MKE Week 16 Kindness

This week is all about kindness. Do or say something nice to someone. I have never been this kind in all my life. I paid for somebody’s coffee, I hug a co worker at work, I gave a ride to a complete stranger. All of this has to do with the law of growth. The Bible even says love one another as you love your self.  I am learning it’s not all about me. Help someone and see if you don’t get it back ten fold. This has made me to be a more likable person.

Also it’s about the heroes journey. Last week we had to watch a movie and pick out the 4 habits that we need to instill.  This week let’s look at the hero, and what he has to do to answer the call to take the journey. Everybody is called, but few decide to answer the call.  Going from the known to the unknown is very scary. If you have mentor to help you along the journey makes it a lot easier to take the journey. I’m the long run, it is better for me to accept the journey. It has drastically changed my life. Until next week.

MKE Week 15 Flash Cards are your Friend

This week we took 30 index cards and started to write out different successes  that you have accomplished. Once you have filled out all thirty cards, then go back and add the four shapes that we used in the beginning. This will use the law of growth. This will help you a lot quicker in reaching you goals.  It will let you realize what your potentental is.

We also have to do a make over using 11 different words and then rate them 1 to 11. Then you will pick a word and then mark down how many times you see that word. Keep track and record these on a weekly basis.

The holidays are over and it is time to stop making excuses and just do the damn thing. Keep the focus on the main thing. Until next week.

MKE Week 14 The Movie “Rudy”

This week we had to watch a movie that was on a list in the lesson.  I chose the movie Rudy. The assignment was to pick out the 4 habits that we are trying to change our blue print. The 4 habits to look for was DMP, PMA, POA, and MMA.

I was fortunate to meet the real Rudy. The company that I’m working with had him as a speaker.  His story is truly an inspiration to all.

This story is about a kid that has a burning desire to play for Norte Dame football team.  This is his DMP (Definitness Major Purpose). The way he did was to get on the practice squad for his time at school. This was POA (Plan of Action).  While he played on the practice squad he was always passed over to suit up for any game. No matter what they threw at him, he was able to overcome.  This was his PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). He worked as a ground keeper and had a mentor that encourage him to chase his dream. This was his MMA (Master Mind Alliance). He never gave up and as the last game of his senior year came.  He was able to suit up. Not only suite up he was actually able to play and see his DMP come to fruitation. This movie shows what persistence and believing in himself. Until next week.

MKE Week 13 One Sentence DMP

This week we were to describe our definite major purpose in one sentence. This is hard to put into one sentence.  I have gone over this for two weeks trying to come up with a one sentence. I finally wrote down my sentence and gave it to my wife and she crossed out some words and handed it back to me.

The one thing I knew I wanted to do is help others.  The problem was that while going through this I didn’t believe in myself. The old blueprint coming back into my life. I wasn’t loving the man in the mirror. So what did I have to do to get back to my new blueprint. I have to do the exercises everyday, I have to love the man in the mirror for me to be able to help others.

So with the holidays this was very hard, I had to be persistent in following my DMP.  Is it hard…yes.  Is it worth it…absolutely. Until next week.

MKE Week 12 Put your Self in your Dream

This week we are using the 7 laws of the mind. The first is the law of substitution. The thing is if you don’t want to think about something  you actually think about it. The way to overcome this is to put yourself in that situation using all 5 of your senses. The most powerful one is smell.  You can think back like a time something special. You will instantly remember if you smell something that will trigger that moment. This will put you in new reality.  Using all 5 senses makes a vivid picture of your new reality. By using this substitution, you are using at the same time, the Law of dual thought. The subconscious doesn’t know the difference between an experience that happened in the past than an experience that is in the future that hasn’t yet happened.

We‘ll talk about the remaining laws at a later date. Until next week use the law of substitution using your 5 senses.


MKE Week 11 Connecting the Dots

This week we have started to connect the dots. The new blueprint is working and the changes I have noticed are astounding.

The four tiny habits are starting to pay off.  First is definite purpose, second is a plan of action, third is positive attitude, and fourth is masterminding with others. The byproduct of this is persistence. The only way to get it, is to build your character. All the exercises we have done has led up to this. To always keep our promises. To help others without any monatary gain. To be the observer, not to critize anybody. To have a new outlook on life.

Think of the monarch butterfly.  Their only purpose is to fly to their migrating place in Mexico.  All they have to do is flap their wings. The thing is they flap their wings for thousands of miles.  That is their character. That is persistence

Now if the creator made the butterfly’s to endure that journey how much more do you think he will do for you.  All you have to do is believe you can do it, and with this course. It will teach you how by connecting the dots. Until next week.




MKE week 10 On My Own this Week

This week there was no webinar.  We had to do it on our own.  This is where the new blueprint over rides the old.  The old self would have had to be pushed to do this as a requirement.  I now embrace the the new blue print. I’m able to be a self starter without having to be told or to be as a requirement.

I took a self assessment test when I started this course.  I have scored 10 points less.  This is a good thing because the lower you score the better your new blueprint will be.  This is a great accomplishment.  I will celebrate this achievement like I just won the lottery.  This is because I have finally unlocked the key to fear and timidity.

With all the exercises that I do, I now am in full control of my life.  No longer do I blame others.  I’m always the observer, never criticizing anybody. This is a great feeling not to argue anymore with my wife, kids, and coworkers.  It is true “the world within is the world without.  Until next week.


MKE Week 9 Left Brain, Right Brain

This week we learn that there is no difference between left brain, right brain. There is science to back this up.   The thing is, that we learn on both sides of our brain. We are teaching our brain on both sides. No one is left brain, right brain. It is just favored processing styles. The Corpus Callosum can be thought of as bridge between the two hemispheres, or as the highway in the brain upon which information passes from one side of the brain to the other.

The function is to connect the left and right side of the brain. The two hemispheres are physically separate and their only connection is the Corpus Callosum, a thick white band of nerves deep within the brain.  It allows the two hemispheres to communicate and coordinate their activities.

This allows you to use R2A2.

Recognize, Relate, Assimilate, and Apply.

Mastered so one becomes the superior observer.

Push yourself to understand this. Remember? Methods vs  intentions. if we live by intentions. The subconscious will find and create the methods.  Until next week.



MKE Week 8 Looking at Things Differently

Week 8 is beginning by looking at things in a different way. Be the observer and look at things in different ways.

First look at it in the way you use to look at things.  Then look at at with a new prospective. Look at it with your heart instead of looking with your eyes.

How can you go back on your dreams, it’s true it is the sin of the desert – holding back water for someone who needs it and you know you have plenty,  It is the worst crime you can commit. On who? Yourself.

Even if I get behind, I have a strategy now. And I can quickly get myself back on the wagon. I know reading Og, Haanel, doing the sit, and the other exercises that relaxes my mind to know that what I need to do is in place.

To be more committed to this practice. It was suggested to turn the TV around and not watch it, but this week it was also suggested that you cut the cords.  This way your not tempted to turn around the TV and watch it. This is the hardest thing for me to do.

If you do you will realize how much more time you have to do ther things  that will lead you to your dream life. Until next week.




Week 7 MKE Say it with Music

This weeks lesson was how we subjected our subconscious to different ways of getting information in.  The first way is spatially, this is done by shapes and colors. Second is mathematically, not by adding or subtracting, or doing math equations, but with dates.  Interpersonally,  Intrapersonal,  Linguistically,  Athletically, and the last and favorite one is Musically, this done by taking a positive song (music only) and record your plan of action and Definite Major Purpose over the top of the music. Then play it back at your leisure. Your conscious mind will hear the music, but your subconscious picks up on the the positive flow of the POA and DMP.  It’s a wonderful way to teach your subconscious a new way to learn along with the other six ways.  I’ll be listening to this for the rest of my days.

Have you ever had a negative thought that you could not get rid of.  Try substituting it for a positive thought.  If that doesn’t work, try a 7 day mental diet.  It goes like this, you want to get through 7 days without a negative thought, or having an opinion.  If  you have a negative thought more than 7 secs. Start over!  If someone cuts you off in traffic and you hold on to that thought more than 7 secs.  Start over.  Be the observer like I said in week 5.  Anything negative, or opinionated start over!  You’ll find it hard to do, but once you see the awareness you develop.  It becomes easier.

For me I have more awareness and I’m able to substitute my negative thought for a positive thought. Using the law of substitution.  Try it and see if you don’t have a more positive outlook on life.  Until next week.