MKE Week 17 – I CAN SEE

« Where is my magnifying glass??

- There, in your concentration.

- What? Sorry, but where is this?

- There, in your relaxation.

- Pfew, thank you! I could not see where I was going. Cause actually, I couldn’t see where I was. Alright, I’m gonna sit then, see myself from within, and therefore « be », which will allow me to know where I’m going and to see how I’m getting there.

- Excellent! You‘re making good progress! But tell me: how will you see how to get there?

- Well, by being the Observer, I suppose!

- Indeed. And you may only be the Observer if you relax. »


You’ve just read a summary of what went on in my brain when reading Haenel lesson 17. This is such an empowering feeling! With the MKE, it is as if I started to see more clearly than I could see before… putting all the bits and pieces together, seeing the greater picture but at the same time identifying more precisely and more easily what was in for me in this great (great!) picture.

When I am relaxed, I just am. And as I have defined my purpose (more or less, I’m getting there, as my DMP progresses), I can see!

I can see what was already visible,  although I was not always able to identify it before. That is, I can see the resources available to realise my purpose. If in a meadow full of varied flowers, only a variety of these flowers is helpful to me, it is as if these flowers were now appearing before my eyes! I don’t have to look for them anymore. On top of that, new such flowers are brought to me from another meadow,  because I have asserted my needs and people bring me these resources (possibly I get what I gave them at some point, or there are just being kind).

I can see what is NOT visible. That is, with my brain, I can for example understand why challenges and problems occur, so that I tackle them at their root, and these obstacles do not to occur again (see my previous post).

With these resources and these victories, I can see my power. And this boosts my self-confidence!

As a virtuous circle, self-confidence helps me relax… so that I can better concentrate…and better see.




2 thoughts on “MKE Week 17 – I CAN SEE

  1. Such a key! Being able to see the invisible and moving it to the visible through conscious awareness is brilliant!! I love the angle you use to show it, so refresshing! It really made me think, thank you!

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