Week 22a: Silence

Me quiet? In my noisy house? If I can sit still for 15 min, I can be quiet for 4 days. I was excited, told my friends and family what I was doing and asked for support. My son posted on facebook, omg, tell the world, but there were interesting comments, like good for her, I should do that too. And lots of well wishes. I saw it after my 4 days of silence. I am not sure if I was suppose to be still and do nothing during my silence, but I had services to do around the house, feed the animals, clean house, do the laundry, clean the yard, cook dinner, the regular daily stuff.  I did all of that and more!! Like I had all this energy to keep doing things, and I did things I had put off doing because I was busy. Guess what, being busy is a choice. I never take my dogs for walks, because they yank and drag me, my son takes them. Well, I took my dogs for walks everyday during my silence. I loved it and they loved it too. I was even more on task with my MKE, lol. By the third day, my being silent was becoming a task, the novelty wore off, hahahaha…..struggling is a choice. So, I allowed myself to think whatever came, and I had great conversations with myself, it was funny, as I was in this space, there was this certain negative event that kept coming up for me and I kept choosing not to allow it in this space I was in. Then I thought about it and allowed myself to explore and deal with it, I was able to see it from two perspectives, long story short, I am satisfied with the current situation and chose to send love and light around it and the best to be in all interested parties. Wow, what peace I experienced after that. I also allowed myself to be the grounded observer, I was excited for whatever came. Not sure if it came during the four days, but the lessons continued to reveal itself in the days that followed, after the silence. One thing came clear to me, was my DMP and I want to write that book about my daughter and my journey through her drug addiction.  The fourth day was tough, my mind was really wanting to do more, I maintained being aware and grounded. My kids were funny, even though I was silent, they knew I was around and they made comments to me that I was annoying them, don’t know how, I was quiet. I enjoyed my walk with my dogs. That saved me from myself. Wow, I loved being silent. I learned from my guide and mastermind partner, that they do this exercise regularly. I don’t think I’d do 4 days again,  maybe 2….amazing what being silent and away from distractions can do for the mind and soul.

Week 24: True Nature

Master Key Experience was amazing. Applying the knowledge and living it daily is the path I am taking. There was a time in my life where I had so much knowledge, I didn’t know what to do with it. I actually loved the ignorance on fire back then. I truly love where I am right now.  I see my future self, I see me in the now. Being the observer, being aware of my thoughts and applying the laws. I love pointing out a few characteristics in my adult children, if and only to show them to be more positive with their thinking. All my children are amazing. I have one son that always sees doom and gloom. He is too funny, don’t know where he gets that from. Anyway, He created a scenario of negative possibilities, and I asked him to come up with some positive possibilities and which would he prefer? So simple but profound. We played the game of possibilities and I encouraged him to always look for the best outcome and he can create whatever he puts his mind to. Practice and working on it daily like how he goes to the gym everyday. I encouraged him to grow his thinking the way he works on his body. No comment from him, but I know he’s thinking.  For me, what this course taught me, the progression sets the tone for the day, Og and Haanel, our minds are powerful tools, visualizing is key to getting those  goals, dreams. My beingness has changed, my emotions do not control me, I have a greater sense of peace, and I am confident on where I am and going. I love my life, I enjoy my days, I live each day as if it were my last. I am grateful for all  I  learned in this class, the relationships created, and looking forward to more. Mahalo nui loa, Mark, Davene and team.

Week 20: we are one

“In him we live and move and have our being” (side bar: every time I have sat to blog, my adult kids decide to make noise, cause trouble with me, play their music really loud and I’m like, okkkkk. focus, you can tune them out…but WHY????)  Origin of good and evil, who gave that meaning? Jus like love and hate, happy and sad, etc. If everything begins with a thought , then feeling, thus creating a belief. Where did good come from? Where did bad come from? The answer seems simple, us, me, you, them….what is that key? Us, me, you, them.  ”In him we live and move and have our being” we are one, there’s the key. Interesting conversation with my son this week, he asked me if I knew what a “pale” was. Impale came to mind, and I guess I didn’t know what he was asking. I learned what pale is, going outside, beyond what your taught to believe, in regards to religion, culture, and community. For example, a city built with walls around it, telling them there is nothing but danger beyond those walls, stay inisde to be safe. There are those who question the truth of what’s beyond the wall, and they climb over the wall and discover a world that’s amazing and beautiful and they are excited to go back and share what they find. But they are not welcomed back and their lives are in danger. The pale is finding the courage to venture into the unknown. Back to my son, our discussion was more around religion, being Mormon and questioning the teachings and beliefs. Not to go into detail, but this weeks sit was fitting, as my son was struggling with some personal things. I asked him where does God exist for him. He didn’t know what I meant, okk, do you put Him on a pedestal, who is he to you? He gave God a level, using his hand, if you can visualize this, God is up here, (hand in the air) and I’m down here.  Using my hands, one higher, and the other lower, I say to my son, what if, you were here, and I brought my hands together, same level. He was silent. I say to him, wouldn’t you want to be at the same level as God? What does that look like, feel like? He didn’t answer me. I told him, there’s your pale. Venture outside what the church teaches you. I stopped going to church a few years back, over a simple question, “Where is God?” I was asked by someone who did not belong to any religion, but was very in tune with the spirit. My answer to him was around nature, everything around us, my family, etc. He reached out and touched my heart with his finger and said, “He’s right there.” What a moment that was for me.  How true it felt and was. I continued to go to church, fulfill my duties, I was the librarian and Relief Society Chorister. Eventually, I got released from my positions, I felt I was needed elsewhere. I have no regrets, and I love my relationship with God, my spirituality is mine according to me, and I am better for it. There is more beyond what we know, what is your pale? I have found the key.

Week 19: the progression

I have timed my progression and it takes me an hour.  Magnifying glass in the middle of my stuff, to remind me to stay focused. I love my hour and the other assignments. The thing happening for me is, I’m finding me, discovering me, being me? Like who am I other than the mom and taking care of everyone. This week was the best week I have had since I started the Master Key Experience.  I totally chilled, enjoyed my hour, went about my day, free as can be. For the first time, I can say, “I love my life.” The sit this week has been amazing, like how powerful is our mind? I am dreaming about the thing I concentrated on. Wow, and I wake up feeling like it was real. How does our mind work??? Universal MInd. The things that are in my unofficial DMP, have manifested in a way, that is showing me, what it can look like and feel like. That was so cool for me. For example,  I dream about how I want my foot zone room to look like. I went to foot zone a couple, didn’t know I was going to their work place, he’s a physcial therapist, she’s an aesthetician. Their office space is exactly what I visualize. Another appointment took me to a home that’s being renovated, and I am looking to renovate my home. My word of the week is Specialized Knowledge and I really had no clue how that was gonna turn out. I met the coolest people this week. Things are getting clearer for me. I am loving this experience. Forever grateful.

WEEK 18: Enthusiasm Ignites Greatness

Back in 2010, our High School football team was disqualified for an ineligible player. It was a perfect season for these young athletes, and it was taken away.  The next year’s football team felt the pressure of having some voids to fill. I was a teacher at the time and close to these group of athletes, long story short, they were losing focus, desire and feared the possibility of losing.  Well, I painted a huge sign, ENTHUSIASM IGNITES GREATNESS!!! And put it up on the side of the highway. I honestly feel, that sign got something going! The community showed up, in many ways showing their support with enthusiasm! We made the local news, YouTube and all social media, we were called the 12th player.  Our boys won the State Championship Title.  Wow.

I read all my stuff for MKE with feeling, not enthusiasm. Hahaha, I’m like, I ain’t doing that. Then on week 17 webinar,  I heard Davene loud and clear, she admitted how she could show her enthusiasm watching football, and not with her daily readings. Oh oh, that’s me and I went back to the time I put up that sign.

Enthusiam, vulnerabilty…two extremes, important to accepting my greatness.

Here’s to ENTHUSIASM!!!

Week 17 HJ: I let the banana go

And I let the loser die. Amazing journey. Today I loved it when Mark said, “Coincidences is God’s way of staying anonymous.” Never heard it that way. I’ve heard, “nothing is a coincidence.” All meant to be.

Well, how fast does the loser die? Or slow? Wow, gonna hold a funeral, no kidding. “What am I pretending not to know?” I held those positive answers, and then admitted, I don’t know. I have written my DMP so many times, without submission, as I am still feeling my way through it. I hear Mark’s and Davene’s words, success, moving goals, money, happiness, harmony, grateful, kindness,  do the daily 5, etc. What are my true desires? I know what I started out with. This is what I am understanding or feeling, it’s not about the money, or the rank achievements or approval from my children, ego, or the challenge. It’s about desire, believing, knowing, trusting, and asking. Again, when I am in my head,  not too good, yes thinking is a spiritual thing, more like can be, what you think about, you bring about. Feeling and thoughts = Beliefs, all on a positive, create and control are all me. I am so loving this journey. Master Key Experience, I got this. Grateful.


Focus on concentration ….that’s how I was able to tell the difference between the two…I tend to overthink things that aren’t clear to me. In the end, it was quite simple. One thing I kept saying to myself this week was, how powerful our minds are and what you put in it and what is already there is mind full! Everything is coming together and amazing how I  get to be mind full of all my thoughts, mental diet to the rescue, focus on the word of the week, the flash cards, the shapes are popping out at me more than what’s on the card, and yet one negative can crash all of that.  Still amazes me how that happens. I chose into vulnerability today, dealt with my demise, and threw it out there for the universe to have and made a big ask, and not even five minutes later, I got my answer. Wow  and grateful is all I can say. This work works. I must be doing something right, oh yah, the Master Key Experinece. It’s teaching me to get out of my way. I love and appreciate all who have been a part of this journey. I have an amazing tribe, understanding guide, and Mark and Davene’s passion for this work. Aloha…..gnite.

Week 16: conscious being

I really liked the lesson this week. Happiness and Harmony is a state of conscious being. Choice!! I visualized happiness and harmony around my DMP, even though it’s not in it’s final draft phase, it works. I felt such a peace around that. When I created these wonderful goals, it was scary, I’ve been told that’s a good thing. But, I feel way better with happiness and harmony all over it. Idealization, visualization, and materialization…see it, feel/be it, have it. Wow, the spiritual power to success. Another thing I liked about this lesson, feelings and thought, linked wonderfully. Emotions and feelings are the salt and pepper on life. I’ve been taught not to make emotional decisions. I get it, act instead of react. My experiences are my life lessons, nothing is a coincidence, all part of my journey, that will get me to where I want to be. Get to be. I choose happiness and harmony as my beingness.

I loved this week of kindness, in general, everyone is kind, I jus didn’t register it and make a mental note of it. I loved seeing it and being a part of it. I love that I am kind, and I am continung this paying attention and appreciating the kindness I see.

Week 15: Insight

This week’s lesson, well let’s jus say, took me till today to get it. As I am giggling over here, knock knock, anyone home? Very cool lesson, until the sit, what was my focus??? Omg, hello knowledge …. not insight… then I couldn’t stop talking about it with my son, he shared his feelings on knowledge that it has two phases,  education knowledge, activity knowledge. Education is where you read about it, activity is where you were actively learning. Then he shifted to ego and wisdom.  Fun conversation, I have to agree with Haanel, knowledge is jus that until it is applied, unused, we fall into custom, precedent and habit. Knowledge is a decided choice! As I am writing this, now I’m getting how choice still plays big here!!

Yesterday, met a man, who was in confusion, distraction maybe, however, lost. He said he had all this knowledge and didn’t know what to do with it. I asked him a few questions, and found it useless, he couldn’t answer what he didn’t know. Boy, did this lesson jump right in front of me. The conversation ended well, with him being very grateful for the support.

I am so happy to be back on track. To be honest, I haven’t finished my DMP, changed my PPNs and still not feeling what I’m writing about. I put it down, I have jotted ideas down. For my daily DMP, I’ve been saying my vision board outloud, and only today, I realized I should have been recording myself. hahaha, tomorrow. Other than that, I am gaining an awareness around this daily application, like Mark said, our thinking is on a higher plain..level….everything around me is changing, for the better of course. I knew how  powerful our minds are, jus didn’t realize how powerful. Everything begins with a thought.

Master Key Experience is brain power on steroids.




Week 14: Harmony

Ripple effect from within, that’s how I see my harmony.  How did this week go for me? There were a few hiccups where I knew I wasn’t in harmony, aware but didn’t shift out of it. Then I analyzed why is it that something negative has to happen to get a positive result? Example, I have 2 adult children living with me, 28 and 19, they don’t clean up after themselves, they think we have a live in maid, me. I ask for them to help me clean the house. No one moves. So I start cleaning and slamming things around, take down the tree, pack up the ornaments and lights,  clearing off the counter, washing the dishes, and I am not being nice about it. Boy, did they hop to it after I  threatened to throw away anything of there’s I came across. They helped me clean and they were nice to me, even though I was still raging, lol, I was even saying out loud, “I am so  not in Harmony!” I did laugh after, and go figure, why I gotta get mad before they do what I asked? Why I gotta threaten? Sheesh!

Which takes me to the lesson, wow, as detailed as it was, still comes down or up to what we think about. I understand where harmony fits in, positive thoughts, positive environment, positive within…harmony in all things. I see harmony as music. In spite of the one incident of not being in harmony, I can look back and laugh, we all enjoy a clean and orderly house, and doing our best to keep it that way creates harmony.  How cool is that?

I love sharing the Master Key Experinece with friends and family.  And they want to know when the next class starts. How cool is that? I am loving the flashcards, the 3 gratefuls, and the shapes. Excited for week 15!!!