Michael’s Master Key Experience – Week 3

REAL SELF HELP!!! This week as we dug a little deeper into the Master Key Experience -  I learned a very important fact. Prep Rallies are great.  I mean they make you feel great but when you enter the sports arena and the arena of life make sure you have done the real work. The work that creates real enthusiasm that comes from within.

MY REAL DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE!!!!!! The development of my Definite Major purpose statement has been fun, challenging and frustrating at times.  oh, but the payoff  is amazing.  It has been fun because I have begun to understand who I am and what I really want.  It’s been challenging and even frustrating at times because I realized during the process that some of the things I wrote down in the beginning sounded nice bit didn’t really set my soul on fire. Know I’m almost there.  I know exactly what I want to be, do and have.  That’s the essence – finding your dharma and living it with passion.  Just imagine a world where everyone discovered their unique purpose and lived their life living it.  As Louie Armstrong would say – “I say to myself what a wonderful world.”

SELF AWARENESS, SELF DIRECTION AND THE GATE KEEPER - In week three I began to become more self aware and more conscious of my old blue print trying to influence me.  I was able to take control and perform my reading even when the old blue print tried to prevent me from doing so.  I also found the Gate Keeper my conscious mind start to block outside influences that were trying to enter the subconscious mind.  That was exciting!!

All in all it was a typical week in the Master Key Experience – It was fun, challenging, and I made some progress. Onward to week 4.

Do it now!!!!!

Michael’s Master Key Experience – Week 2

wax on


In week 1 of the Master Key Experience – We learned that the world without is a perfect reflection of the world within.

This realization is exciting because we have the power to manifest  the life we want..  It’s also a little scary because we also have the power to manifest what we don’t want.   We  have believed up to this point that our lives have been shaped by the external conditions around us. Now we know that our conditions are simply effect and our thoughts are the cause.

What is your purpose – What do you want?

The irony of life is that each of us is uniquely designed to fulfill a purpose – yet we are constantly taught to do everything exactly the same way every one else does.  If you dare step out of the box the teacher is lurking with the dreaded red pencil to remind you how many math problems you got wrong. Never considering that you might be the next award winning author.

Cause and Effect – The buck however stops with us.  We must do the work ourselves to discovery our reason for being on this planet.  The Master Key Experience gives you the tools you need to find your dharma, and life begins!

The Work – You want me to do what?

“Wax on – Wax off, Paint The Fence, Sand The Floor

Creating a new blueprint from which you will construct your life and achieve your Definite Chief Aim is not easy.  It takes work. In the popular movie the karate kid Mr. Miyagi assigns tasks to Daniel (his student)  that he believes are menial, elementary tasks and getting him no where close to his goal.

However when the time comes, Daniel is shown that the wisdom and knowledge in these simple task, these simple exercises have given him the power to achieve his desired goal.

Through simple task and simple exercises we are being empowered in the Master Key Experience to Manifest the life we want to live and we are given the tools necessary to make our mark on the planet.

A word of caution!

Our old blueprint will not go down easy.  It knows it has a secret weapon that can be used against us.  Here it is simply stated – What’s easy to do – is also easy not to do.

So to my old blueprint I say – “you can keep talking but I’m not listening.  I’m doing the work.”

Michael’s Master Key Experience – Week 1


Wow! Week one – What an amazing ride!  This is the beginning of a journey of self discovery, and I’m so excited!

When Dorothy and her companions in the Wizard of Oz followed the yellow brick road, they believed that they would find what they needed to manifest their dreams in the Emerald City (The World Without).  When they finally made it to Oz they discovered that they always had the power to achieve their Dreams (in The World Within). They just needed someone to tell them where to look.  That is what the Master Key Experience was like for me in week 1.

It begins with an understanding of the power of our thoughts and the importance of learning to harness this power to live our life’s purpose.

The truth that our thoughts are cause and the conditions in our life are effect gives us a framework on which we can manifest anything we want as long as it’s good for us and doesn’t take anyone else’s good.

Now comes the work. Now comes the practice. I expect resistance from the world within and the world without. What makes the Master Key Experience Unique is that I’m not walking alone. I’m accompanied by many fellow travelers and explorers.  In the words of another wizard I know – “Giddy Up”! Let’s go.