MKE Week 17 HJ – The frenzy begins… watch out!

Ooooooh! It feels like I’m going through a new acceleration phase! It seems like the teachings of these last three weeks are just launching me into life like a rocket!

Well, of course!!! What did you expect?! Precisely these teachings, the use of these words and concepts directly appeal to what I’m personally craving for!! Mandino calling to our potential, Haenel making our limits vanish thanks to this cocktail of desire and concentration, the hero’s journey, the call for each one of us to express her/his uniqueness and through this, to fulfill her/his purpose in life, helping others, being the influencer s/he naturally is! This appeals to me!

It feels like I am in kind of a frenzy state. I am busy 24/7 progressing on my goals. Yes, 24/7 because one of my goals is to sleep 7 hours per night.. Progressing on nearly all my goals at once! And I have many. Many! Too many? Probably. Actually, certainly! But, does my potential cry for mercy? NO, not yet. Or perhaps I don’t hear it… actually, I feel at times mentally exhausted. But I keep going. I have registered to trainings at work on all aspects of digital skills, on top of the training to start learning Spanish, with a view to the job that I will start in July and for which I also need to learn the subject matter. All this on top of my current job, my family, the MKE and – mainly – the big project that I’m developing outside work!

What about you? did you also start so many projects at once? How do you feel? Or are you more reasonable, realistic, which could lead to perseverence and more efficiency in the long term? What is your experience now?

Watch out, Maïlys! You know all too well the risks that come with this euphoric and frenzy state! Because in me, desire to accomplish is so huge sometimes, that only my body can stop me, or worse, my mental stops me as it just stops functioning for a while, until I get back on my feet again. But perhaps my mindfulness practice will help me seeing the red lights before it is too late.

Oops, i think I suddenly see a small red light flashing… ok, i will slow down….. a tiny little bit for now… ; – p

6 thoughts on “MKE Week 17 HJ – The frenzy begins… watch out!

  1. Great blog! I can for sure relate to that, and to recognize my self in that frenzy state, although I have had to slow down a bit (but what is slowing down for me is still frenzy in other’s eye). But when you do something you like and believe in then it doesn’t feel hectic and you always find a way to get it done, even if you don’t make it from the very first beginning.

    1. Interesting, thank you Monika for sharing your experience with me! Alexandre in his comment above also could relate to that. It is very interesting to see that I’m not the only one in that state. And yes, for me too, even as I slow done it is frenzy in others’ eyes… and probably a bit also in reality

  2. Great post Maily! I can also relate. Seems like things have been really crazy/hectic since around the start of the class. Once I finally seemed to settle in, then the holidays started. & it just didn’t seem to end. I ran myself ragged & pushed to much & ended up getting the horrible flu. So now I’m forced to slow down. I guess I just have to realize I can’t do Everything All the time. Especially during flu season & when its this bad. I hope things have slowed down a little for you & your not in that frenzy state any more, or at least not as much. :)

    1. Thank you Mare, also for sharing your experience with me. You seem to have pushed yourself quite far… I hope that you have fully recovered, and that you are getting back to a manageable rhythm.. I am also trying to slow down…

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