asking me. After last week when we changed from the word “chores” to “service” does it seem that this course is getting more serious.

My subby is screaming at me to end this course and my other self is telling it “Keep your shirt on we got this” Honestly, it is stressful for me to keep up with some issues with PTSD & anxiety. The reading I’m fine with because I’ve been reading 10 pages a day of self help books for years now looking for the “One Thing” But, its the index cards, DMP readings etc that is very different for me.

I have never done anything even close to what we are doing here. I have attempted to read in its entirety Think and Grow Rich several times over the years and never got through it. I tried to read The Master Key System on my own a few years ago and never got through it.

I’ve been through many motivational seminars and company conventions over the years, but I ‘m sure you know the feelings from those events don’t last but for a few days afterwards. Why because the subby is not involved when we go to those events.

I am in a battle here with my subby, mine has never been stood up to like I am here. It feels good, yet scary. My subby has been in control all my life and my anxiety peptides have helped my subby control me for many years.

I will wrestle and win against my old subby to accept the new subby and I know its going to be tough, but failure has been an option for me for many years. Today I take my stand!

Week 3 Something Is Happening!

So this week we were instructed to delete the word “will” in our The Greatest Salesman in  The World books.

What I have found is that it feels different, something is happening. I don’t know exactly what. I have been reading chapter 8, the First Scroll 3 times a day for about 3 weeks now and the words I am reading feel more personal.

I don’t know if its because I am reading around the black scratched out words or if it is actually taking on a new meaning in my subby.

It feels like I am reading a different chapter now. One that seems to call for action instead of just reading.

How about you? are the words feeling any different to you? maybe I’m crazy! LOL

All I know is that everything we have learned so far in these last few weeks from Mark and the Fabulous Davene are being reinforced from all of the self help, motivational books I’ve read over the years.

I even attempted a few years ago to read the The Master Key System and didn’t finish it. I’ve read the Success System That Never Fails, but like a motivational seminar I was back to the same old same old in a few days.

Just maybe this time for me it is like spring time, out with the old in with the new.

It is my awakening and this time I am ready!


Post # 2 Sundays Start A New Week For Many

Sunday for most is a day of church, family & sports, for me it used to be like that. What is different now, mine will be spent with the Master Key Experience, finding out what makes me tick.

I believe I am up to the challenge, because many have come before me and have found out a lot about themselves. So if those people can do it, then I can.

What’s makes it special is the webinar guidance by Mark J and the Fabulous Davene and all those associated with this course.  They have helped so many over the years find new beginnings using their own power within.

This amazing power we have inside has not been harnessed effectively because we have not had people to guide us and help us explaining the power within.

This past Sunday we started getting into the thick of things, learning how to train our mind with book readings and small baby steps(chores).

I look forward in 6 months to having a better understanding of the subconscious mind.  This knowledge will help my kids too.

Post #1 So It Starts

Wow, all I can say is Wow. This is my first post with the Mastermind Key Experience course and I am very glad to be here.

What is in store will be truly incredible and life changing.  If any of the past students experiences are an indication, then this is something I look forward to.

Getting the mindset of being a student again after all these years can seem daunting and scary. I know I can do it. As a firefighter for 18 years, now retired, this will help for the next chapter of mine and my family’s life.