Master Key Experience – Week 2 – Getting control of my time

Wow, this week flew by!!

After listening to the week 2 webinar, I thought this week I’m going to get control of my time and get my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) back to my guide KP by Tuesday.

Well as you can see this week flew by and it is already Friday.

KP suggested I revisit Week 1 webinar of the MKMMA to fine tune my DMP, so I did.

This was the best advice. I watched the DMP portion again and realized I was writing out goals and not so much my passion in life. Plus I was vague and not specific enough to really help give my subby a chance to begin utilizing those 4 billion workers to make my vision a reality.

I continued to watch the remainder of the webinar and realized I had not utilized a great asset Mark & Davene created called OATS

O – Objestives

A – Actions to attain objective

T – Time

S – Schedule It, in writing

The S part of OATS really hit home for me. I realized I had not scheduled time with my wife and when I was going to complete the revision of my DMP and other assignments throughout the week. No wonder the week flew by and I had not achieved what I planed to accomplish. Today I pulled out a wall hanging calendar, filled it in, hung it on the wall and I already feel more control of my time. I wrote out the time I’m going to spend with my wife as well as when I work my job and when I am going to complete the MKMMA assignments.

Just this simple task has taken a lot of overwelment and given me a peace of mind.

I can do this and now I am EXCITED to take on the rest of the week and know I am in control and not drifting through the week without purpose. Boy do to feel GREAT!!

Masterkey Experience – Week 1

Getting back in the classroom as I begin a new journey with MKMMA has been quite an experience so far. I prepared for Sunday’s first webinar with excitement.

Had all my supplies and workbooks printed out

Ready to go.

Then life happened. I listened to the webinar during my lunch break at work. It happened to be a busier day at work, so I had to leave the webinar early. I began my week strong completing each task. Then my old blueprint started creeping back in. I missed a sit and read on Tuesday night. Work got busier and I missed a few lunch time reads.

I was now at a crossroad. It was mid week and I could feel that voice saying you are too busy at work, you will not be able to consistently finish all the assignments. There will always be next year. I started to believe those voices (old blue print) and then I sat in silent for about 15 minutes.

Boom!! A clarity shot down through my body from head to toe. This is my life to create a masterpiece and truly discover my purpose and begin living my purpose.

This sit recharged my focus. Even though work was still crazy busy I remembered the feeling of clarity I felt during my sit and made sure I did not miss a task or assignment.

The biggest lesson for me this week was “If in doubt, sit and let the silence work it out”