Week 11 of the Journey #MKMMA

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” ~Oprah Winfrey

I really struggled with a topic for week 11. Even though there has been plenty of happenings, I couldn’t pin-point one that seemed to fit. Then last night, after I had waited and waited, it came to me! This was actually a week of accomplishments! So, why had I not celebrated those successes? I decided it was time! I went to YouTube, and found my celebration song . I put on Kool & The Gang’s Celebrate, and did some dancing. As I did, and my husband watched laughing, and I shared with him the things that had been achieved that I so easily forgot…

My definite major purpose (DMP) has been approved! My guide and I have been working to get the draft molded into what it needed to be for weeks and weeks. That is something to celebrate!!

I hand-wrote all 400 words in my DMP, which doesn’t sound like much, but for someone who only writes short to-do lists and random sticky notes, that is an accomplishment! That is something else to celebrate!

I also recorded my affirmations and a shorter version of my DMP to music. This part was pretty fun. I already knew what music I wanted to use,  which is a super high energy fun song. I went to trusty YouTube, found the instrumental version of DJ Kalid’s All I do is Win and played that on my computer as I recorded the words words on my phone. That night, I played it for my husband as I danced, it was fun! That is something else to celebrate!

Listening to my affirmations and DMP to music is something I look forward to doing everyday. It gives me energy!

I encourage you all to CELEBRATE! We have accomplished so much so far, and we should take time out to do that!


Week 10 of the Journey #MKMMA

Today I am remembering my grandfather with GREAT memories of joy and love. He died one year ago, and while I miss him so much I can appreciate the wonderful memories I’m left with.

My grandfather, Willie Beene, was a man that loved his family and friends, loved to laugh, and was so very active even into his late 70′s. He was famous for his impromptu gatherings that he would call people on a whim and invite them to get together at his house. While my grandmother was not quite the people person, she was always on-board to cook and help set-up for said gatherings.

One of the greatest things that I can see is his impact on my and my family’s life. He showed us that life is ment to be fun, exciting, and it is important to get over your differences to enjoy the fun and excitement.

As this week went by, I could not help but think of the jokes he would tell. I’m not sure where he got them from, but he would always share a new joke with us from the time we were kids I can remember this. His life was a shining example of laughter being the best medicine.

I am grateful for the 34 years that I got to enjoy him, and I will never forget!

Big Daddy and Me


Week 9 of the Journey #MKMMA

“I cried because I had no shoes, until I met  a man with no feet.”

When I think over the things that I have experienced in life, I think back to when I was a child. There was a time that our electricity was turned off because the bill was not paid by a certain deadline. My mother was a single mother with 5 children, and we never sat in the dark and cried about the situation (yes, it happened more times than once), but we found some way to enjoy it. There would be candles, lots of laughs, and staying up past our bedtime, which was always fun! There had to be an urgency in my mother to get the situation figured out, but she hid it really well from us.

No matter how bad the situation looks, it could always be worse. The value in a childlike perspective is that it generally holds positivity. If we are able to maintain that view, that is what we allow to be attracted to us. Though it is easier said than done, awareness is key…And the journey continues.

Week 8 of the Journey #MKMMA

Before my husband and I were married, we were pretty aware of our major personality differences. He is organized, neat, and kind; while I am spontaneous and adventurous. I am forever grateful for our premarital counseling which pointed out some areas that we would have to be careful in because of our differences. Because he is such an organized and systematic person, which I can appreciate about him, I have learned to get better in that area as well. It does not come naturally for me, but I am much better at hanging my coat where it belongs, not leaving socks by the couch, and many many more things that would have caused him to either clean up behind me or extend great patience :) .

This brings me to my service card…It was usually not that hard for me to figure out a service to add. Since my husband and I both work and have volunteer commitments as well, there are some things that get neglected around the house. By around the 2nd our 3rd week, I could see him listening for my service for the week. The switch from the word chore to service was something that I experienced in my heart as well. Since cleanliness and organization is more important to him, I started to allow him to make suggestions on what he would like to see done for the week. I really feel like this is doing a service to my household, and it makes my husband smile. The service card has made a difference in my life, and I am grateful.

Week 7 of the Journey #MKMMA

This week one of the key ideas that stood out was about my future self.

I can appreciate Mark’s passion when he explained to us how important it is to do these exercises and get familiar with our future self. If we don’t, we will treat them like a stranger and procrastinate, make excuses, and eventually quit this quest of improvement.

As I pondered this thought, the details about the study that was mentioned played back in my head. My future self is a stranger if I choose not to get to know her better, if I don’t spend time with her now she will not be what I want for her to be.

I also considered the words of scroll I, ” I will walk tall among men and they will know me not, for today I am a new man, with a new life.” I believe that in order for others to look at me and not recognize who I have become, I will have to get to know my future self now better and better, until I become her.

Wow! I have some more becoming to do.  And the journey continues…


Week 6 of the Journey #MKMMA

I will greet this day with love in my heart…

I was impressed with scroll #2. It made me realize, again, that love is so very important in every area of life, and business is no different. If I genuinely serve someone through my business based on a need that I believe can be filled with my product or service, I am showing love and concern for them. This is such a great perspective, and I am grateful that it was brought to my attention again. I should always lead with love. In business, in conversations, and all interactions.

Speaking of love…my husband and I celebrated 4 years of marriage this week! We are blessed and excited for the years that we have seen and the many more years to come. As I think about love in marriage, it is not always easy to show. Sometimes if the other person is being cranky or grumpy it makes you not want to be quite so loving. What I’ve found is that  perspective makes a big impact on attitude. I’ve chosen to ALWAYS remember that we are on the same team, and when my spouse isn’t being lovely may be one of the times he needs me to show love the most. My husband has reminded me over and over again, through his actions toward me (especially in my pregnancy), that love is patient and kind. He’s a gem :)

And the journey continues…

Week 5 of the Journey #MKMMA

“If your fuel your journey on the opinions of others, you are going to run out of gas.” ~Steve Maraboli

This week has been a great one! We were given the assignment to be non-judgemental observers and not share our opinions, unless it was on a topic that we are experts on and an opinion was requested.

I didn’t expect to have a hard time with this challenge, but it did show me how often I give my opinion. After being assigned this task, within the first few hours I was blown away at how often I stopped to say, “wait, that is an opinion.” I knew the following day would also be a challenge with me going to work and having more people involved in conversation…It was the same thing there, I found myself observing my words mostly after they had already been spoken. Wow! This assignment turned out to be more challenging that I realized it wold be.

I continued the week reminding myself that it is important to be non-judgemental, to be an observer. Though I have not yet mastered this task, my awareness has been heightened, and I am so appreciative that this has been brought to my attention.


Week 4 of the Journey #MKMMA

After the many tears that were shed last week, this week produced a shift.

It started with an appointment with my midwife. I am 11weeks pregnant, and this was the appointment that I would have some blood drawn and get to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Though I was pretty solid with the fact that I am pregnant (for the first time EVER!), there was a part of me that questioned whether or not I would hear anything when she listened for the heartbeat. Well, after about 45 seconds, there it was. The sweet sound that provided confirmation that what I was pretty solid on was not just a thought, but the absolute truth.

I feel just that way with things that have evidence of being true, but maybe just did not reflect my past experiences. The truths that I am learning in the Master Key seem pretty valid, but my thought is what will it take for me to KNOW that they produce. It will take a continual pressing, which is what I am committed to. I have decided to keep my promise and push until I have what I need to create a victorious life where limits are removed and excitement is experienced.

The journey continues…


Week 3 of the Journey #MKMMA

Week 3 met me with it’s own set of challenges, but one thing that stood out the most showed me an area of growth.

I have been reading Scroll I multiple times daily for the past two weeks, but this week instead of just reading the scroll, I used my imagination and saw myself in it. I saw the bodies of those who had failed piled and casting down a shadow, but I walked tall in the other direction in the light with the charts in hand. Wow! What a difference that is from last week!

When I consider in my mind, I see belief being established, I see an expectation being set in my heart, I see that this time will not be like the other times that projects were started and ideas were not acted on. It brings tears to my eyes when I consider the number of things that I was not successful at…this is not like those times. I am savoring the grapes that were planted by the wisest of my profession, and I have chosen not to spill a drop.

This journey is producing growth, and that’s not all. There is more to come!!


Week 2 of the Journey #MKMMA

Week 2… Wow!
I was actually quite surprised by the challenge this week brought. Since the first week went by rather smoothly, I expect that trend to continue. However, I found myself riding the line of commitment, and I was not pleased with the reflection of that. My desire is to finish well, have excitement and drive throughout the process, and watch my transformation as it happens. If I had to rate my level of industriousness for this week, I would say it needs Improvement. There are always excuses, but I feel like determination should override most of them. I am still a work in progress. Week 2 pushed me, but I am no quitter!!
The journey continues…