MKE Week 7b – Incrementally

Post from November 2017

State of play time for me today! Seven weeks after the start of this amazing training, where am I in my MKE work?

Any feedback is welcome! it would be a way for me to see how I could do differently.

The sit? I do it every day…and I just savor it as MY moment of the day!

The readings as well! I do them nearly as required. However, I don´t manage to get as deeply into the lessons as I would wish to (time issue). The good thing is: I now feel I need my fix of those readings or master key audios every day. Peptides in action?

I’m late!… on several practical pieces of work: the poster, getting a compass, recording my DMP… often take me nearly a week to put into practice! But I do them.

Precisely on my DMP, after a moment of  stagnation and doubt, I have the feeling that I’m making progress again. Thanks Phil! My objectives are getting updated and refined.

I am only progressively getting involved in the blogs and alliances. I still haven’t been able to really benefit from the Digital Solutions webinars. Lack of time again. I will use any time I find by mid 2018 to go through the replays and practice what is explained.

Crucially, what about the mental diet? Basically: 1st day astonishingly perfect, then 3 days opposite to perfect, and the 4th day a mix.  I’m kind of hopeful again…

At the end of the day I’m actually working hard, especially on top of my busy life, which means I miss a few hours sleep every week. Even then, I don’t manage to do it all, for me to fully benefit from the amazing resources that the MKE puts at our disposal.  But truly, I love the MKE work. It is a great support to each of my days. More importantly, my mind is pursuing its positive shift. Where all this will end is unknown…


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