Master Key Experience Week 4 – Look at Subby Go!

So… I made a realization a few days ago. As I mentioned in my last post, I had been having some difficulty with focusing on my intention (what I intend to accomplish/achieve) and letting my subconscious mind fill in the method of how to accomplish it.

What I realized is that I actually DID that already, and IT WORKED!

A month or two before starting the Master Key Experience (MKE), I began working through the Think and Grow Rich program. It was then that I first began formulating my definite major purpose (DMP), and part of that DMP was having perfectly visible and defined abdominal muscles (six pack abs) on or before December 1st of this year, 2017.

I hadn’t previously taken definitive action towards this goal other than trying (sometimes) to eat more healthy, and following Tim Ferris’ Slow Carb diet loosly for 2-3 weeks.

Before starting on this MKE, but after having that DMP started and reading it daily (three times a day was a struggle at the time, but I got it in 1-2 times a day), I was browsing the fitness aisle at my local library, looking for books on calisthenics, when “The Virgin Diet Cookbook” stood out to me. It wasn’t what I was looking for, but it stood out to me and as I scanned it briefly it had some very interesting points about how intolerance to one or more of several supposedly healthy foods are the cause making people sick and fat.

I put the book back but over the next couple weeks it kept coming back to my mind, so I checked out “The Virgin Diet”. I got the book and started the diet not for the fat loss it promised, but for the possibility of getting rid of the frequent headaches and stomach pain/discomfort I suffered from.

It was quite a transition, giving away almost all the foods we had with those 7 intolerance foods listed as ingredients, and switching over to organic or at minimum non-gmo foods. Thankfully my wife decided to do the diet with me to see if it could help her have more energy.

I’ve been dutifully 100% compliant to this way of eating for just under seven weeks, now, and I’m in the middle of testing the last high food intolerance food category to see if I am indeed intolerant to it, which is dairy.

Typically my weight has been between 140-150 pounds, and I’m not entirely sure what weight I started this diet at, since I didn’t get a scale and start weighing myself until I was a few weeks in. Regardless, today my weight is 127 pounds. The lowest I remember my weight ever being. No, my abs are not yet perfectly visible and defined, but they’re getting gradually closer and closer. I’m very curious to see what weight is required to get to that point.

So, the point of all that is, that I developed my intention (perfectly visible and defined abdominal muscles) wrote it down in the present tense, as if it was a current reality, repeated it aloud at least once daily, and visualized mentally how my body would look. All this, having no thought of what my exact method to accomplish it would be. Then, I was directed subconsciously to the method which I am using (the virgin diet) and my daily and now religiously three times daily, out loud repetition of this intention has bullet proofed my resolve and provided nearly effortless 100% compliance to the diet which is bringing me closer and closer to a manifestation of my desire. BAM.

The greatest thing about his realization, is that it provides me with evidence that this method does indeed work. I had been doing the daily exercises with faith that it would work. Hoping it would work. Believing that it should work. And now I know that it works, and will begin to know more and more as I continue.


I’ve also been making some great connections with my daily reading this week, and making great strides on the linking of shapes and colors to my DMP and index cards.

I’m LDS, and it’s very interesting for me to see the truths and principles related in the “Master Key System” and “The Greatest Salesman”. I’m finding they align with and add perfectly to what I already know to be true, although they use slightly different words.

I’ve been putting more conscious effort into linking shapes and colors, and some of it is starting to come back to me from the subconscious.

I’m currently working as a petition circulator to get a couple of issues on next years state voting ballot. I go door to door to collect signatures, using an app on my phone that shows on a map where registered voters are. And there’s a decent amount of swimming pools in people’s yards on the map. And what is a swimming pool on a map? A BLUE RECTANGLE! So every time I see those swimming pools I’m immediately reminded of my DMP and index cards, and I mentally remind myself of the parts of my dmp and index cards that don’t currently come automatically upon seeing the blue rectangles.

I’m pretty sure that’s everything I had to share. I’m very surprised and impressed with the length of this blog post. I’m a naturally quiet person and almost always prefer to listen to others rather than talk myself, so this is quite an accomplishment. Hopefully I haven’t been too rambly and maybe I even managed to keep your interest enough to read the whole entry.  Either way, thanks for visiting!

Choose Love,

Nephi House

Master Key Experience Week 3 – The Cart Belongs Behind the Horse…

I realized while I was watching the week 3 webinar last Sunday that in some ways I was still putting methods before intentions in constructing my Definite Major Purpose (DMP).

How do you put methods before intentions?

Let’s say Bob Jones decides that he wants to go on a vacation. He would love to visit Hawaii to relax on the beach while sipping pina coladas. He looks in his savings account, sees $200, exclaims “I can’t afford Hawaii” and decides to go to a local aquarium. This is putting methods before intention.

Bob’s cousin Rob decides that he wants to go on a vacation. He would love to visit Hawaii to relax on the beach while sipping pina coladas. He looks in his savings account, sees $200, exclaims “I don’t know how, but I’m going to Hawaii!” He then writes a short and yet detailed description of this vacation, in present tense with feelings and the five senses incorporated, as well as the date of the vacation. He reads this description out loud to himself with enthusiasm three times a day, and begins taking steps towards achieving this desire. This is putting intention before methods, and is the exact opposite of how most people make their decisions in life. 

 Most people look at the methods to determine the possibilities, and if the methods don’t exist they declare the intention impossible. The dreamers, the movers and shakers, the people who change and innovate and create all the major improvements in our world, all believe impossible to be simply a misspelling of the words “I’m possible”.

Choose Love,

Nephi House

Master Key Experience Week 2 – Cause and Effect?

It’s only week two and already I’m noticing some big improvements in my life. I’m building self confidence by making and keeping promises.

I’m waking up much earlier than I need to (5 am) each day to accomplish my top priorities for the day.

First, I work on my progressive calisthenics program (part of my personal pivotal need of true health), then I do my daily reading and sitting, followed by scripture reading.

Next I work on a Peaceful Parenting course that I’m going through, and finally, assuming my children are still asleep, I work on the tangible requirements for the MKE course.

As I read the Master Keys and Greatest Salesman in the World each day, I’ve been noticing a trend in my life.

Certain phrases are sticking out as I’m reading, because I’m realizing that they are already starting to take effect in my life.

I felt great yesterday, and was even more patient and loving with my children than usual, and come to find out, there were some phrases in my reading along those lines.

I sometimes have difficulty linking the correct cause to an effect, but it seems pretty clear that my mind is absorbing what I’m reading and repeating out loud and “manifesting” those principles in my life.

Mark J, the head trainer on the course, got us started overcoming procrastination on the last webinar by repeating out loud 25 times, twice a day, “do it now”.

So now whenever I’m considering procrastination I hear Mark’s voice in my head saying “do it now!” and I do it now.

We’re also working on linking blue rectangles that we see around us to our personal pivotal needs, (mine are true health and spiritual growth ) the fact that we always keep our promises, the fact that we do it now, and to a simple chore we did/have done that is the beginning of building integrity with ourselves in our ability to make and keep promises.

I really like the idea and believe it will turn out to be highly effective, as it is already beginning to improve my self confidence and happiness.

The hard part for me is linking the shape and color to those things, so I’m intentionally working on observing my surroundings and saying out loud to myself what I’m linking it to.

I’m hoping that will also become automatic as I continue to make that effort.


Choose Love,

Nephi House

Master Key Experience Week 1 – Who am I?

So far the Master Key Experience (MKE) is excellent!

At first it looked like a lot of work but I’m realizing there’s not as much to do as I thought.

I’ve started getting up at 5 am every morning to work on my calisthenics program and get my MKE reading in.

It’s crazy how much better and more awake I feel getting up and doing those things, compared to when I sleep in and feel tired all day.

I don’t know how that works.

Part of my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) that I’m developing for the MKE involves losing some fat so that I have perfectly visible and defined abdominal muscles.

I’ve been following the Virgin Diet for three weeks thus far, and it’s fun to see my weight get progressively lower.

I’m not currently and have never been overweight by any means, but I’ve had a “goal” for years of making those abdominal muscles visible.

I typically hover between 140-150 pounds and today I’m weighing in at 133 pounds.

I’m guessing that I will have reached my desire when I weigh 125 pounds, although it may end up higher or lower.

Another part of the MKE is sitting stone cold still for 15 minutes each day.

I’ve actually been doing that for a little over a month, and it’s definitely getting easier with time.

This last week is the first time that I haven’t had my muscles feeling an uncomfortable, sometimes even painful desire to move during those 15 minutes.

Yesterday and today I’ve managed to stay completely still except for a couple of head nods as I start to fall asleep then catch myself.

I’m very excited to continue this journey of self discovery and I’m curious to see who I will become. :)

Choose Love,

Nephi House