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MKE Week 21 – Comfort zone

I love the idea of using the 5 tools to expand my comfort zone : fear, unworthiness, guilt, hurt feelings and anger.

Once again, the mere idea that I will turn negative emotions into something positive feels good in itself! I say « again » because it is similar to Og Mandino´s teaching that problems are opportunities in disguise, also present in Haenel’s teachings.

How do you turn those 5 negative emotions into something that expands your comfort zone? I don’t know, really. But the way I practice it actually works! I do the following:

- first, when I manage to be enough of an observer, I can see that I am experiencing one of these 5 emotions; let us say fear for example, fear of attending a challenging meeting unprepared.

- second, I think to myself: « hey, this is fear, one of the five tools! Therefore an opportunity to expand my comfort zone, good!! »

- third, I use the law of substitution, to attach another feeling to the idea of attending that meeting. And I kind of decide that I feel excited to attend that meeting because I will expand my comfort zone, and to also think that this meeting will be interesting, so that I add some extra excitement.

And this actually works! I must admit that I haven’t had really challenging situations lately. It was therefore easier to apply this recipe. But still it worked! I added a bit of the posture exercise « i fake it until I become it », which was quite helpful also.

My conclusion: once again, thank you to Mark and the divine team! What an amazing cocktail of life changing tools! Expanding your comfort zone means that you will feel comfortable in an increasing number of situations. How awesome is that…?!


MKE Week 19 – Mindfulness

Here and now, is a recurrent theme in Og Mandino’s scrolls. And I think this is key to freedom and happiness, awareness and mindfulness.

Freedom, from yesterday and from tomorrow. From what others may or may not think, from what I may or may not do. “I concentrate my energy on the challenge of the moment and my actions help me forget all else”.

Happiness, as I then have the possibility to enjoy the moment without thinking that I would rather be sometime somewhere else.

Relations are easier, as my true presence enables me to better see how the others are feeling. I am then able to truly respond rather than to react. Respond to their needs or to what the situation requires.

Success is around the corner, this one or the other, as my interest in the action of the moment enables my concentration to increase (Haenel), thus providing me with knowledge. Better and deeper knowledge, of my work, of any matter, of others and of myself. “I increase my knowledge of mankind, myself and the goods I sell, thus my sales multiply.”

Most important is the awareness of myself, that I increase through the sit, through relaxation, through listening to my world within. That is through the meditation.

Yes, here and now, truly applied, may lead to being conscious of what is happening, when it is happening. This is the definition of mindfulness.


MKE Week 18 – Hold on to happiness

Since a few days, I find it difficult to do all my MKE exercises every day.

What mainly keeps me from doing it all, is that I have launched so many projects at the same time, trying to strain my potential until it cries for mercy, that it is actually my – limited – 24 hours a day that cry for mercy.

The good thing is that I still feel amazingly happy and powerful. The less good thing is that I am stressing out a bit (only a bit though) due to the promises I made to others and to myself.  Concretely, I am referring to these promises to do my job up to my standards, to do my MKE exercises, to do sport, to dramatically upgrade my digital skills, to create a mindfulness franchise in Brussels, to learn Spanish, to renovate my house and above all to take very good care of my family and my friends. All this with deadlines. Hum….

However, I can see that all my projects are actually making relatively good progress. And my family seems relaxed and happy, which is a real joy to me. I am also having a much much (much!) more relaxed life than before, if I think of it for a minute.

Yesterday, a colleague and friend from work asked me something like: « what is going on with you Mailys, you are so full of energy, each time that I see you, and even in your mails and messages… ?? » Gosh, i just loved hearing that, especially from my friend, and I keep this warmly in my heart… to keep me going and to hold on…