Week 16 – Og’s Recipe

A recipe to succeed in my work.

In the last two years, I experienced a few difficulties at work. I observed that the persons who were getting the highest positions or who were considered the brightest ones, often happened to be the most arrogant ones. I then got to think that the system I was in was rewarding only those types of people, which would probably lead me to failure, as I would neither be willing nor able to follow this path.

But with the MKE, I started thinking that I was entitled to behave in accordance with my personality, shamelessly and assertively. I starting believing that I did not have to become arrogant to have my work appreciated. And the effects were positive.

Now, with Scroll IV in “The Greatest Salesman in the World”, I believe even more that, not only I am entitled to by myself at work, but also, that this precisely can lead me to success.

Og Mandino provides us with the recipe for this:

  • Ingredient 1: my uniqueness has value. I am aware of it and I will use it and show it

I will place my uniqueness on display in the market place. I will proclaim it, yea, I will sell it.

  • Ingredient 2: I increase my knowledge of my business (expertise, linked to competence), and I increase my knowledge of mankind (useful to understand others and interact with them) and of myself (useful to progress)

I will increase my knowledge of mankind, myself and the goods I sell

  • Ingredients 3 and 4: I pay attention to the words I use and I improve them, and I improve my manners and graces

I will practice, and improve, and polish the words I utter to sell my goods

also will I seek constantly to improve my manners and graces.

These last two ingredients are tools to get my peculiarities accepted, and even admired or at least valued. Words and graces present my peculiarities and my uniqueness with their good angle. Also, paying attention to the words I say regarding myself (inner talk) are crucial for my self-confidence and in turn for the way people see me.

What a relief, to find out that I am allowed to be myself and still succeed! And so far, it seems to work…


10 thoughts on “Week 16 – Og’s Recipe

  1. Hi Mailys
    Thank you for your Og’s Recipe: I really appreciate what you wrote and I agree 100% with it.
    I wish you the best for this New Year.

  2. Change your mind and your life will change! You are giving a beautiful example of this, Mailys. I see a big shift in your thinking here and the results of course follow…good job!

  3. I loved reading your blog! The recipe of Og Mandino. How powerful!. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I will bring the recipe with me.

  4. Thanks for sharing Og’s recipe. So cool! I find its always best to be yourself. To hard trying to be someone else. You were made to be you for a reason. Be yourself!!! Wishing you much success & happiness!

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