Week #4 MKE – Survival skills

Growing up as a child and the end of the cold war, I remember having to participate in exercises on what do to if a nuclear bomb went off.  I was in grade school at the time.  It had an impact on me.  So much so, I started asking myself questions:  How will I really survive if it was only up to me?  How to I find my family?  How will I eat?  What would I eat?  What about surviving the elements through a cold harsh Canadian winter?  Sad eh?

So much for living and looking forward to the future of abundance through the eyes of an innocent child.  Okay, a bit dramatic here.  I had a great childhood and growing up, but there was that seed planted and taking shape…

Moving forward a few years, I started going on a yearly week long trek into the wilderness….no cell phone, fax, pagers, internet, traffic, etc.  I wanted to learn how to survive in Mother Natures untouched world.  I had a little help as I went with experienced family members.  I was still afraid.  Afraid of the unknown.  I learned the basics.  How to make tea from pine needles, how to gather wood and make a fire for warmth, how to make a cup out of birch bark.

I’ve now been going for about 17 years.  I love the experience!  I am comfortable walking around in ‘Gods’ Country’….miles and miles and miles from civilization.  It’s evolved for me on my ‘why’ for going.  To learn survival skills, then to ‘unplug’ from a crazy busy life, now – to walk in nature, breathe in the cool crisp air, to feel the sunshine, or rain, or snow on my face.  You see,  I’ve realized that it’s with Mother Nature that I find and feel peace.

Something is changing though.  I am about to embark on this yearly trip with some resistance.  Now that I am awakening the world within through the teachings of the Master Key Experience, I am questioning 2 things:  my why/dharma and how can the MKE be taught to children.  There is a little birdie sitting on my shoulder named Mark J.  I hear him saying in a lot of things I’m participating in now – “What do you REALLY want?!”  I’m not sure if I really want to embark on this trip anymore.  My heart sings with travel and nature, yet I really want to explore the world and experience new things.  Also, now that I now the associations with words, what is this survival thing?  All I need is within.  So, moving forward with my next thought is how can this be taught to children so they can ‘survive’.  Better word – instead of survive – THRIVE!  MKE for kids……I’d love to help out on this kind of project!

I’m shortly off for my yearly trek in nature, I’ll let you know how it goes now that I have the Master Key in my back pocket.







Growing – MKE Week #3

This past week I have really noticed some changes going on around here…first in my thoughts.   I am having great feedback instead of the negative commentary my mind is used to giving me.  With this, I really feel like I am growing up – and outwardly expanding.

With changing the belief systems and creating new associations with and through the Master Key Experience.

With change comes challenge…..

I have heard this before.  For some reason, this is on my mind this week with MKE week #2.

I have signed up for ‘change‘.

With change, comes challenge.  What does this mean?

This process of change, I believe, is all about changing the outcome of things that I don’t want and moving toward things I do want.  Well, this is why I am here.

The word ‘challenge’ could mean:  a call or summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength, etc.  I like that!  Some people, including me, my subby right now, may think more toward this definition:  difficulty in a job or undertaking that is stimulating to one engaged in it.

So, I am realizing that WORDS  have several definitions in the dictionary.  The true meaning is what do we (each individual) attach that different meaning (most importantly -feeling) to a word.  We all have different associations to words due to past experiences and associations. I now realize as there are many different descriptions for one word!

With Challenge comes into play, WORK (my subconscious talking).   So what is work?   Definition:  difficulty in a job or undertaking that is stimulating to one engaged in it.  OR:  productive or operative activity.  (I’m getting these definitions from the online dictionary.com btw).

So, just my thought process here, with challenge (and work) there will need to be some kind of endurance to be able to persevere with this process.  So looking at the dictionary I can:  Option 1 think:   the fact or power of enduring or bearing pain, hardships, etc.  OR Option 2 think:   the ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions; stamina.  

So now I write my own ‘With Change Comes Challenge’:

Thanks to MKE I am now called to engage in the productive activities that strengthens my skills and stamina to change (back) into the person I am.

My heart has the answers.  I am smiling.  I believe.  I am blessed.

I stay open to new awarenesses.  I celebrate that I am getting to KNOW this wonder of myself.

I am looking within – and I hear my needs.

Thank you Mark and Davene for sharing yourselves.   :)

Quiet the Mind...quote jpg



Today I begin a new life

Today I begin a new life….

How?  Why?

You see, I’m not getting the results that I’ve wanted in my life.  Repeating patterns that don’t suit me.

A journey of awareness.  Slow.  But it’s happening.  With awareness comes change.

With change -choices need to be made, new habits created, discipline will need to be enforced.

So why do I find myself cleaning out my junk drawer of paper clips and pens instead of doing the work like I said I was going to do?  Lack of focus, easily distracted, even procrastinator you (I) say?  Ah, ha!  I caught myself!  Awareness of old patterns.  So  be gentle girl….. ’cause today I begin a new life.

If the world without is a reflection of the world within, I’d better get organizing and purging my surroundings.  That was the thinking.  Thing is, I always seem to be ‘organizing’.   So is it the cart before the horse thing?  Instead of thinking I have to organize my surroundings to move forward in my life…..Do I need to clean out the cobwebs of my mind?  Start tidying up my bad habits?  Even replace old paradigms for new ones?  Getting clear on what I really want out of this time on earth?

Maybe it’s a bit of both?  What I do know is that I have to get really honest with myself.  Am I really ready for change?   Yes.  I am swapping out my old blueprint for a new and improved one as…

Today I begin a new life!

Quote-do what is right not what is easy