Week 9 + 10

It is just incredible how much the universe throws at me. Between many investors coming in from Germany (which whom I need to spend the whole time – which is good as most will invest who take the time to come out) and my first dog passing away Sunday or the week 9 seminar (I had the incredible experience of her last breath) which threw me off I still was not able to watch week 9. What a shame. Another investor coming in whom I need to pick up at the airport 12/3 at 3 PM, right when the seminar starts. WTH…


Week 8

Finally just made it to my mom’s home in the Frankfurt area and enjoyed participating in week 8 seminar until midnight here .¬† I was over 1 week without the ability to watch any internet streaming session and very limited Internet via cellphone service. Having back-to-back appointments for 2 weeks now incl. weekends every day. No watching any TV, not any wasted time on the internet. Just going from meeting to meeting with my core business and my side business :-) .

I am not really an “Excusitis” guy and I am actually “walking the talk” in terms of getting it done (working my butt off to accomplish my dreams) but I still feel bad that I am a week behind (still need to watch week 7 :-( , I had no working internet last Sunday). Yes, I know, 99% is the “thinking” and only 1% the doing – however right now everything is falling into place as the appointments are all towards the purpose. I will find a way to listen to week 7 before I return back to the US on Friday. And hopefully caught up with all “homework” by Sunday…

Again many things are falling together, so cool to watch: Some non essential appointments fall off, therefore more core appointments show up out of the blue. Life is good.

The most spooky thing was one night I was barely able to sleep as I focused so intensely on the following day. One of the thoughts was bitcoin to reach a historic $7800 the following day. It felt so real but today Bitcoin barely passed $6900. So here comes tomorrow and as soon as Bitcoin reached $7400 I made my transaction. And 4 hours later (just before it plummeted), it actually did reach almost exactly $7800 !!! WOW – did I mentally influence that???

Then, out of the blue again, I got notice that I got bumped up in my side-business pay plan to a level which was “impossible” if you just look at “what is”. I may actually reach that totally impossible goal and make $5,500 in my first (!) MLM month from my new adventure. Maybe even closer to $10k, who knows :-) . In any case I totally attribute big parts to this training!

Week 5


Got some instant karma returning from the Houston trip (stuff like that just does not happen to me anymore):

My girlfriend was getting (very) upset about a very minor thing. It was so intense that not even 5 minutes later our car got rear-ended (all are well now after chiropractor).

Most people would not even see the relation between the event and the very bad attraction. But it was very obvious to me… Why else would that happen within minutes of such a negative thought with lots of emotion and not at any other time???

ok, let’s work on the press release next after revising the DMP again…

Week 4

Back on track. very good points this week.

I know and love the documentary “what the bleep do we know”.

The most incredible thing in there (but there are many) is how thoughts submit an energy field which is so powerful that it even will change the molecular structure of water…

So better control your thoughts as they will not only influence you but your surroundings as well – in both ways !

Week 3

This week was hard as I first have been in Mexico for medical treatment over the weekend, then had investors in town and managed a migration to Office 365 in the office which both lead to 18 hour days.

I admit that this week I skipped a few of the readings (and lunches) plain due to above time commitments. I am back on track now and did all chores.


Week 2

Observations for second call:

  1. I will keep shorter for now with major observations only.
  2. Still did not get a Marco Polo from any coach and still do not have any address to ping someone
  3. In the PPL exercise after the 20 seconds of silence what “felt” best was Liberty and Health, however my brain overrode Liberty with Spiritual. But then when I went down the list it did not feel right and I muscle tested all 5 and that confirmed that Liberty was the better one right now. And my perception of liberty was different then the definition what Mark came up with later (financial liberty) but I guess that is what it is… Hey, I am red after all…
  4. I now did not only focus on the screen but actually looked at the slides printout. Here I realized that they are not in synch with the actual presentation¬† and there are many fill-in’s. Hey – I will not know those in 30 days from now, so I better re-watch all and fill them out, otherwise the handouts are pretty useless.
  5. My initial DMP actually matched the PPL pretty well. Interesting…
  6. Already I got presented and started another investment opportunity which appears to be so incredible (like over 1000% gains in under 6 month actual record) that it may become the answer to financial freedom. I have never felt so excited before in my life… This could be for real…. But of course no details here.

Week 1 MKE 2017-09


So it was really a challenge to overrule the inner “schweinehund” – the inner swine dog (translated from Germany saying) to keep discipline and do the exercises, I admit I “failed” 3 times (or better found 3 chances to do it better).


But it is more fun now. Actually my reading speed (yes, I also admit that I did not read too many books lately) is significantly improving already. I can read much faster than I speak… Good start I guess, looking forward to increase it even a notch But Also a challenge with the many websites… But experience makes it easier…

Need to look good – or be honest?

I don’t care how I look in front of the class, only where I am now and how I can improve every time. So honesty to myself and openly admitting areas to improve I think is good.

For the “meditation”: The instructions say it is just sitting still, but isn’t the real goal to stop any resistant toughs and “stop” the brain from focusing of what I do not want and holding me back?

compliments to http://www.lawattractionplus.com/2012/12/wallpaper-quote-carl-jung.html

source: www.lawattractionplus.com

Law of Attraction @ work

Just this first week brought an unexpected boost: I had a $750 sewing machine on sale for a while with no serious customers, but after 3 days of the exercises a buyer came, bought it and I can hand-deliver it (instead of paying $150 for shipping) from Dallas to Houston as I need to go there in 2 weeks, anyway. See how good that works? I credit the exercises for that. Don’t get me wrong, I am actually pretty successful in my job and had the best year this year in over 15 years already! But I want to use this course to double that. So stay tuned… It feels like a huuuuuge stretch but I believe I can do it! (actually it is not me working so much rather instructing the universe to provide me the right opportunities to get there and releasing the resistance (the ants in my head trying to tell me I cannot do it)… The training does exactly that… Re-training the brain and mind to the new believe system.

picture from http://www.ancientsecretsofkings.com/go/?hop=stingnexus

source: www.ancientsecretsofkings.com

My color

By the way, I am a red.


Looking forward to Sunday, I guess week 2 will be even better.
source: www.powerofpositivity.com

source: www.powerofpositivity.com