Week 7 – I greet each day with LOVE in my heart…

How hard could that be? I live in L.A., the city of angels. Love is all around me, like when I take the kids to school in the morning and the mom who just burned her lips on her latte is giving me the number one salute because my kids aren’t exiting our vehicle fast enough.


Or the guy walking his dog down at the beach “forgets” his obligation to pick up after his dog… I didn’t step in it this time! :)


I held the door for a woman and she looked at me with shock and then gave me a VERY warm, “Thank You!”

<no need to reset… carry on>

I got to play racquetball and LAUGH my _ _ _ off with a good friend.

<gotta keep this heart full of love thing GOING!>

It IS a GREAT DAY. PLENTY of love!

Week 6 – Focusing the Attention

So!! Focus. PHEW! That IS hard. SQUIRREL! Okay, so sit quietly and focus the mind. How hard could that POSSIBLY be.

Go in my room, close the door… Breathe. Focus. Concentrate.

“DAD, can you help me with…”

ugh. Okay. Do over. Post sign outside of room. “Meditating. Please do not disturb.” Breathe. Focus. Concentrate.

(screaming. shrieking. squealing.)

ugh. Okay. Do over. <insert earplugs> Breathe. Focus. Concentrate.

I got this…



Week 4 – Delving into the Subconscious Mind

So, WOW! This is an interesting journey. As I have been reading personal development books for the past five years, I have learned much about the subconscious mind. I have not  APPLIED the lessons like I have been doing during the MKE. This course is SO beneficial. Having teachers, coaches and guides to hold my hand and direct my study and discovery is AMAZING. I am SO grateful for their assistance.



So part of it is the intent, part of it is the phrasing, and a BIG part of it is the EMOTION attached to it ALL… It’s so cool to approach this task with guidance. I am eager to see how this all works out!



Week 3 – Settling into a new positive habit

It is always exciting to find a new “edge” (sorry Davene (;  ) that helps me through life. I am reading The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. Reading personal development is not new to me so I comfortably absorb the information and apply what seems to stick. The difference this go-around is the variation… to read the same 6 pages three times a day for thirty days…. Each time as I read the scroll (there are ten scrolls that each teach a different lesson), I catch a little something in the text that gets emphasized by a different tonality in my voice. This scroll is about forming new positive habits to replace old negative habits. This stuff TOTALLY makes sense when you give it time to do its thing!

good habits


Make it simple. Pick something you can do regularly. Pick something that has an OBVIOUS benefit (not necessarily IMMEDIATE, but obvious). Do that thing and celebrate the win. Keep doing it and keep celebrating.

Week 2 – The MKE starts to take flight…

WOW! So amazing to settle back into a student mindset. Studying deliberately, on schedule, with assigned material is different. Not good or bad, just different. Having assignments for introspective thoughts and progress is almost liberating. It is not my job to MEASURE the growth, it is just important to DO the project. Make the progress . Move the ball forward.

see, its funny because...

see, its funny because…

This week my Definite Major Purpose is taking shape. It is not as lofty and grandiose as past goals in personal development. It is a shorter timeframe and more conceivable than past efforts. I have someone reading it and coaching me on its development. SUPER POWERFUL. I am excited. This “class” seems more “real” (those quotes are for the Fab D) than any other activity in which I have participated. It is one thing to read book after book. It is another to go on a journey with new friends and all have the same type of goal.