Week 22-silence

After a crazy month and a half of a completely brutal work schedule of 12-hour shifts, 7days a week with no days off, I had to fight to get off for the webbys after missing one.

I am completely back on track this week and still holding to my new blueprint. I will not let my job define me. I am grateful for what this brutal schedule has shown me, and I am getting closer to parts of my DMP.  I know that my DMP will always be evolving and I am embracing and enjoying the Journey.

Through a rough patch so far this year, or so some might think, I have come out of it happier than ever with every seeming difficulty being a blessing in disguise. I have found so very many things to be grateful for and my index card stack grows daily.

Thank You Mark and Davene for this awesome course and look forward to what comes next!

Mike Cooper

Week 20 craziness!

This last week has been just crazy. Working 80 hours in one week is by far the most I have ever had to do. Needless to say, I have struggled to keep up with all the exercises within MKE. Getting slightly behind though is not quitting or giving up and I have committed to staying on track this week coming up no matter what it takes.

I am amazed at how my blueprint and whole outlook on life has changed with this course. When just a few weeks ago my home was broken into and a great deal of my stuff was stolen, I chose not to get upset and let bad feelings control me (the law of dual thought).

By using what I have been training my mind with I was able to convert every seeming difficulty into a blessing. I now know a great secret of life for I perceive, at last, that all my problems, discouragements, and heartaches are, in truth great opportunities in disguise.

I am using my power within to create the reality I wish to live, this is quite liberating, and this is just the beginning. Much bigger things on the horizon as I come closer to fulfilling my DMP.

Mike Cooper


Week 18

Week 18 gave us the science behind this complex, compound progression. I am really noticing more every day my new blueprint taking control.

I am now master of what I think and how I react when faced with any situation. Through an understanding and conscious operation of spiritual laws, I can convert every seeming difficulty into a blessing.

I have learned to forget the happenings of the day that is gone, whether good or bad and greet the new sun with confidence that today will be the best day of my life.

I find many things to be grateful for as I add my 3 gratitudes daily. Have been focusing on 1 or more acts of kindness every day.

I find myself happier than I can remember being in a long time. Much gratitude for MKE!

What would the person I intend to become do next? What it is that truly makes me happy.

The Happier,

Mike Cooper

Week 17 Hugs for all!

Well, Mark and Davene lived up to the promise and delivered 1000′s of hugs. It was really awesome to see. They always keep their promises!

It has been a somewhat crazy week this week for me, starting with the burglary of my home last Friday. I write this not to talk drama but to let you know how grateful I am that I am now thinking and reacting from my new blueprint.

I think most people would have let the challenges I have gone through over the course of a week unbearable due to allowing the mind to concentrate on the problems thereby causing things to worsen. I have learned to analyze what I needed to get out of every situation and then releasing it. This has allowed me to remain at peace and continue to focus on my DMP, the important stuff.

My whole perspective on life has changed and I am now in control and directing my life. What a liberating feeling it is to be able to control how we react to every situation.

I am grateful for MKE, The Master Keys, and Og Mandino!

Hero’s Journey here we go,

Mike Cooper

Week 15 MKE! The makeover.

Week 15 brought us the makeover. This was taken from Ben Franklin.

I am still doing the gratitude cards and being grateful every time I read through either of the 2 stacks. Also adding more each day along with a sentence on a card of something cool from that day, and shapes now going on my cards.

I am keeping myself aware of what I am looking for each week now, Courage, Kindness, etc.. Many dots are going down on my chart as I mark all the times I see an example of the weeks’ strengths.

I am natures greatest miracle, and I am using my insight to solve my problems. This makeover is getting fun now! I will be the new me in no time. For now, on to week 16!

Mike Cooper

Week14 Movie and Break!

Week 14 of MKE was a break for the holidays. I watched a movie as was suggested for this week. I actually saw two movies that I’m sure meet the criteria we were looking for, but one was not on the list. I watched Cool Runnings, and Star Wars The Last Jedi. Both of these movies probably have embodied the principles we were looking for. Both movies are great examples of the hero’s journey.

Cool Runnings I found all 4 key elements. To make the Olympics was the purpose, this was backed by a never say die attitude and commitment. The plan of action changed a bit, but the goal remained the same. There was a mastermind team of 4 Jamaican athletes and the coach.

The dialog between the characters I thought strengthened the whole mastermind team as the movie progressed. I found this to be a very entertaining movie.

I also thought it very cool that Cool Runnings, stands for Peace Be The journey, that’s perfect!

I also loved the new Star Wars movie which is always the best example of the hero’s journey. I still want to watch the other 3 that were recommended as well. Good choices on the movies so far with Cool Runnings, loving this!

Back on Track Saturday,

Mike Cooper

NARC and Movies- Week 13

Week 13 mke was amazing, It gave me goosebumps.

The NARC principle for taking action is insane, just what I needed. It’s almost as if I manifested this, did I?

I also am going to be checking out the movie list, Excited to see what they can maybe teach me.

Hard to believe how far I have come over the last few years. From being a tobacco-using alcoholic to now manifesting my new reality.  This course has been challenging and the break is needed, although I don’t really want to go 2 weeks without progressing further. I will have to use my own new blueprint to keep me on track.

I have found many things to be grateful for and am writing my 3 a day on the cards. I also did manage to come up with 60 total things I have accomplished in life.

Thank You, Mark and  Davene for believing in us by teaching us to believe in ourselves.

Mike Cooper


Week 12 MKE?

Yes, week 12 MKE.

I did the 50 minutes in the mirror reading my one sentence DMP. I found myself talking as though I was speaking to a crowd and using hand gestures. I also found myself changing and evolving it as well. This seemed to work really well, it was cool!

I find the cards writing success we have had very awesome! I have written some big things, some small, and some bad habits I had for many years that I had the courage to break. Not sure there is anything better than being able to use past success to build off of for future success.

I want to share the experience I am going through with everyone, yet not everyone is ready or willing to accept it. It saddens me at times to see so many who need this but refuse change and just want to remain victims.

The most important to me is that I am using this to help aid in raising my grandkids. To teach them that through the power of thought, mind, and love they can be what they will to be.

Looking forward to this week,

Mike Cooper

Now week 11 MKE!

So this week was the big payoff. We will be given the opportunity to help others by sharing this experience next session. Never did I imagine that this may become a big part of my life. I can see myself, maybe as a guide somewhere down the road if it becomes something I really want to do.

I have to be honest, I still struggle every so often with my use of time. I try and try to keep distractions out but the still creep in. I know this is my old blueprint trying to sabotage me so I just need to focus more on my new reality and try not to beat myself up.

I am still working the 7-day mental diet. I will nail it one of these tries and in the meantime, I will just have fun with it.

I must admit that I am starting to see some awesome things manifesting in my life and looking forward to much, much more.

Onward I Forge,

Mike Cooper

Week 10 MKE

Last week was just what I needed to get on track. I was able to use the short break to get myself back on the road to my future self. Really loving week 10 of the Master Keys.

Also started the next scroll in The Greatest Salesman which I am equally enjoying.

Still working daily on no opinions and the Mental  Diet. For anyone who has never tried this, it is very challenging, not as easy as it may sound. When you work around nothing but negativity it is challenging to keep mentally focussed on what thoughts I really want in my head, but even more reason for this exercise.

I have chosen my mastermind partner and it is really helping me to stay on track and more focused.

I also love the idea of all the ways to influence the subby, I am trying to use all of them many times during the day. I am going to be completely consumed by my new reality very soon.

Still in the Game,