Week 22a – progression

One of the – many – things I love about the MKE is that we are provided with excellent methods, tips and tricks to be organised and efficient in our work and in our life at large.  More than this, these methods seem to answer quite a few of the issues I’ve been struggling with for so long. Not that they suddenly solve all the issues, but at least they give me an angle to approach them.

The teaching of these various methods has a logic, it is progressive. It is thus that we learn to do the following:

  1. Before anything, determine your definite major purpose, through the identification of your burning desire  linked to you personal pivotal needs.
  2. Then, draw a plan of action to meet your definite major purpose.
  3. Schedule your tasks, do your OATS.
  4. Be daring, get out of your comfort zone. Actually, expand it.
  5. But do not schedule tasks in an unrealistic way, the ego tries to make you do that. You need to progress while always keeping your promises.
  6. In your day, do not forget the hierarchy of priorities: world within, family and friends, keeping promises, business.

I use these methods every day and I am grateful for this…

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