Focus on concentration ….that’s how I was able to tell the difference between the two…I tend to overthink things that aren’t clear to me. In the end, it was quite simple. One thing I kept saying to myself this week was, how powerful our minds are and what you put in it and what is already there is mind full! Everything is coming together and amazing how I  get to be mind full of all my thoughts, mental diet to the rescue, focus on the word of the week, the flash cards, the shapes are popping out at me more than what’s on the card, and yet one negative can crash all of that.  Still amazes me how that happens. I chose into vulnerability today, dealt with my demise, and threw it out there for the universe to have and made a big ask, and not even five minutes later, I got my answer. Wow  and grateful is all I can say. This work works. I must be doing something right, oh yah, the Master Key Experinece. It’s teaching me to get out of my way. I love and appreciate all who have been a part of this journey. I have an amazing tribe, understanding guide, and Mark and Davene’s passion for this work. Aloha…..gnite.

Week 16: conscious being

I really liked the lesson this week. Happiness and Harmony is a state of conscious being. Choice!! I visualized happiness and harmony around my DMP, even though it’s not in it’s final draft phase, it works. I felt such a peace around that. When I created these wonderful goals, it was scary, I’ve been told that’s a good thing. But, I feel way better with happiness and harmony all over it. Idealization, visualization, and materialization…see it, feel/be it, have it. Wow, the spiritual power to success. Another thing I liked about this lesson, feelings and thought, linked wonderfully. Emotions and feelings are the salt and pepper on life. I’ve been taught not to make emotional decisions. I get it, act instead of react. My experiences are my life lessons, nothing is a coincidence, all part of my journey, that will get me to where I want to be. Get to be. I choose happiness and harmony as my beingness.

I loved this week of kindness, in general, everyone is kind, I jus didn’t register it and make a mental note of it. I loved seeing it and being a part of it. I love that I am kind, and I am continung this paying attention and appreciating the kindness I see.

Week 15: Insight

This week’s lesson, well let’s jus say, took me till today to get it. As I am giggling over here, knock knock, anyone home? Very cool lesson, until the sit, what was my focus??? Omg, hello knowledge …. not insight… then I couldn’t stop talking about it with my son, he shared his feelings on knowledge that it has two phases,  education knowledge, activity knowledge. Education is where you read about it, activity is where you were actively learning. Then he shifted to ego and wisdom.  Fun conversation, I have to agree with Haanel, knowledge is jus that until it is applied, unused, we fall into custom, precedent and habit. Knowledge is a decided choice! As I am writing this, now I’m getting how choice still plays big here!!

Yesterday, met a man, who was in confusion, distraction maybe, however, lost. He said he had all this knowledge and didn’t know what to do with it. I asked him a few questions, and found it useless, he couldn’t answer what he didn’t know. Boy, did this lesson jump right in front of me. The conversation ended well, with him being very grateful for the support.

I am so happy to be back on track. To be honest, I haven’t finished my DMP, changed my PPNs and still not feeling what I’m writing about. I put it down, I have jotted ideas down. For my daily DMP, I’ve been saying my vision board outloud, and only today, I realized I should have been recording myself. hahaha, tomorrow. Other than that, I am gaining an awareness around this daily application, like Mark said, our thinking is on a higher plain..level….everything around me is changing, for the better of course. I knew how  powerful our minds are, jus didn’t realize how powerful. Everything begins with a thought.

Master Key Experience is brain power on steroids.




Week 14: Harmony

Ripple effect from within, that’s how I see my harmony.  How did this week go for me? There were a few hiccups where I knew I wasn’t in harmony, aware but didn’t shift out of it. Then I analyzed why is it that something negative has to happen to get a positive result? Example, I have 2 adult children living with me, 28 and 19, they don’t clean up after themselves, they think we have a live in maid, me. I ask for them to help me clean the house. No one moves. So I start cleaning and slamming things around, take down the tree, pack up the ornaments and lights,  clearing off the counter, washing the dishes, and I am not being nice about it. Boy, did they hop to it after I  threatened to throw away anything of there’s I came across. They helped me clean and they were nice to me, even though I was still raging, lol, I was even saying out loud, “I am so  not in Harmony!” I did laugh after, and go figure, why I gotta get mad before they do what I asked? Why I gotta threaten? Sheesh!

Which takes me to the lesson, wow, as detailed as it was, still comes down or up to what we think about. I understand where harmony fits in, positive thoughts, positive environment, positive within…harmony in all things. I see harmony as music. In spite of the one incident of not being in harmony, I can look back and laugh, we all enjoy a clean and orderly house, and doing our best to keep it that way creates harmony.  How cool is that?

I love sharing the Master Key Experinece with friends and family.  And they want to know when the next class starts. How cool is that? I am loving the flashcards, the 3 gratefuls, and the shapes. Excited for week 15!!!

Week 13: Grateful

Merry Christmas….my favorite time of year. Gratitude opens the door to abundance,  what I’ve heard and read.  What is abundance? Abundance  is having a lot of something….love, freedom, money, blessings, etc. So, if one isn’t grateful, they won’t have abundance? Jus kidding….I know that’s not how it works.

This week was fun, first of all, lesson 13 was deep…..focus, get out of my head, into my heart….one with the universe, be. Mental diet, positive thoughts, actions, aware of my thinking. I see how the mood in my home is becoming more happy, joyful…I honestly feel it’s shifting because of the work I’m doing here and it’s expanding into my circle of influence. Opinions are like super easy now, people talk, I listen, I ask a question and that’s it. Sometimes, I’m asked if I heard what they said, or if I’m listening….too funny, how people think giving an opinion means you’re listening. Guess what? I am not interested in other people’s opinions either. I am so aware of that, and I find myself fake sneezing or saying excuse me and the conversation is done. Oh oh….is that the course we suppose to take?? I really loved this week. Love the flash cards, and adding the 3 gratefuls every night. I am learning how important focus is. I have always had a problem with that, doing the 50 min deal, wow, so revealing of what I do during the 50 min…vitalizing my goals…time and lack of transportation, I created it in my surroundings, very empowering with seeing it happening. Great week! Looking forward to December 30!! The Strangest Secret, I’ve listened to before, great reminder of how powerful our minds are. And I so agree with how no one thinks anymore!!! To think is to create!!

#MasterKeyExperience #think #focusabundantvulnerablepersistent

Week 12: attention

“The intention governs the attention.”  When the intention is clear, mechanisms appear.  Last month was about love and this month is persistance. Intention begins with a desire.  Connecting all the dots thus far, Intention = Desire, Love = Ask, Persistance = Receive. The Have is next, I kid you not. Amazing all the time. The little things are adding up!! Ok, great awareness this week on the mental diet, people and environment are so important if I want to succeed in this diet. I get the thing about not getting sucked in, but I got sucked in and right when I realized it, too late!! Starting again tomorrow.

Back to attention, focus is something I get to work on, as I can have many thoughts at the same time. Master Key Experience has shown  me how to control my thinking, my thoughts, my body. This week has been quite refreshing focusing on one thought, thus, the intention…another interesting notice, as I’m seeing me in my achievement of my goal, I start to plan the steps to get there, then I go into dates, how long will I give myself, and I’m like whoa, focus, be there. Ugh, why do I do that? Maybe week 13 will have the answer. Meanwhile, keep on swimming!!!



Week 11: and Ye shall have them

The first time I read Lesson 11, to be honest, my mind was not comprehending the  words. But, I kept reading, by number 16, I was in tears. Tears of joy and gratefulness. I had no clue what I read, I felt the words. Then BAM!! 17, “what things so ever Ye desire, when Ye pray, believe that Ye receive them, and Ye shall have them.” Wow…the tears all made sense. Desire, ask, believe, have. My new mantra. I am experiencing a heightened sense, everything I’m reading, thinking, and the doing is feeling so different. I can’t describe it, things are resonating,  aware of my thoughts all the time. No opinions, I love it!! I am so close to telling people I’m talking to, not to give me their opinion, just listen, and I find myself not really engaging in conversation, more listening is going on. Love it!!! And the non-judging, because at the end of the day, we all judge. I’m so funny, my sister needs a kidney. I was all about, unless you change your lifestyle, I am not giving you one of my healthy kidneys. After reading the mental diet, wow, I called my sister and offered my kidney, she still deserves to live as long as possible, irregardless of her unhealthy habits. Then I went into freak mode, aware of that. Then I googled it, reached out to some Doctor friends, seeking advice. Holy cow, donating a kidney is a big sacrifice. What I was told, most times, a family member donating is not the best solution. To be honest, I am relieved. Yikes! But, judgement sure does play a role in our choices!! A great friend said this to me, “decisions are based on data, choices are based on nothing.” Loving my MasterKey Experience.

Week 10: Relative

Did we jus quantum leap? Seriously, my eyes got bigger and bigger with each paragraph….bottom line…all things are relative. Simple, but not as, but is. Balance…awareness….thought process automatic….are we at a point where the struggle is no longer a struggle? As I look back on my week…my interactions with friends and family was calm, listening (no opinion),  full attention. One conversation, my girlfriend was sharing with me her concerns around her daughter and boyfriend. I listened, didn’t say a word. Then she says, “do you disagree with me? You’re not saying anything….” i replied with,  “I’m listening to you.” It  was a great talk. Then i told her about the no opinion, and she loved the idea. She actually said if everyone kept their opinions to themselves we’d all get along better. How simple is that?

Week 8: Choose

LOL. For real, I have a choice, all the time. My daughter is blasting her music, decides to come out in the living room and turn on YouTube on the “not so smart” TV…playing her music, choice 1) ask her to turn it off and go back in her room. Choice 2) remain ground and center, block it out and keep working here. Choice 2 sounds good to me. She jus brushed my hair and put it up in a cute bun. Now she’s twirking on me…hahahahaha…love it. I am still blogging. She’s happy for it and so am I. She jus asked me to hurry up so we can get in the Christmas spirit and decorate our home. I say to her, “well, if you want your mama to be rich, skinny and happy, let me finish this and then we can decorate away!” She’s supporting me right now. What does this have to do with this week, honestly, I wasn’t even aware I was looking beneath the surface. But I did, and my daughter’s happiness was important to me, made it a win win, and the outcome is harmony in my home and my heart. Our decorating will reflect that. Choices, we have them all the time, everyone is important, big or small, habit of making the choice that serves me…is a great habit. Master Key Experience, keep it coming.

Week 7: What is real?

Faith….idealization, visualization, and bam! Love the reminders I have created around myself to keep me visually stimulated, and then I add the feeling of being, having it, and the picture is clearer each time. Talking to my friend, having too much fun with that.  Feels real. That’s why my title, what is real? What I create in my mind? What actually is? Or going to be? How powerful is my mind….I am excited about all that I create in my mind, on my vision board, haven’t done the movie or the DMP with music, still re-writing it. Getting closer to my what is real.  Paying attention still to my thinking, visualizing and this week the idealization of it all. I had fun with building a submarine from the idea of one, to drawing it out, building it, and in the water. It was kind of fast. Wow…like I didn’t ponder each minut detail, I jus saw it and let it move like a video in fastforward. For my movie, I slow that down, see and feel it all, from beginning to where I am. I absorb it all.  Master Key Experience is amazing.