Week 2 – Realization can be difficult

It’s interesting the more I get in to self development the more difficult it becomes to focus.  I feel like my “subby” is fighting hard to remain the same.  I’ve struggled with getting all the sits and reads in.  I’m struggling with figuring out what to put in my DMP…I am very confused on what it’s really supposed to look like.  While I’m not feeling as overwhelmed I am wanting to settle in to the routine and really see results.  I haven’t put my heart in to it like I should.  Focus, Focus, Focus and “Do it now!” I know where I want to be and I know reprogramming my brain is the way to get there, I get frustrated with myself.  The me of today is significantly different from the me from a few years ago and I will only get better from here!  Thankful to be a part of this program.  Won’t allow my subconscious to win the fight.  The time is now and the opportunity is here!  Each day is a new opportunity to reprogram the brain.  Each time I mentally choose to focus and do what I need to moves me closer to breaking free from the old programming.  I promise to focus harder.  I always keep my promises.

Week 1…super confused

Looking forward to completing the Master Key Experience!  I expected emails with links to my back office and “what to expect” going in to this program.  While I received LOTS of emails about the scholarship being closed and the webinar scheduled for today, I didn’t receive much about the course or how to navigate it.  I went in to the webinar feeling like I was already behind.  I’ve found everything I need to now, and I look forward to changing my life, but I was frustrated to begin.  Here’s hoping I can focus and break my subconscious habits to become the warrior inside!