MKE Week 18 – Hold on to happiness

Since a few days, I find it difficult to do all my MKE exercises every day.

What mainly keeps me from doing it all, is that I have launched so many projects at the same time, trying to strain my potential until it cries for mercy, that it is actually my – limited – 24 hours a day that cry for mercy.

The good thing is that I still feel amazingly happy and powerful. The less good thing is that I am stressing out a bit (only a bit though) due to the promises I made to others and to myself.  Concretely, I am referring to these promises to do my job up to my standards, to do my MKE exercises, to do sport, to dramatically upgrade my digital skills, to create a mindfulness franchise in Brussels, to learn Spanish, to renovate my house and above all to take very good care of my family and my friends. All this with deadlines. Hum….

However, I can see that all my projects are actually making relatively good progress. And my family seems relaxed and happy, which is a real joy to me. I am also having a much much (much!) more relaxed life than before, if I think of it for a minute.

Yesterday, a colleague and friend from work asked me something like: « what is going on with you Mailys, you are so full of energy, each time that I see you, and even in your mails and messages… ?? » Gosh, i just loved hearing that, especially from my friend, and I keep this warmly in my heart… to keep me going and to hold on…



6 thoughts on “MKE Week 18 – Hold on to happiness

  1. Bravo Mailys, I see the amazing Big change you did, and I am not the only one, by far :)
    Of course, choose your projects wisely as energies are limited. Anyway, I love your enthusiasm! A big hug, Chiara

  2. I can relate to you so much! I am like this too, specially when it comes to things I love to do, and I love so many things! What I learned thru the years is that never let go of goals and dreams, just choose wisely the projects so you do have the feeling of giving 100% in what you are doing (so the Universe recieve that feeling and the subconscious start to manifest it), and then take one (or two, maybe three LOL) at a time. There is time for everything you want to do, but not if you do everything at the same time.

    1. Dear Monika, this sounds like an excellent piece of advice, I am grateful for that! I will think about it, to determine how I should best apply it..

  3. For all the things you have going on, it sounds like you are accomplishing a good bit. That’s great! I keep feeling overwhelmed with all the things I have. I just need to take a deep breath & get things a little more organized, a little more time management. But it sounds like you are doing great! Wonderful! Wishing you much success & happiness!

    1. Thank you Mare, it feels warm to have your support. You are totally right, I should do some more time management. I will work on my OATS tomorrow. Great success and happiness to you, with all the things that you are doing!

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