Future Self – Well, Kathy, I am happy we are able to take the time to have this interview.  I want to tell you how very proud I am of you.  You have accomplished so much in your life, and you are helping thousands and thousands of people change their lives.  Can you tell me how this all started.

Now Me -  Sure.  I would love to!!  Years ago I was praying for an answer.  I had been a waitress for 18 years so I could be home to raise our three children.  After 18 years, and getting older, I was tired of waitressing.  I kept thinking “what am I going to be when I grow up?”.  Well, I prayed and prayed for an answer, and then one day a woman came into the restaurant where I was working.  She had a product on her table.  I went over to her and said “that is a great product”.  She said “Are you still taking it?”  I was a little embarrassed, but I said I really could not afford the product at the time.  She said “There is a business behind the product.  Can I come and share the information with you?”  I said “yes”.

She came to our home.  She explained the business.  I did not understand a thing, but my husband said “What if it works?”  That made sense to me – what if it works – I would have a lot to gain and nothing to lose but some sweat equity.  Well I had given a ton of sweat equity to every restaurant owner I worked for; I thought I am going to give it a try.

Future Self – Did you have a belief in yourself – that you would be successful at that time?

Now Me – No.  I did not, but I was fortunate to go to a large event, and I started building my belief in myself and the company.  I thought by helping others become successful, I would in turn become successful.  It all made so much sense to me.  I honestly did not think I was smart enough at the time, but when our CEO and President said “If you don’t think you are smart enough, find two people who are.”  I thought he was talking directly to me.  I thought how did he know I was in the audience!

Future Me – Was the journey easy for you?

Now Me – No.  There were definitely ups and downs.  I honestly had to grow myself.

Future Me – What do you think helped expedite your success?

Now Me – I joined the Master Key System.  It was a life changing class.  It helped me become discipline and focused.  It also helped me become a better person.  I also loved the idea that we could pay it forward to others.

Future Me – What happened after you took the class?

Now Me – I went from earning $4,500 a month to earning $5,000 every week.  But most important was the fact that I was able to help so many other people realize their dreams and create a significant six figure ongoing income.  I believe this is true success!  I was also able to build an orphanage in Haiti and a Women’s Shelter in Phoenix, AZ. I am able to leave a significant income to all of my children, as well as a significant ongoing income to my favorite charities.

Future Me – Well, you sure have accomplished a lot – Again, I am so very proud of you!!

Now Me – Thank you!!  We all have it inside of us – we just have to help one another pull out that successful, amazing person in each and every one of us!!


Kathy’s Blog – Week 9

Wow!!  It sure has been an amazing nine weeks!!

I have to admit, when I was traveling, at times it seemed a little overwhelming, but I just kept thinking “I am doing this for me!”  It was easy when I went to visit with MaryEllen Midgley and Theresa Alberghini in CT, as they are also part of this class.  In Texas, I stayed with good friends, Carol Parker and Susie Parker.  They, too, are part of the class.  It is so nice doing this with others and supporting one another on our journey!

I had a wonderful experience this past week.  I had an amazing dream!!  Years ago, I waited tables at night so I could be home during the day to raise our three children.  Well, I ended up waitressing for almost 18 years.  When I started my business, I moved forward, but I often felt like a “waitress”.  Well, this past week I had a dream that I was in a restaurant waiting on tables, and the owner started yelling at me.  I looked him square in the eyes and said “I am not a waitress anymore!!!”.  Then I woke up, and that feeling was just lifted off of me.  I felt like my “future self” – not my “past self”.

Mark is right!!  This stuff is working!!!  It is working on subby!!  I am so excited for 2018.  It is going to be a tremendous year for all of us who stay the course and pay it forward to others!!


WEEK 3 – Busy Week

This week felt a bit rushed this week as I am getting ready to fly to the East Coast on Wednesday for a couple of weeks.  I will also have the opportunity to visit with friends and business partners in CT.  I am super excited!!

I will bring my books and notebooks with me to keep up on my daily exercises.  I rushed a bit while working on my DMP, and realized afterwards, this is not something to rush through – this is my life!!  I will spend more time in the coming week, and I look forward to putting my “movie” on my card.  I love those cards!!

I also enjoyed the speed reading class on Saturday.  It was tremendous!!  I am practicing morning and lunch time with my reading of The Greatest Salesman in the World.  It is really working!!

The digital connection webinar on Monday evening was also great!!  I am excited that I can now blog, and with the great instruction, also created an “About Me” page.

I am super excited to move forward over the next 5 1/2  months!!

Week 2 – Getting in the Groove!!

O.K. – Week 2 – It sure seems I have been in this class longer than 2 weeks!!  This week was easier because I felt more organized.  It was great connecting with Leanne and Don, as well as the others in our group, on a Wednesday.  The webinar this week as outstanding!  I CAN CHOOSE HOW I FEEL ABOUT ANY SITUATION!!  O.K., this is huge!!  I am working on mindfulness.  I do not want to react to people or situations anymore.  I can pause, connect with Infinite Spirit, and choose how I want to feel 24/7.  Practice makes perfect!!  Just more awareness in this area, will be so very helpful to me.  I have “do it now” running in my head a lot, even when I am not doing the exercise.  It makes me laugh at myself!!  Last night in “sit time”, and when I was doing my reading, I recognized some old blueprints pop up – like I was tired, now I have to read and “sit” – for the first time, I recognized that thought as an “old blueprint”, and then thought – I am committed to this class and my assignments, and I always keep my promises.  I am realizing I did not always keep my promises to myself in the past.  I’m letting it go, and creating a New and Improved Blueprint!!  Oh yes, so excited about the New Me!!  Thanks to everyone who is making this possible for all of us!!  Infinite Blessings to All!!

Wow!! Week No. 1

I am so excited to be part of this Master Key Experience!!  I personally needed the accountability which this class is giving to me.  I felt a bit overwhelmed in the beginning until I was able to get everything organized.  That made it so much easier.  I enjoyed putting together my Definite Major Purpose, and look forward to fine tuning it along the way.  I had a challenge finding where to blog.  I had originally set it up, but then was unable to get back here to post my first blog.

Well, I have to say, with the support of friends, MaryEllen and Lynda, as well as Donna and Leanne, my MKMMA Guides, I am now able to blog!!  I was feeling a bit frustrated yesterday when I had limited time and could not locate this area, but when I reached out, I felt an enormous amount of caring and support so that I would not miss my deadline.  I have to say, it felt absolutely incredible!!

I am so grateful and appreciative to everyone.  Working together I do believe we all win.  I love the concept of “Pay it Forward”.  I absolutely loved the movie – so very sad – but the message was loud and clear.  The fact that we can do that for others is awesome!

I feel I am getting in the rhythm of my readings in the morning, afternoon and before bed.  It was hard the first few nights not watching TV to fall asleep, but it is getting much easier, and I am feeling better already.

I am looking forward to the coming week and the entire six months ahead!  Just feeling an abundance of gratitude!!  Thank you to everyone helping others realize who they really are and thereby realizing their dreams!!