The Master Key Experience Week 3

Finally I have found the time to blog!

It is Saturday, 14th.. 01.10 AM Moscow Time. What the time is in Hawaii, I have no idea, but I imagine the sun is gorgeous. It is cold, windy and wet here, which pretty sums up my week.

In my course application form, somewhere in some section, I was asked, something like

“What do you expect from the course?”

Part of my answer was, something like, (usually my memory is more precise but it is late :) )

“I want to be told how it is”

In other words, don’t pull any punches, if something is great, say it is great and if it is garbage, say… well you get the idea.

At least you know where you stand. So I wanted to use my own advice.

Week 3 was a bit of a car crash in that I just didn’t manage to tick off every single task each day. By Wednesday morning, I was feeling depressed about it. I didn’t read the scroll until that evening. But Og Mandino probably expected people like me to try and follow his words of wisdom and have a tough time adapting to his reading schedule!

“Today I begin a new life”

Those six words leapt of the page. I read them about 10 times and thought Og must have put that line in just for me :)

Look, I am still finding my feet and we are at the end of week 3. I don’t believe that I am the only one who is, but that doesn’t really matter I guess. One shouldn’t compare one’s self to others but I would appreciate a comment below if you had a similar week :)

If you are struggling, however, then just don’t beat yourself up over it. Just try and improve the next day.

I trust Mark J and the team. Why? I don’t know really why. I haven’t even met him. Just something inside me tells me to trust him. I KNOW this is all going to work out. The gut tells me.

I was out walking tonight, and Subby put this DMP business into my thoughts. I actually wrote down at the start of the week on a piece of paper the following:

“My Subconscious mind tells me what my Definite Major Purpose is”

I read it twice a day. At least I was consistent in something.

It was a last throw of the dice moment, as my conscious mind didn’t seem to have a bloody clue. So some feedback appeared tonight but, I still don’t know what my DMP actually is yet but I know I need to do more editing.

I just feel the DMP that I have is just not going to get me jumping out of bed in the morning.

Most of it is cement thinking. Words are on the DMP submission because I felt that was what was expected. Who expected them? I have no idea.

Charity and large houses are great and of course it is important to contribute but but but….

So just some thoughts.

Sorry I am not jumping and screaming about how wonderful the whole process is going.

Sorry that I haven’t found the time to make my blog more attractive to the eye with some inspirational photo.

Sorry I am not able to share some wonderful story that happened to me this week and I have fantastically, somehow related it to this Experience.

Us Brits are famous for apologising :)

What I am not sorry about is my participation in this process. I do love it. I love the game.

Keep digging!






Week Two of The Master Key Experience

I am still here! Phew!

It has been a challenging week but I feel strong.

Change is hard, or is it? I find myself questioning things more and more these days. Anyway,  it seems The Universe loves order and routine. The term “day to day life” come to mind.

Life has thrown me some pretty tough situations in the last few days. I guess some inner rebellion to this course work is starting to manifest itself in such a way. Some force or whatever is trying to dissuade me that this effort to change is best put to bed.

I have read some comments from other course members expressing some similar battles so I am just normal I guess :)

It is easy to quit but I believe it is just as easy to stick to the plan. Why does sticking to a plan have to be ‘difficult’? Who decided that?

I find treating this like a game helps me as I love games!

The material we have covered in the first couple of weeks is foundational stuff.  When I see construction work in this phase it looks ugly, dirty, and I am  often wondering what is being built. What the new flats will look like, etc etc…

I am still wondering what I am building within me! I am excited to see!

I am still digging but with a smile!


Week One of The Master Key Experience

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ~ Emerson.

Ralph Waldo Emerson certainly makes a bold claim, however, after reaching the end of week one of the Master Key Experience, I am finding it difficult to suggest that Emerson was exaggerating :)

This is Week 1 of 26 and already I am having to follow the advice of the course co-creator Mark Januszewski, AKA Mark J, and dig deep!

So what is the Drama?

The first assignment is the Definate Major Purpose or DMP for short. What ever way you say it, it is a scary piece of work to compile for the first time. Writing what you want your ideal life to look like using a maximum of 400 words, was challenging enough, but knowing it was going to reviewed and commented on by strangers, well, Mr Procrastination was never far away.

The second assignment is to set up a blog, which is easy per se. The ‘fun’ starts when you have to publish something on it! As you can read, another first for me.

The third assignment is to complete a short feedback survey. Okay, this one is a walk in park. Phew!

In addition, there is a daily reading requirment, from sections of the timeless books, The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino and The Master Key System by Charles F Haanel. ThIs is enjoyable, but it will require some discipline and some of the reading has to be done aloud with feeling and enthusiasm, which may have people around you questioning your sanity :)

Can you sit still for 15 seconds without the need to check if your friend has posted a photo of their breakfast on Instagram or share the latest cat clip on Facebook?

For sure we all get distracted, which is why “The Sit” is the hardest task of the week without doubt in my opinion.

What is “The Sit”? you are probably asking.

Well, Haanel sets a weekly exercise in his book, that must be practiced each day and ultimately, mastered.

The task this week is to sit perfectly still for 15-30 minutes. I recommend to do this alone at home but don’t choose a chair that is overly comfortable as you will probably just doze off like me. After a few days, you get a grip on it and I found myself enjoying listening to all the nonsense that flies around my head.

Look, The assignments this week have left me overwhelmed at times and a little depressed. Have I read the books and sat still on my backside each day? No chance! But I am not going to beat myself up over it. Rome wasn’t build in a  day…

The journey has just begun…

Digging deep!