Week 4 – Master Keys Experience



This week was a lot tougher…so many mixed emotions, one minute I’m optimistic and the other doubtful however what I have found is, I think the observer is getting stronger. It’s around my habits.

Habits, must get rid of the habits that hold us back.

Week 4s webcast is so timely for this week. Understanding addictions. Addictions to thoughts addictions to things addictions to places  addictions to food addictions to drink what every it is that you cannot stop is an addiction but the good news is we can change it.

Found myself being angry – why can I not just stop doing the things that I know hold me back? I know I can stop! Just stop!

The pain of staying the same is hurting a lot now. Is it hurting you also?

change ahead

Master Keys Experience – Week 3

Wow – Week 3 of the Master Keys this is it. As Mark says this week separates the adults from the children.

It is a supposedly adult trait to be consistent – well, it is an adult trait to be consistent because as an adult our wisdom should really have kicked in at some level where we know actively to do certain things that benefit us consistently…but somehow we don’t do the things we know we should do because we would rather be comfortable like children love to be.

As adults we are out of our comfort zone with parenting our children. I don’t have any children yet, but this is what my instincts are saying, there’s no right or wrong answer to this really and somewhere in my developmental reading over the years, I’ve heard a successful person in business teach that some adults only reach a certain level of maturity.

Well this week for me is about me growing up. Maturing to the next stage.

Being consistent in keeping the good habits I have started. I know it’s not going to be easy or I can change my thought to say it will be easy but know that my old blueprint will try to through but it does not succeed.

I got out of bed at 5am this morning. Amazing. This has been a core struggle for me for most of my adult life- getting out of bed. It’s so cosy and warm but not only that, I don’t feel excited to get out of bed– what for? I think one of the reasons though is that I have not had enough sleep to be fair. I always felt tired still, needing more sleep…however what did I do the night before? What did I eat just before going to bed or most importantly in my case what did I drink in generous amounts the few hours before bedtime and just before sleep?Could this be having an impact on my sleep, resulting in my being tired with no energy in morning until I have tank myself up with coffee?  Hmmm… that might be a clue…

Habits…the difference between failure and success is habits….

So, this week has really woken me up to changing the habits that hold me back bu focussing on what
I want….Lets’ see now I get on this week

Week 2 – Master Keys Experience

This week, seems more of a challenge. I have noticed that I get my reading done, however, struggling with waking up early enough to fit the majority of the reading in the morning and to free up my time in the evening to build my business.

As an observer of this behavior, I realise that there are habits that hold me back from living my ideal day living the full potential of this Master Key experience.  The good new is that I am aware and all I need to do is control my thoughts, focus on my dream as the absolute priority and everything will fall into place. so simple.

The scrolls of wisdom have really opened my eyes to my bad habits in a big way, habits make or break us and as long as I “do the work”! I know I will get the benefits.

There are times that I doubt, if I can really achieve my aims in life and on the other hand I know I hove nothing to loose.

This is a true adventure to learn about self and the creative power that we know we have inside and the Master keys will draw that out of us.

I have observed that I am happier because of the hope I have for going through this course and only time will tell.

I am so pleased I am doing this because this is exactly what I thought about hoping to do many many years ago – to have guidance that will help me to remember who I am, to manifest the power and love that I / we have inside of us and to learn to master self.

Love you



Week 1 – Master Key Experience

Hey all who may may seeing my blog. This is my absolute 1st time ! Wow this is  chance to write! wow! this whole experience is so up my street as we say here in UK meaning this is definitely me!

I  love learning about the mind and learning how to master myself and being more disciplined – boy do I need discipline ! I don’t know about you but  I seem to be always battling with my mind and feelings! Iv’e always wanted a coach.A guide to help me through life and now my business this is perfect for me.

I learned bout the Master  key system through Go90Grow and I learned about Go90Grow through Go For No and in the introduction to Go90Grow it mentioned all digital connections face book Think and grow rich – learning the book and so much more – learning about build a network marketing business the non salesy way and i was like – ” Really?? I – my – gosh! I need to do this and i signed up straight away.

Cutting a long story short – I could go on and i will in other blogs – I actually like writing, I find that i can express my self more through writing – still needs a lot of work but I enjoy it. Bogging? I’m am intrigued by it. Never done it and this is just amazing that we are learning the digital side of business in general let alone network marketing… Face boo and all…

Yesterday morning woke up just after 6am after snoozing a few times – that’s one of the things i need to tackle is snoozing I find it hard to wake up – but I am getting better though. 5am is the time I really need to wake up to get most of the reading done effectively and I want to get into the habit…

I got the   reading done but forgot the workbook so i need to read that this evening. Everything else I managed to do… This morning was harder to wake up. Just tired. once i’m up i’m ok, just love sleep. I found resistance there. Tonight, doing this blog whilst dinner is on, still got my reading to do and i know it’s getting late..

I love metaphysics and all things the universe. When i was a kid a wanted to be an astronaut. There was a program about recently. A bit like the Apprentice. The person who was able to go through the rigorous training got to go to Space. That would be a life dream come true…


But before then and all of my other dreams mastering myself is first and foremost and i am embracing it…Thank you to all the team at Master Keys. Love.