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Have you always had this dream life which you thought was not for you? Maïlys had…

…but she made it real! I know what you’re going to say: “She is among the lucky ones in this world…”.

Maïlys will not only assert that each and every one of us “can be the one he or she will to be”, but she will also demonstrate it. Sceptical? Just check this out!

Port saint Jean Hendaye ville

In 2027, Maïlys dropped her nearly 20 years’ career in the European Union institutions in Brussels, to go and live in Hendaye, where she had this – precise – vision of the association she wanted to found.

Actually, the source of this idea dated back from ten years before. Confronted with a situation at work that conflicted with her values, she started yoga, which led her to mindfulness, which in turn led her to following an unusual training called “The Master Key Experience”. These ingredients were enough for this daughter of a psychiatrist to conceive a life changing project that took shape and flesh in Hendaye, the place of her child dreams!

“The MKE and mindfulness practice gave me access to a source of power in myself that I ignored: the subconscious mind.”

Maïlys, why did these ingredients change your life? Tell us more about it…

Maïlys: “One. They made me aware of how I felt about my life then. Two. The Master Key Experience (MKE) helped me define with great precision what I earnestly needed and desired, even beyond my most extravagant dreams. Three. The MKE and mindfulness practice gave me access to a source of power in myself that I ignored: the subconscious mind. The MKE taught me how to use my will to direct this source of power towards my precise goal! Key, isn’t it?! [laughter]“.

deux jumeaux orageux

What did you do then? Tell us about the process?

Maïlys: “I built up a plan. Then, I called on to my skills and to my network – plus my husband Pieter and his skills and network! [laughter] – to put this plan into action. And I created the association. We had many friends mastering their specific areas of expertise. They contributed, came to Hendaye to give seminars, and progressively, the centre started to be known as an innovative attracting concept. At some point, notorious speakers even started to come from around the world!… I was pretty amazed myself”.

Ok, now we’ve become thirsty. We want to know what exactly this association is about.

Maïlys: “Of course, more than anything it is a relay of the Mindfulness Association. If you go to our website, or if you come to the association in Hendaye [note from the interviewer: tremendous site, overseeing the breathtaking Txingudi Bay!], you will get all information on how to have access to a variety of mindfulness activities, some of them especially for children.

I like to see this association as a holistic centre for the wellbeing of human beings in our contemporary dynamic and global world.

I like to see this association as a holistic centre for the wellbeing of human beings in our contemporary dynamic and global world. What does a human being need in today’s world? healthy spirit, mind and body, harmonious relations with people, skills to evolve in business, culture, pleasure and nature. This is why we propose conferences and seminars, daily practices of yoga and mindfulness and other such practices, renting of bikes, information on sailing and surfing activities, on other sports and on the various cultural activities in the area. The region is amazing due to its nature and its culture: a mix of the Basque, the French and the Spanish cultures. I regularly go and spend the evening eating tapas with my husband in Spain“. From Hendaye, it takes you 10 minutes with the little navette to cross the Txingudi bay and lead you to the lively heart of Hondarribia, a charming little Spanish town.


I see your eyes sparkling. You have realised your dreams, haven’t you?… How can I do the same? 

Maïlys: “Define your desired purpose, then use your natural power and put your particular skills at the service of your desired purpose! This is what worked for me: my particular skills are linking, and understanding what’s going on in the brain. In the process, I actually found out that one’s skills naturally match his/her purpose, because both skills and purpose stem from what he/she loves doing.

Now I enjoy life more than ever.

Now I enjoy life more than ever. I wake up every morning in the sun and nature. I meet my friends and new people every day. And I get the benefits of contemporary developments, while remaining true to my personal needs and to my values.”

campagne Hendaye ville

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog and Press Release.

    I admire your most wonderful attitude and words about life.

    Will be checking back to read more for sure.

    Bongo Dave (Edwards)
    Good Happens / Love Shall Prevail

    1. Thank you for your so very kind words! I’ll definitely go to your blog as well, I only need some time to do more and more.. If you read my blog, you may have seen that I proceed in an incremental manner ;-) Take care!

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