Week 12 MKE – a new day

Today I begin a new life.

I notice that one of the recurrent ideas that attract me the most in The Greatest Salesman (Og Mandino), is the way he approaches each and every day, i.e. separately from the other days. I love this attitude. It liberates me from the possible difficulties of the day before, or from the expectations that I had unconsciously built for myself. It also makes me enthusiastic about the day to come. Because of course, Og Mandino encourages us to anticipate the new day as the best one of our life.

I will forget the happenings of the day that is gone, whether they were good or bad, and greet the new sun with confidence that it will be the best day of my life.

Singling out each day is also about putting into perspective the efforts that you make, cutting your monthly efforts into steps, thus easier to make.

In truth, one step at a time is not too difficult.

This is also linked to breaking bad habits, or stopping negative thoughts, and about living here and now, making the best of the present moment. It enables to consciously  bring about a positive thought about the day to come, nourished with emotion, therefore a belief that will become reality.

With the effect of the MKE or Og Mandino’s scrolls, such positive thoughts at sunrise become easier every day. They do! I used to fear many of my days.

As the words of these scrolls are consumed by my mysterious mind, I begin to awake, each morning, with a vitality I have never known before. My vigor increases, my enthusiasm rises, my desire to meet the world overcomes every fear I once knew at sunrise, and I am happier than I ever believed it possible to be.

Now, as much as I can,

I greet this day with love in my heart and I am born again.



Week 11 MKE – Slowdown… or fight?

How typical!

of me, at least… After euphoria (last lasted nearly 10 weeks), this is turbulences time, or rather a slowdown.


I don’t know. It could be for many reasons: a weekend in Paris where I changed my perspective on a few things and discussed with my sister, the clearer realisation that so much in the MKE is linked to faith in a creator, probably also some lassitude effect with all the work put in it…

But I think the main reason is the usual one for me: when I start with a new passion (and the MKE is one!), I am totally euphoric! I literally dive in it,  I become obsessed, I work in an unreasonable manner and I learn at light speed, with immediate rewarding in terms of pleasure. Of course, this is not sustainable. Then comes the second phase: the slowdown which, when compared to the first phase, might give the impression of a fall (even if it is still a curb in the increase)! Again, how typical of me!

This all is disturbing, and I have the impression that I work a bit less, which in turn doesn’t help.


(… you knew this “however” would come??), when I think about it for a minute, I do not view these reasons as negative ones. Rather the opposite. Clearly, I am challenged: is my DMP really my DMP? is my faith vacillating, in the way that I had defined it since I was a teenager? or more down-to-earth, should I move houses now? But these reasons might be healthy ones. I am actually looking deeper into what my real DMP is. And perhaps I expand the range of possibilities with new ideas. In fact, I have the impression that I am fighting with my limits! At least I hope so…

…the third phase…?

In any case, I know that the third phase will be a good one, because I love this MKE, and because I love and trust the process. I am also very curious about what my life is becoming, of what my future will be… especially now that it is no longer set in stone, and that the extent of possibilities is unlimited!

Woh! Gosh, again, this rollercoaster takes me by surprise!…

Alright, to be continued then (obviously)…

MKE Week 10 – Freedom in sight

A very dear friend once lent me a book… She must be regretting this now! Since then, I have but only been talking about it! Nonetheless… I persist: now I’m going to write about it!

Many of you know the book: “The Four Agreements (Toltec Wisdom Book)”, by Don Miguel.

Why do I treasure it? Because to me, if you live by these four simple rules, you hold a key to freedom! Simple principles? YES. Easy to live by them? Euh… NO. Actually, it is a bit like the mental diet. The mere fact that you give it a try every day makes you feel better, and makes you progress, each day a step further.

Surely, there are links between the Toltec agreements/ principles and everything we learn in our precious MKE. So in this post, I will only mention these four principles, together with some of the links with our MKE’s learnings (“linking”, remember?).

1st principle: “I am impeccable with my Word”.

What does it mean to me (the “no expert me”)? I would say:

« I do not talk about anyone in a negative manner, and above all I never (NEVER) talk in a negative manner about myself »! Now, we know why: because subby would take your word as the truth and would work to make it a reality! Rather, I talk positively, therefore think positively… law of substitution, mental diet… loving others and loving myself (Og Mandino). As a consequence, I am free: from negative thoughts.

2nd principle: “I don’t take anything personally”.

3rd principle: “I don’t make assumptions”.

What an amazing freedom, these two principles do provide! Indeed: when I start wondering what the others will think of me, I think of these two principles and… I voluntarily STOP this useless and tiring flow of thoughts, this waste of positive energy. I truly become free to act the way I decide!

Plus, others necessarily love me because I love them and I love myself! (see 1st principle above, see Emerson‘s law, see Og Mandino). This means that I « get down to bedrock facts regardless of consequences. [I am ] free to follow the trail of truth wherever it may lead. [...] and the result is that the world gives [me] all that it has to give, in friendship, honour, love and approval. » (Charles Haanel). I am free from the circumstances, because I choose the cause. It is easier for me to choose the cause, as I choose my habits (Og  Mandino).

4th principle: “I always do my best”.

Not less, but also not more! I set myself free from the expectations I set for myself! On top of that, thanks to the MKE, I eliminate procrastination. I therefore achieve efficiency, wellbeing, peace of mind, and in turn success! as, « what is success other than a state of mind? » (Og Mandino).

In fact, I use my subby the way I decide (MKE). Mindfulness and free will, isn’it?

And I am happy.


By the way, my first PPN is autonomy/freedom. ;-)




MKE Week 9 – I love my enemies


As in my previous post, I will today start with one of the precious advice handed down to us by Og Mandino:

“I will laud mine enemies and they will become friends;”

When I was a teenager, I heard about loving enemies. And I rejected this strongly, as I believed that this was a sign of weakness and that if you were thinking like this, you would be and remain a victim of these enemies.

I can see now how far I might have been from the truth. I did the experience those last weeks at  work. [Here, I want to put a caveat, as I have not tried this with people who made me really suffer in life. This might be for another post on the law of forgiveness]. But this week at work, I loved and lauded mine “enemies”, or rather than enemies, colleagues who triggered bad emotions in me… What a relief! Instead of feeling embittered when in contact with these persons, I was feeling warmer, and this even triggered another behaviour from them. Remember?

“In silence and to myself I will address him [/her] and say I Love you [...] and his[/her] heart will be opened.”

(Og Mandino)

So much easier for me to handle!

The other day, I was following a training on interpersonal relations (yes, I’m passionate about these subjects!). There, I understood that the very persons who trigger repulsion in you, are the persons who correspond to your personal challenges, in terms of character or attitude. And these persons are precisely the ones from whom you may learn the most!

First, you may acquire a better understanding of yourself, by asking yourself why they trigger you. Talking about “personality types”, Carl Jung tells us:

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to a better understanding of ourselves.”

And second, you might perhaps get lessons learned from them. For example, if you tend to have a low self-esteem, and if you are triggered by an arrogant person, well perhaps you can learn from his/her assertiveness.

This leads us back to Og Mandino:

“I will love the ambitious for they can inspire me; I will love the failures for they can teach me.”

Conclusion: if you love and laud your enemies, then you open and relax, and you become able to perceive the lessons learned that you need. These lessons are resources that come to you and that will help you progress towards the person you will to be. On top of that, you get the benefit of instantly feeling warmer in this relation. In fact, far from being a weak victim as I initially thought, you actually become a powerful victor.

“I will greet this day with love, and I will succeed.”

(Og Mandino)


MKE Week 8 – The Guest house


Og Mandino tells us:

“I will welcome happiness for it enlarges my heart; yet I will endure sadness for it opens my soul.”

How do you actually do that? I would like to share with you this poem by Rumi, which in a way is a comfort to me when I am challenged by sadness or another feeling or emotion uneasy to handle.


This being human is a guesthouse.

Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,

some momentary awareness comes

as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!

Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,

who violently sweep your house

empty of its furniture,

still, treat each guest honourably.

He may be clearing you out

for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,

meet them at the door laughing,

and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,

because each has been sent

as a guide from beyond.


Of course, if you welcome one of these uneasy guests (difficult feelings) together with negative thoughts and if you hold these thoughts, it might well be that you have to restart your mental diet! ;-)   But immediately pushing the feeling away might not be very helpful, as he will be tempted to stay instead. Worse, if you do not greet him at the door, you might even not be able to see him entering the guest house, and how do you take him out then?  However, if one of these challenging feelings unexpectedly enters your guest house, and if you are able to see him coming and to welcome him, then you will be in a position to let him go, perhaps even more quickly that you would have thought!

Does that mean that you should keep the door shut to negative thoughts but open to all feelings? My answer would be the following: 1. keep the door shut to negative thoughts, 2. attach positive feelings to any thoughts, 3. if a negative feeling still comes at the door, greet it, welcome it and let it go.


MKE Week 7 – incrementally

State of play time for me today! Seven weeks after the start of this amazing training, where am I in my MKE work?

Any feedback is welcome! it would be a way for me to see how I could do differently.

The sit? I do it every day…and I just savor it as MY moment of the day!

The readings as well! I do them nearly as required. However, I don´t manage to get as deeply into the lessons as I would wish to (time issue). The good thing is: I now feel I need my fix of those readings or master key audios every day. Peptides in action?

I’m late!… on several practical pieces of work: the poster, getting a compass, recording my DMP… often take me nearly a week to put into practice! But I do them.

Precisely on my DMP, after a moment of  stagnation and doubt, I have the feeling that I’m making progress again. Thanks Phil! My objectives are getting updated and refined.

I am only progressively getting involved in the blogs and alliances. I still haven’t been able to really benefit from the Digital Solutions webinars. Lack of time again. I will use any time I find by mid 2018 to go through the replays and practice what is explained.

Crucially, what about the mental diet? Basically: 1st day astonishingly perfect, then 3 days opposite to perfect, and the 4th day a mix.  I’m kind of hopeful again…

At the end of the day I’m actually working hard, especially on top of my busy life, which means I miss a few hours sleep every week. Even then, I don’t manage to do it all, for me to fully benefit from the amazing resources that the MKE puts at our disposal.  But truly, I love the MKE work. It is a great support to each of my days. More importantly, my mind is pursuing its positive shift. Where all this will end is unknown…


MKE Week 6 – Just Happiness?

Yes, this was my mood of the week… peaceful, positive and happy… So nice, isn’t it? Surely it was no coincidence that I was having two days bank holidays and a few quiet other days at work… but still! I was feeling less of a need to judge or criticise. It felt good…until today.

Today, with only a bit of a challenge at work, the same old negative thoughts resurrected… I tried to be positive… argh! I only but found a way out by being cynical! I mean, very cynical.

The good point is: I was actually aware of my bad mood. The other good point: I definitely tried to drop my negative thoughts, avoid or circumvent them. Ok, it didn’t really work, but hum… I tried!

Altogether I have the feeling that the “no opinion, no cynicism, no hate, etc” is gradually but surely working on me. Although I definitely do not manage to abide by these promises all the time, I do it more and more regularly and things seem to be shifting in my brain. I am happier and I hope that this is not just a temporary euphoria created by the great MKE experience… Uh oh…Is this my old blueprint talking now? Or is this “me being realistic”?? Better for me to quickly choose my answer: Let this happiness rather be the beginning of a new life, on a nice journey towards my dream project.


MKE Week 5 – Acceleration

I want to share with you what happened to me today.

Flashback. End August I realised how miserable I was in my job. But I had no clue what I wanted instead of this job. Then the MKE started. Wow! Roller coaster time, guys! ups and downs, my values got bombarded by my work environment, and I was in the middle, trying to sort things out while working, doing the MKE and taking care of my family. Not much sleep then. Days after days with the DMP, PPN and exercises, my earnest desire took shape and was refined.  Not only could I perceive and even precisely define the job I wanted, but also did I let my profound and well hidden “extravagant dreams” come to the surface on a big life change: in 2030, I would end my career, move to France and create a mindfulness association  there!

What happened today then? Today, it appears that I have asserted my desire for the new job that I had envisioned, and that I got a “positive to be confirmed” reply! WHAT?! ALREADY?! In my MKE Week 5, dude! I defined and triggered a fantastic job change in 5 weeks!  Not only this, it also appears that in the meantime I have managed to find a way to already start pulling resources for my 2030 project: on 12 November, I will start working on the creation of a mindfulness association in Brussels,  a process that I will love and that  will be helpful for my 2030 project!

Be ready. If things accelerate like this, I might as well expect being surprised at my 2030 Hendaye project popping up before my eyes in the five years to come…!

Week 4 MKE – a meditation cushion and a compass

”Ok, what’s wrong?”

- Well… all this MKE is a lot of work… And this takes me a lot time if I want to do it properly on top of my already busy life… Therefore I don’t sleep enough… And by the way, I still have these fears and doubts…! Argh… how am I gonna cope with all this?!!!”

Alright, this is the kind of things that irrupt in my head (and probably on my face!) at those panicking moments of the week.

But, didn’t I have these tricky moments before? YES! And what do I have to address them now?…

A support! in a few ways. I will only mention three:

1. The power consciousness. Effect is rather amazing. In the face of a challenge, subby says: “Oh Gosh, I am not well prepared for this, I still need to do this and that….” Then power consciousness intervenes: ”STOP!  tackle the challenge as you are, with the natural knowledge and instinct that you already have, and get over it!”. And actually, this appears as being true!

2. The four promises of giving and receiving. I love this! This means that you have your eyes, ears, heart and brain open. This multiplies your understanding of others, of situations, you can better read between the lines. You are also more relaxed, have less of those parasite thoughts and you can better concentrate. Woh! More wellbeing and efficiency all of a sudden!

3. And mainly: having defined my pivotal needs and refined my DMP, I know what I want and where I go. This compass, together with my meditation cushion, are the greatest of supports! 

MKE Week 3 – a feeling of a rebirth

What a difference since last week!

Probably the few hours extra sleep made a difference…but still, I have this feeling that MKE is starting to work on me! WOH….! Will this be confirmed in the long run? (yes yes yes yes yes yes yes……)

It might be that this kind of shifting started this weekend with « Revealing webinar three ». It might also be that the support of my truly amazing friend on Monday was pivotal. Anyway in the course of those two days, I actually decided to believe, to have faith in this training, and to jump into it completely so that it yields the results I want.

Gosh, this gives me an energy that I express shamelessly!  I start cultivating this power consciousness, which not only leads me to less procrastination, but also – and mainly – kind of liberates me and gives me the feeling of a rebirth! I will do all I can to confirm this trend ! Oups, sorry Mark, i will do my best to confirm this trend!

Now something that intrigues me much in this week’s lesson: the arch enemy of the Solar Plexus is fear! oh ooh… I have a problem there… Right, what is the solution then?? I need to know.. What I understood, is that the power consciousness is the best way to eliminate fear. This is pure gold for me. And I need to understand this more deeply…

But today I form this crucial wish, that towards the end of MKE, I have eradicated fear from my life.