Week 1 – Welcome!

This first week has been very eye-opening and interesting for me!

I just started the Master Key Experience in order to develop better accountability, self-confidence and daily habits. I am looking to apply these things to the growth of my business and blog.

Up until now, I have been great at coming up with ideas and dreams for myself, but I haven’t been very good at staying accountable enough to consistently take action in order to further those ideas and dreams. This changes now that I have started this program.

This week I implemented new habits into my daily schedule: reading different passages at specific times of the day and sitting still for 15 minutes each day. This has been tougher than I thought it would be! First, the reading: I actually really enjoyed reading the same passages multiple times. Each time I discovered something new or that I had missed the previous time. I did struggle with the timing, but am working on becoming more consistent. Second, sitting still for 15 minutes: WOW is this hard to do! I have listened to guided meditations and done visualizations in the past, but I have never truly sat completely still in silence on purpose before. Once I started the timer, my immediate thoughts were nagging at me to look at the clock; “How much time is left,” “I bet I’m halfway done – just check really quick,” “What if I forgot to set the timer?” I quickly recognized that these thoughts came directly from my old blueprint: the impatient and quick to jump self I am trying to correct. I am proud to say that I held my ground and did my best to stay as still as possible.

Overall, I am pleased with how my first week has gone. I know I have a long way to go, but I trust that with constant application I will grow to reach my goals.