MasterKey Experience:Week3

For week 3 we had to wright down another chore and date it! I’m proud of myself I accomplished all the tasks. I constantly was thinking of them that I really had to do them, I promised it!! The reading of the GS becomes a real habit, I take the book everywhere with me. I can already close my eyes and read some things by heart.

Masterkey Experience week2

I’m a bit late with writing my blog for week 2…. already experiencing week3.

After the webcast of Sunday I did all the homework and made my 2 cards with the Colors as asked.  To be honost…. we had to sign the cards with “I always keep my promesses“ and I didn’t….. and I feel very bad about it…. the colours we had to add, I don’t see the interest, it doesn’t trigger me.

I still feel myself incapable to change myself and my self esteem in the company of other people. But I don’t give up!! For this week we have to add our own movie on the DMP card, still working on that! Will tell you about the outcome of this on my next blog!

have a great remaining week

MasterKeyexperience Week1

Waaaaaw, what a week!

After getting everything ready for the start of the course on the 24th, the travel began…..

A journey to change our habits and to dare to dream of what we really want from life.

Very motivated I started but I have to admit that it is not an easy task to follow.  All the paperwork is overwhelming and the required reading  is a real training!

But it is like they say, it is a work of endurance and changing habits! YES!