MKE Week 21 – Comfort zone

I love the idea of using the 5 tools to expand my comfort zone : fear, unworthiness, guilt, hurt feelings and anger.

Once again, the mere idea that I will turn negative emotions into something positive feels good in itself! I say « again » because it is similar to Og Mandino´s teaching that problems are opportunities in disguise, also present in Haenel’s teachings.

How do you turn those 5 negative emotions into something that expands your comfort zone? I don’t know, really. But the way I practice it actually works! I do the following:

- first, when I manage to be enough of an observer, I can see that I am experiencing one of these 5 emotions; let us say fear for example, fear of attending a challenging meeting unprepared.

- second, I think to myself: « hey, this is fear, one of the five tools! Therefore an opportunity to expand my comfort zone, good!! »

- third, I use the law of substitution, to attach another feeling to the idea of attending that meeting. And I kind of decide that I feel excited to attend that meeting because I will expand my comfort zone, and to also think that this meeting will be interesting, so that I add some extra excitement.

And this actually works! I must admit that I haven’t had really challenging situations lately. It was therefore easier to apply this recipe. But still it worked! I added a bit of the posture exercise « i fake it until I become it », which was quite helpful also.

My conclusion: once again, thank you to Mark and the divine team! What an amazing cocktail of life changing tools! Expanding your comfort zone means that you will feel comfortable in an increasing number of situations. How awesome is that…?!


3 thoughts on “MKE Week 21 – Comfort zone

  1. Thanks for sharing. Comfort zones are necessary for a season while we relish the expansion of a previous season, but it’s so easy to stay there if we are not careful.

  2. thank you for your insight, Mailys! Very interesting. It is also good to identify which one of those 5 emotions is most recurrent in our life, so we can grow and expand instead of being victims of it..

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