Had an awesome day even though it was hectic! What really stood out was my 30 minute sit. I had a Holy Spirit moment when I was taken back to my martial arts days. My Hapkido master was a master of Ki, internal power(in Chinese it’s Chi). Every class started with 5 minutes of meditation and once class started, the first thing we did was Dan Jun breathing. The breathing was slow deep breathes, taken in through the nose, filling the lungs, lowering the breathe to a point 3-4 inches below the navel, where you held it and then exhaled through the nose. Depending on the instructor, determined how long each of the three steps took; it could be 5-20 seconds for each. We had predetermined movements we did in conjunction with the breathing as well as stretching; being flexible is very helpful as a martial artist. Our master also taught hour long Ki meditaion classes at 6AM during the week. The movements were slow with the Dan Jun breathing and in the first weeks session it was all movements with breathing; very challenging. The Ki meditation classes were for everyone not just Hapkido students. People came with specific problems looking for a remedy and some, THAT STUCK WITH IT, got their desired results. So today I did, for the first time in many years, Dan Jun breathing before my sit and it made a HUGE difference! I was as relaxed as overcooked spaghetti…what a feeling! Look up Dan Jun breathing and there are videos, try it but you have to do it for at least 5 weeks before you’ll feel comfortable but I am certain it will be beneficial for staying focused and relaxed during your sit and life.

The folks that came to the master for help and that stuck with it got the results they were looking for…isn’t that the same for us in this Master Key Experience?

Blessings Mad Dog!


 Thoughts for This Week

I’m sitting outside, on a deck off of my bedroom, full moon, 74 degrees…WOW…not bad for the Midwest in October! My experience with this class, so far, can be summed up in one word: captivating. This is it, the most important thing I can be doing and everything else, although important, is stuff, tasks. It feels like a mountaintop experience but a large portion of our growth comes when we are in the valley; we have to be challenged to grow.

Before enlightenment: Chopping wood and carrying water. After enlightenment: Chopping wood and carrying water. I had a bona fide master share that one with me and he has a degree in enlightenment! So even for the enlightened there are ordinary things and times and experiences. But if we do become enlightened don’t those ordinary things become special? The Japanese tea ceremony, takes a mundane activity and makes it art, focused mastery…a thing of beauty. Maybe there are no ordinary moments! Isn’t that the one of secrets the peaceful warrior discovered? When we do our sit and focus on our breath, in stillness, aren’t we a step closer to the Divine? If we can control our breath we can control our emotions. SHUT UP! No it’s true and if we can control our emotions isn’t that going to make getting the right messages to Subby easier and more efficient?

When a soldier spends time in a war zone and has been in country for multiple tours of duty, the first tour is going to require constant attention to everything going on around them; their head needs to be on a swivel. Your life and the lives of your comrades depend on your diligence. By the second tour it requires less attention because it becomes a part of you. Eventually it is you; it is automatic, wound up with your DNA. We are in a war zone and there are booby traps and mines all over the place. Most people don’t really understand that they are in a constant battle but we should. Our destiny’s are in our hands and in the hands of our comrades in arms…we have each other. And we will need all the help we can get because every time a chunk of concrete falls off there will be a tuck pointer ready to cover up the gold if we let them.

I watched the supplement to lesson 1 several times tonight and it is really cool. At the end of the clip there was a statement and a question: That’s Quan. Who’s your Ambassador? I think a better question is: Who will I be an Ambassador to? Another is how good of an Ambassador will I be? You can’t give what you don’t possess…possess it and spread the Quan!

Mad Dog mellowing out!