Week 15

I love the Gratitude Cards!  It is hard to get down about things when you have a stack of the great things in your life, right there in your purse!  I love being reminded of the good things and I love reliving the experiences.

I’ve actually got my ten year old son making Gratitude Cards now!  We do them right before he goes to bed.  He really seems to love it and the activity gives me a sense of peace.   I wish I had been exposed to this type of thinking when my older kids were little.  It is life changing!

A thought…

As I stated in my last blog, I don’t like the feeling of failing on a promise.  I’ve always taught my kids that, when we leave this world, we take only ourselves with us.  So, it doesn’t matter much what we accumulate or how many times we “win”, it matters more what we share and how we played the game.

Just being perfectly honest, there have been days here and there, when I have not actually read my DMP all three times; or I’ve forgotten to repeat the second set of, “Do it NOW!”; or I haven’t brought my best self to my Sit; or I’ve cheated myself in some other way in the course.  Hence, I have often felt conflicted reading, “I promise to read my DMP three times everyday…I always keep my promises.”  I haven’t been able to stop the reflexive, “Well, not really EVERY day, I actually have screwed up.”

So, considering the fact that I do my reading and my sit before my shower each day, I altered my cards to read, “I promise to repeat my DMP three times TODAY…I always keep my promises!” and, “I promise to read the Seven Laws of the Mind every week.” to “I promise to read the Seven Laws of the Mind THIS WEEK.”  No more reflexive disappointment or reprimand!  Sometimes, I even find myself feeling a little accomplished, knowing I have and I will keep my promises!

I hope this helps whoever is reading this!  ME

Manual vs. Electronic Tasks

First, I have to say, I am loving this course!  While I’ve actually seen some subtle changes in my business, I feel myself evolving!  The changes in the way I feel and comport myself during the day and even during times when I waken in the middle of the night (I love waking up saying, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy” and smiling as my feet hit the ice cold floor here in CT) lend a genuine sense of budding confidence that my apparent circumstances are about to undergo some serious renovations!

I will admit the holidays have been a little challenging in terms of time.  Like everyone else, I have a lot going on this month.  I have been faithful to my reading and the “manual” activities of the course, but I’ve been a little derelict with my electronic responsibilities.  The sensible part of me feels like that might be the place I should concentrate moving forward; and, if I have to sacrifice, it should absolutely be something else.  In theory, this seems straight forward and simple.  In practice, I am a baby boomer and the old blueprint gets in the way, sometimes.

I am not one for embarrassing myself by giving my word recklessly; so, in an effort to push myself a bit, I am going to state publicly that I will not miss another blog post and I will comment on at least two others every single week for the rest of the course!

I always keep my promises!  MaryEllen

Embracing the Challenges

I had a couple of challenges this week and they seem to have sent me running, with my hair on fire, right back to my old blueprint!  I became conscious of this right in the middle of a ranting email to my Guide, regarding what was feeling like one DMP rewrite too many.

Of course, I wasn’t intending to rant or even to complain.  Oh, no, quite the contrary!  I had consciously intended to advocate for myself and set some healthy boundaries.  It was just that I really wasn’t making any sense and none of the sentences I was putting together seemed to communicate exactly what I was feeling.  All of sudden, confusion set in and it became obvious I wasn’t sure what the heck I was feeling.

After all, I signed up for this…this is going to help me…I put a couple of hours daily into the endeavor…what could my Guide possibly gain from harassing me…WHY WAS I FEELING LIKE A VICTIM????

Okay, so I’m happy I didn’t hit the send button before emerging from from my ugly neurotransmitter-induced stupor; and, after rereading the latest version of my DMP, I’ve decided I like this one quite a lot!  It does speak to me in a way the others had not.  Thank you, Eulaine!  I guess we do this one day at a time…

Life is good!

My Mental Detox

Week Seven has been interesting.  I don’t know, I feel like the word “diet” might significantly understate this endeavor!  I actually started the diet when it was introduced, so I’ve been working at it for a couple of weeks, already.  I have most certainly lost count of  my “do overs”, deciding instead to focus on the perseverance with which I approach my Mental Detox, and I’m feeling infinitely better about it!

I do wish I’d been just a bit more serious about the Opinion Diet; had I done so, I think I might be better prepared for my Detox.  (I might stress this to future participants.)  NONETHELESS, we persevere!

In fairness, I really love the process!  I feel like I can see a soft glow in the distance and the sun is just about to dawn…

Believing in the Unseen

I suppose I had hoped my apparent circumstances would have changed a little more quickly they have; but, I keep reminding myself of Mandino’s Scroll I, “…I must practice the art of patience…nature never acts in haste.”  It might take a minute…

I love the Scrolls.  After having lunch and doing our reading together, a dear friend and business partner and I set out to promote our nutraceuticals line to doctors.  We’ve been doing this sort of thing on and off, for about a year, and we always seem to get similar results.  The gatekeepers are all overworked and underpaid and, in our experience, most have not been excited about introducing their bosses to an idea that will probably result in more money for the him/her and more work for them.

Today was different!  We intentionally followed the advice of Scroll II.  We entered every office with love in our hearts and big smiles on our faces.  We introduced ourselves and, at the same time, in the privacy of our own minds, we said, “I Love You” to each one.  It was amazing, we were greeted with openness and smiles – and no one turned us away!

Mostly, we spoke with receptionists, who were happy to give us their practice managers’ names and schedules.  However, we entered one office where the doctor was making a note in a chart at the reception desk.  He did not immediately look up from his note and I saw him shake his head before raising it.  He had sort of a disgusted look on his face at first, but when he looked in our eyes, he said, “Alright, I guess I don’t want to make any rash decisions either way.  I can’t talk now, come back next week and I’ll hear what you have to say.”  OH MY GOODNESS!  We actually had fun today, and we have lots of follow ups next week!

When I was considering what I might write tonight, it occurred to me that I definitely played a role in all of the rejection we’ve encountered up to now.  I realized today that I had been in the habit of “sizing up” the different receptionists as I entered each office.  If the person at the desk looked like a nice, I relaxed a bit and felt hopeful.  If the individual had a blank look or wore a scowl, I became tense and I felt defeated before even saying hello.

Today, I took a tip from Og Mandino and the great psychologist, Carl Rogers, and I practiced unconditional positive regard for everyone I encountered.  Voila!  My day was transformed.  We must first give in order to get.  I like that!


I think I can feel the earth starting to tremble…

This has been an exciting week!

My senior partner and very dear friend was in town this week and she stayed with me.  It was just wonderful to wake up to her energy and enthusiasm each day!  I will miss her, now that she is headed back to home in Arizona.

The week was packed with meetings with current partners and events to attract new partners to our organization.  The days were long and, at times, even emotional, but new life was most definitely infused into our group.  We are all grateful!

Maintaining our focus on the exercises involved with MKMMA was a little challenging at times this week!  For the most part, however, we kept our eyes on the prize, and we completed our tasks.  (I’ll admit that I did miss the midday exercises on two occasions.)  When considering the length and intensity of Kathy’s visit, this was a huge win and an even more important indication that the exercises are actually working!

I do feel the earth beginning to tremble!  In the past, I may have used Kathy’s visit and all our activity as a justification for missing more of the homework and I am quite sure it would have been difficult to get back up on the horse this morning.   This was not the case, however.  I greeted this day excited to get to do my readings with heightened enthusiasm and even more intensity than before.  AND, my DMP revisions are DONE!

My husband and I experienced a somewhat significant financial challenge today; and, I am very proud to say, we did not wallow in it and I am not feeling fearful tonight.  We got past it quickly, knowing the nature and quality our thoughts and feelings will determine the outcome.  This was incredibly liberating!

Earlier this week, I approached several people to talk about my business and I was amazed that the two very best candidates agreed to see the compensation plan AND they are excitedly moving forward right now!!!  YES!!!




Hello again!

I am so happy to be a part of this class…journey…movement.  I’m not really sure of the perfect label for what we are doing together.  Whatever it is, I’m grateful.

I had an amazing 11 days!  I enthusiastically completed my reading and the related exercises for just under two weeks; and, throughout those days, I began to wonder if were doing it all correctly because it didn’t seem like a lot of work.  I really wasn’t feeling overwhelmed.  I had even started the Happiness Diet on Sunday, 10/1, and things were just moving along swimmingly.

Then, yesterday happened.

I’ve had a “challenging” relationship with one of my business partners for months;  and, looking back over the last several weeks, I can see how the relationship began falling apart some time ago.

Throughout the relationship, I’ve been determined to take the high road and I never lost my cool.  I used the ho’ oponopono mantra, and worked at forgiveness after every interaction with this person; I used the 5 Second Rule to change my thoughts; I did breathing exercises; I prayed for her; I used tapping; I bounced the situation off my husband; and I did my best to send love to her, when she popped into my mind.  I felt like all of this really helped me to stay on course with the Master Key program and deal with the relational difficulties I was experiencing, at the same time.  And, as I mentioned, it even occurred to me a few times that I might not be doing things correctly, because I really wasn’t struggling.

Then, yesterday happened.  The detail really doesn’t matter.  At the end of the day, in our new vernacular, my old blueprint escaped from its little box in my brain and consumed me, almost as a sea monster might go about devouring an unsuspecting dolphin.  I didn’t want the old thoughts and feelings to invade my brain and body, but that didn’t seem to matter.  I feel a little embarrassed to say that it felt as if there were a part of me that did want to go back to all of that, even though I kept thinking about how great it was to feel happy and hopeful all day.

I lost an entire day to the “yuk of life”.  I didn’t read, I didn’t write, and I didn’t do the meditation yesterday; and, I really struggled through the exercises this morning and at noon.  HOWEVER, this evening, I feel like I’ve jumped back on the train.  I am so thankful I made it, and I didn’t waste another day on all of that nonsense!

I suppose the experience shed a little light on my progress, and, this evening, I’m feeling grateful for the resolve for which I had not been giving myself credit.

Jana’s webinar on speed reading turned out to be so much more and I’m so happy I watched the entire broadcast.  Thank you for being here and providing this course!  I am truly grateful.

Back on track,



Hello, everyone!
I actually have no idea who (if anyone) can see this blog – I actually had a good bit of difficulty finding it tonight!!
Anyway, I am very excited about this Master Key Mastermind Course I am taking with the Mark & Davene at Training Solutions, LLC! I’d been reading the Master Key System, by Charles Haanel, and I received a very random email inviting me to apply for a Pay-it-Forward scholarship for a course designed around the book I was studying! I was enjoying the book and already treating it like a course of study, as the author recommends, but I felt like something was missing.
I had no idea as to the reason I received this email and, when I inquired, I was advised that I had registered for a network marketing webinar, earlier this year. I am typically very careful about registering for webinars, I’d much rather read or listen to a book. So, I don’t know when or why I registered, or even what I registered for, but I’m really happy I did!!
I feel like my first week has been a little disjointed, I guess I’m still feeling my way around a bit, but I am really enjoying it and I have tremendous hopes for the outcome!
I’m going to keep growing and I hope you do, too!